Skyrocket your E-Juice Wholesale Sales with Our UK Vape Shop Leads

May 29, 2018 4 min read

Skyrocket your E-Juice Wholesale Sales with Our UK Vape Shop Leads

Skyrocket your E-Juice Wholesale Sales with Our UK Vape Shop Leads

By Tatyana Dyachenko

What is the point of having a very beautiful vape online shop’s website when no one knows about it? Again, why have a website if no one cares to visit it? As a vape products dealer, you understand the challenges the industry face when it comes to making profitable sales. Matters have been made worse especially by the ban on vape related ads on Facebook and Google’s AdWords. But to help mitigate these challenges, we at The Eliquid Boutique have ways that will still bring thousands of visitors to your online vape shop. Read on to find out about our UK vape shop database that will change your business performance forever.

Imagine having a package that gives you so much more at a little cost. Our UK vape shop leads are essential when it comes to various techniques of online selling.

Why do you need this UK vape shop database?

The easiest way to grow your profits and revenue is by having robust and reliable UK vape shop leads. These leads will be more essential if you are planning to sell to other vape shops directly on a wholesale basis. For example, you may have an e-liquid brand. There many ways through which our vape store leads will turn around your sales, and start making the desired revenue.

With the UK vape shop leads, you have an advantage over your competitors in the sense that you can now reach may UK vape shops directly. We have a list of contacts including email addresses, telephone numbers and much more that will help you establish a relationship with these vape shops in the UK. This means that every time these sellers need new vape juice brands or vape mods, they will directly contact you for delivery.

Again, if you choose to add another vape brand to your stock, then you get a chance to inform your buyers directly through the list of contacts that you get from us. Put simply; there is every reason why you need these UK vape shop leads.

Creating brand awareness is a critical step in getting that e-juice brand to sell. And nothing does it better than using e-cig shop leads.

Features of the UK vape shop leads database

Skyrocket your E-Juice Wholesale Sales with Our UK Vape Shop Leads

Let us look at the things that you will find in our UK vape shop database:

  • Vape shop name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Website
  • E-mail address

The above features are essential if your online vape marketing strategies are to succeed. They give you an opportunity to customize campaigns by targeting each of the vape shops in various locations.

What is unique about our vape shop leads?

Our statistics show that over 500 vape juice brands across the world are using our vape shop leads to promote their e-juice brands to vape shops in the UK.

We are not your typical B2B data list provider. Cases have been reported where firms automate email collection and then proceed to sell them to clients. Such leads are never helpful, and the best you can get from these “leads” are just the email list, nothing when it comes to sales.

Our team of experts manually compile a list of contacts and put them in our database. And this is what differentiates us from others. A lot of consideration is put on how these leads are found. All our leads come from our vape products subscriber lists, vape exhibitions, in-depth vape products research and other methods. Our team of experts regularly updates the database. This means that you will get the most recent contacts in the vape shop database. With our leads, you can rest assured that you will get tangible results. It has been proven by the over 500 vape brands across the world.

How do you use our UK vape database?

We are not just in the business of selling our leads; we also care to give you instructions on how to maximize your chances while using the leads. Here, I will show you how to use them to improve your revenues and profits.

E-mail campaigns and newsletters

It is not enough to write just another e-mail and send it to a vape shop owner. You must have a way of ensuring that your campaign lands in the inbox of the target. At the same time, you must make the recipient long for another email from you. So how do you achieve this?

You need to introduce your vape products to the vape shops and tell the sellers why your products are better than those of your competitors. Then, ensure you establish a rapport with the sellers.

Phone calls

While sending emails and newsletters is an excellent way of marketing your vape products, nothing beats one-on-one conversation. Plan for the most convenient time and call the vape shop owner. Establish a rapport with the seller and introduce your products to making them buy it.

Send vape juice samples

Many of the sellers will want evidence of what you are asking them to buy. To respond appropriately, promise to send them eliquid samples and deliver them. This way, the sellers will stock your products and thus increase your brand’s’ exposure.

Online research

All the information in our database is crucial. We, not only provide email and phone numbers, but we also provide URLs for the websites. This way, you can conduct in-depth research about the vape shops before you start contacting them.

Why trust our UK vape store database?

Why look for a database that will give you a hell of a time trying to figure out what is in it? Our database is characterized by the following, which are enough reasons to make you come and place an order:

  • Organized
  • Accurate
  • Complete
  • Cheap
  • Regularly updated

If you are facing challenges selling your vape products, then the answer to your woes lies in our UK vape shop leads. Place your order now.

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