The Top 10 Features of Marijuana Vape Pens

December 21, 2019 4 min read

The Top 10 Features of Marijuana Vape Pens

The Top 10 Features of Marijuana Vape Pens

By Nataly Komova

Enjoying marijuana is a popular pastime in America, especially in states where it’s now legal either recreationally or medicinally. However, many people still spark up a bowl using conventional combustion without appreciating all the benefits of using a vape pen. The features of a joint or pipe are few and unimpressive, but a vaporizer is remarkably user-friendly for numerous reasons.

The Top 10 Features of High-End Vape Pens

Vape pens for marijuana come in all shapes and sizes, but they generally have the following features regardless of their appearance or design:

The Top 10 Features of Marijuana Vape Pens

An Internal Heating Mechanism

All handheld vaporizer pens come standard with a heating element tucked deep inside its outer casing. This powerful element burns the substance inside the bowl at a safe and ideal temperature, allowing the smoker to enjoy their marijuana stash without fumbling for a lighter or matches.

A Temperature Control Interface

That handy internal heating mechanism is even more convenient when you consider how it can be manipulated to burn the substance at a specified temperature. Most of today’s best vape pens feature an easy-to-use control interface on the side of the device which allows users to adjust the temperature of the heating element with the push of a button.

TIP: Burning your flower, oil, or wax at a lower temperature will not only save your supply but will also make the vapor healthier and more potent.

A Rechargeable Battery

Since vape pens are made to be portable, they all feature a battery that is fully rechargeable. Moreover, most have extended battery lives and can be re-juiced quickly. Depending on the device you choose, however, the life of the battery will vary widely. To get the most out of your battery, it’s recommended that you keep it on the charger when it’s not in use.

A USB Charging Port

While you may find some vape pens on the market that use 9v plugs, most can be charged with a standard USB cable like the one used for your smartphone. This is not only very convenient, but it also helps the vaping device get back up and running in a shorter amount of time. Furthermore, USB charging ports are cheap and easy to replace while being durable and reliable as well.

An Ergonomic Mouthpiece

A lot of scientific research has been dedicated to making vape pens extremely user-friendly, meaning that even the mouthpiece is designed for users to get the most out of their device. Many vaporizers feature an ergonomic tip that helps smokers draw out as much vapor as possible. In addition, a properly made mouthpiece prevents vapor loss and protects or improves the taste of the substance.

TIP: Clean your mouthpiece frequently to avoid clogs that make it hard to get the full effect of your device. A clean mouthpiece will also help you cut back on wasted weed.

A Large Bowl Capacity

Vaping is already more cost-effective than conventional smoking, so the hefty bowl capacity of most vaporizers only extends the life of your flower, oil, or wax. Using a portable vape pen means that you’re likely not lugging around your stash, making the large bowl therein a convenient feature that keep your buzz fresh for hours on end.

TIP: Stir your bowl occasionally to prevent waste and use the leftover “duff” in the bottom of the device to make taste edibles when the bowl is done.

A Push-Button Activation

Although most vape pens require users to wait for a few minutes while the device heats up, prepping your vaporizer is as easy as pushing a button. Many vapes feature a push-button activation interface than also functions the same when it’s time to shut it down. High-tech and handy, portable vaporizing pens require no special skills to enjoy a delicious bowl, but they all require different amounts of time to heat up or cool down.

TIP: Before storing your device, allow an adequate cool-off time after shutting the vape down to avoid injury or burns.

A Handheld Design

Since the main appeal of vape pens is that they are perfect for traveling and public use, most are designed to fit in the palm of your hand with ease. Featuring a compact casing and convenient button placement, vape pens are notoriously easy to enjoy no matter where you go without drawing unwanted attention to yourself. While vapes come in varying shapes and sizes, most are made to be super discreet.

Substance Versatility

Some vape pens are made specifically for flower, but most can be used with herb, oil, or wax. Because of the influx in the use of various cannabis types, many vaporizers allow people to switch up their preferred method without causing any damage to the device. Just be sure to check the specs of the vape pen before stuffing it with whatever you have in your stash.

TIP: Clean your vaporizer thoroughly before switching between dried herbs, waxes, and oils.

A Customizable Design

In a world full of vape pen designs, it’s possible to get one that coordinates with your personality (and even your outfit). There are numerous types of vaporizing units available, all with different shapes, colors, and sizes. Each one is made to match your intended use while remaining attractive yet discreet. Shopping around a bit will help you find one that suits your desires.

Finding the Features That Work Best for You

Because there are so many fabulous features to a good vape pen, looking for the perfect device can be overwhelming. To successfully narrow down your search, consider the following:

  • How often do you plan to use your vape pen?
  • What kind of marijuana do you intend to enjoy: herb, oil, or wax?
  • Do you plan to travel with your vaporizer or use it in a public setting?
  • How high-tech or customized do you need your device to be?
  • How long are you prepared to wait for the device to heat up or cool down?
  • Will you be able to clean the device properly between uses?

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