The Beginner's Guide to Choosing Your First E Cigarette Starter Kit

May 19, 2017 4 min read

The Beginner's Guide to Choosing Your First E Cigarette Starter Kit

Choosing Your First Vape Kit

By Ksenia Sobchak

read the beginner's guide to choosing your first e cigarette starter kit to get vaping today. Find out about the different vape kits available and how to choose one that works for you. So you have done your research and are ready to get your first vape kit but you are lost for choice; there are too many options to think about! The market is flooded with vape kits ranging in shapes, sizes and prices, the wrong choice of vape kit could see you spend a bucket load of money on a device that will never bring you satisfaction. Here is a guide to help you through this crucial step.

If you are a newbie in the world of vaping you might need to start with a basic portable vaporizer that you can carry with you anywhere. Closed Pod Systems and Disposable Cig-A-Likes are ideal starter kits owing to their affordability, user-friendly nature and small size. These devices are simply designed with a pod that contains the e-liquid and atomizer and a rechargeable battery that can de detached and reattached at will. Using an auto-draw system, the device is activated when you take a drag through the mouth piece and deactivated when you stop. This helps preserve battery life and minimise e-liquid consumption. On the flip side, being that these devices are small and the components tightly fit, the intensity of vapour production and battery life might be unsatisfactory for heavy users.

There are larger devices that provide longer battery life and higher vapour production albeit at a slightly higher price. These kits are known as Refillable Vaporizer which either come with a refillable tank, replaceable coil or both. These devices are pretty simple to use, you fill the tank with e-liquid, connect it to the battery and start vaping. Due to its vapour maximization design, the tank may need to be refilled repeatedly and the battery recharged at intervals during the vaping process to ensure maximum performance. The device has no disposable parts and will only require replenishment of e-liquid when it is used up and replacement coils at least every 2 weeks when the device’s efficiency starts to drop. When compared to portable cig-a-likes and closed pod systems, refillable vaporizers provide the user with a wide variety of flavours and nicotine strengths to choose from.

For users who prefer to vape in the comfort of their homes, desktop vaporizer are available. These units provide a bigger bang in terms of vapour quantities, psychoactive impact and flavour intensity. They are designed to be used while plugged in to a power source as their power requirements are large and may not be adequately stored in batteries. For this reason, desktop or table top vaporizers tend to be more expensive than conventional portable vapes; a modest unit costs between US$300 and US$500 and has a shelf life of over 1 year. The beauty about this unit is that it provides the user with a sense of privacy, can be used in group settings and requires minimum to no maintenance. There are some models of desktop vaporizers that come with car chargers allowing users to vape on the go.

Transition into vaping should be undertaken carefully with advancements and drastic changes being adopted when the user is sure that they are ready for it. Start small with portable vaporizers and increase the size as your personal needs and financial situation allows; remember that the main purpose of this transition is to get rid of that nasty smoking habit, don’t let it become a new dependence.
Another important point to note when selecting a vape kit is the type of material you prefer in your vaporizer. Majority of vaporizers utilize dry herbs and flowers while few use oils, concentrates and waxes. A few considerations have to be made when selecting your vaping material.

There are users who purely enjoy vaping for the flavour and not the nicotine rush. These users are better off buying herb or flower based vaporizers as they tend to be more potent when compared to oil and wax based vapes; THC based oils are however considered the most potent in the list. Alternatively, for users chasing psychoactive effects, oil based vapes tend to be more effective. Most portable vapes are oil based since this mode of manufacturing is the most convenient and easy to put together, very few portable vapes are herb based or are equipped to use both herbs and oils. This greatly affects the choice of vape to buy since a portable vaporizer that uses only herbs or both oils and herbs will be very expensive when compared to vapes that use only oils. Desktop vapes however do not face this crisis as most are manufactured to utilize different types of materials.

Vaporizers need regular maintenance and cleaning therefore the right vaping material may make this an easy or difficult process. The easiest vapes to clean are herb or flower based owing to their particulate nature, oil and wax based are more difficult to clean, especially when changing flavours within the tank. It is therefore important to select vaporizers that are compatible with the vaping material of choice or better yet, vaporizers that can use any material; most modern vapes are now compatible with different materials albeit at a higher price than conventional vaporizers.

With the above information in mind, you need to consider your budget, how much do you want to spend on a vaporizer and its accessories? A basic review of market prices indicate that pre-filled concentrate pens and simple portable devices are the cheapest while digital temperature controlled desktop vaporizers are the most expensive. Similarly, smoking habits will affect the type of vaporizer you select, a heavy smoker will need a powerful vaporizer that has a longer battery life and higher vapour intensity while a casual smoker may not place emphasis on these requirements. For vapers with a flair for the dramatic and flashy side of things, accessories like led lighting, funky carry-on bags, remote controls, multi-user mouthpieces and the likes will drive their choice of vaporizer, while users only after the medicinal effects or nicotine rush will only focus on the basics.

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