The Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits UK

May 15, 2017 3 min read

The Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits UK

The Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits UK

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Welcome to our overview of the best electronic cigarette starter kits UK. E-cigarettes are a fun new hobby enjoyed by people around the globe. There are many ways to vape from chilling at home with a desktop vape for hours to taking a puff every now and then outside. Vaping has built a community and many brands. With the growth in community size in the past few years brands have been able to puff out starter kits for newbies so that those thinking of trying vaping can have a  much easier time than the previous vapers. Here are some great starting options for new vapers in the UK searching for the Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits UK.


In 2016 the UK Ecig Store released a new vaping starter kit known as “The One Kit”. “The One Kit” has everything that you need to get started on your vaping having: a TPD compliant 2.0mL “The One Kit” tank, a “The One Kit” 1000mAh battery, a USB cable, a 1.5 ohm coil, and a free 10mL TPD e-liquid. With its ability to produce up to 14 watts of power, from its rechargeable battery, “The One Kit” is sure to last you quite a while. “The One Kit” will make an excellent choice to begin your journey through the world of vape.

The One kit is a simple and versatile product making it popular amongst newbies and veterans alike. Its recharge ability and portability make it a great choice for those looking for long periods of vaping or for a quick hit.

Kanger Kone Starter Kit

The "Kanger Kone Starter Kit" is very good entry kit into the world of vape. The "Kanger Kone Starter Kit" contains: a KBOX Smart Mod, a PANGU Tank, a PGOCC, a USB cable, and a manual. The "Kanger Kone Starter Kit" has a built in battery with 3000mAh. Some of its best features are a Short Circuit Protection feature which cuts the heat after 10 seconds to prevent a short circuit, and a LED battery display that you can use to see how much power you have left. It is also incredibly cheap for what it supplies. The "Kanger Kone Starter Kit" will also allow you to take in a good amount of vapour with the 3.5mL capacity of the PANGU tank.

This one is a great choice for those absolute starters. Unlike many things in vaping it contains instructions for those really just starting out. It’s also rechargeable and quite aesthetic as you can expect with Kanger. Kanger is also one of the most reliable Chinese suppliers so you know you can trust this one.

Aspire K4 Quick Start Kit

The "K4 Quick Start Kit" is a great choice of starter kit with incredible potential. The "K4 Quick Start Kit" contains: a K4 Battery, a Cleito Tank, a .27 ohm Atomizer Head and a micro USB cable. The "K4 Quick Start Kit" has the K4 battery which is sure to last you quite a while with its 2000mAh battery. The "K4 Quick Start Kit" also has incredible potential for cloudchasers due to it having sub ohm capabilities. You will also be able to take a decent amount of vapor with the Cleito tank's 3.5 mL capacity.

If you want to jump into extremes right off the bat this kit may be right for you. Designed to produce a large amount of vapour I’d recommend at least some knowledge of vaping before you use this one.

Smok OSUB 40W Vape Kit

The "OSUB 40W Vape Kit" is a rather convenient pocket sized set. The "OSUB 40W Vape Kit" contains: a Smok OSUB 40W Kit, a Helmet Mini Tank, a 0.4 ohm Fused Clapton Dual Core, a 1.0 ohm Single Clapton Core, a USB cable, a User Manual, and Spare Parts. One of its best selling points is its rather convenient size with the mod weighing in at 116g and having dimensions of 22x35x70mm. It has a decent battery with 1350mAh. With variable wattage it has a maximum Watt output of 40W which jumps to a 50W maximum with temperature control. It should be noted however that the "OSUB 40W Vape Kit" only has a temperature range of 100-315 degrees Celsius.

For those looking for extreme mobility and power this kit might be right for you. It’s relatively high power makes it a great choice for those looking for a lot of heat in a small package.

The vaping community has seen great innovations in the past few years and the increasing of versatility and the lowering of the learning curve with starter kits has greatly reduced the difficulty of vaping. When picking any vape products remember to look at reviews especially if you’re purchasing online. Stay safe and start when you’re ready!

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