Shopify Vape Shop SEO: An Easy Blog Optimization Guide for 2020

September 04, 2018 5 min read

Shopify Vape Shop SEO An Easy Blog Optimization Guide for 2019

Why is it important to optimise your Shopify vape shop's blog Posts for SEO?

By Ksenia Sobchak

It is important to optimise your Shopify blog posts for several reasons. Firstly, a well-optimised Shopify blog post is more likely to get indexed by Google. Secondly, a blog post optimised for SEO will rank better for your keywords than a non-optimised blog post. Thirdly, an optimised blog post will improve user experience.

Why is fresh and unique content important for Shopify Vape Shop SEO?

Did you know that Google ranks sites that are updated regularly. It is therefore important to write and publish regular blog posts on your Shopify store. Equally, it is important to go back and update your “old” blog posts as updated blog posts rank better on Google. For example, if you had a blog post on “The Best Vape Mods for 2020”, you will want to update the blog post in 2020 when new vape mods have come out and the vape mods that were best in 2020 will not necessarily be the best in 2020.

What are the elements of an SEO optimised Shopify Blog Post?

Your Shopify Online Vape Shop Needs Quality and Unique Content

It is important to ensure that you write or get a content writer to write unique and plagiarism-free articles. You should ensure that your article is well-structured and makes use of headings and sub-headings. Make sure that your article is free of syntactical and grammatical errors. It is important to ensure that each article is 100% unique. Plagiarised articles will not rank well or at all on Google. You can subscribe to premium plagiarism checking tools such as CopyScape to check the uniqueness of your articles. Alternatively, you can also do a spot check by copying and pasting a random chunk of your article, put it in double quote marks and search for the content on Google. Here is an example:

“Cooked to perfection. Velvety, sweet creamy rice pudding, with a tasty dollop of raspberry jam, stirred through to finish. Whats not to love The Dinner Lady flavours have won awards worldwide for their awesome flavours. The award winning Dinner Lady range of E-Liquids have taken the world by storm since they launched in 2016.”

Shopify Vape Shop SEO: An Easy Blog Optimization Guide for 2019

If an exact match does not come up on Google, it shows that your article is more likely to be unique. This product description is clearly a manufacturer's product description that has been used by many other companies! It is important to get it re-written as it is no longer unique in the eyes of Google.

In today’s SEO, content is king and it is important to have at least 1,000 words of content to rank well. Thin content seldom ranks well on Google.

Your Shopify Vape Blog Post Should Have a Set of Keywords

Whenever you have an article, you should also have a set of keywords that you would like to rank for on Google. For example, if you have an article on “The Best Californian E-Liquid Brands in 2020”, you may want to rank for the keywords “Californian E-Liquid Brands”. Once you have picked your keywords, it is important to ensure that your keywords are present in the article title, your article body, H2 to H5 Headings, meta title and meta description. However, you should aim to use semantically related keywords and not just one set of keywords as, in the eyes of Google, this would be keyword stuffing that could get your website penalised by Google. So, coming back to our example of “Californian E-Liquid Brands”, you could use variations of these keywords such as:

  • Californian E-Juice Brands
  • Californian Vape Juice Brands
  • Best E-Liquid Brands from California
  • The Milkman E-Liquid
  • Marina Vape E-Liquid
  • Vape Goons E-Liquid from CA
  • Best American E-Liquid
  • Best CBD Eliquids

These are just a few examples. So, whilst our keyword is “Californian E-Juice Brands”, do you see how we are creating the context for our keywords? This context tells Google that your Shopify blog post is about “Californian E-Juice Brands” without having to say the same thing 20 times (keyword stuffing).

To find vape keyword ideas, simply take your starting keyword and run a search on Google. You can then see what related keywords other vape shops are using.

Use H1 to H5 Headings In All of Your Vape Blogs!

Your Shopify article should use H2 to H5 headings (H1 heading is your default article title). H2 to H5 headings should aim to contains different variations of your keywords. See the keyword example above. Make sure that you make each one of your H2 to H5 headings intriguing and user-focused. Do not try to over-optimise them as this could hurt the user experience. Use H2 to H5 headings according to the hierarchy of your headings. Here is a practical example:

The Best Californian E-Liquid Brands in 2020 (H2)

Top 10 Vape Juice from California (that we totally love!) (H3)

Marina Vape E-Liquid (H4)

Blueberry Donut by Marina Vape (H5)

The Milkman (H4)

The Boss Reserve (H4)

Add internal hyperlinks to All of Your Vape Blog Posts

Internal hyperlinks help to pass link juice power to other pages on your website. If you mention the words “USA e-liquid”, you may want to add a hyperlink to USA e-liquid collection on your website. Internal hyperlinks also help to improve user experience should they want to buy some USA e-liquid as per our current example. Do not overdo this step and aim to add around 2 to 3 hyperlinks at most.

Use images and embed YouTube Videos Inside Your Vape Blog Posts

Make sure to add quality and relevant images and YouTube videos to your blog post as this helps with the user experience and Shopify SEO!

Craft unique and catchy meta titles and meta descriptions

To put it very simply, meta titles and meta descriptions is what you see on Google when you run a search. It is important to ensure that the meta title and meta description contain your keywords and related keywords to build the context of what your article is about. Equally, you should aim to make your meta title and meta description “clickable”. You may want to add some call-to-action.

Here is an example for this blog posts:

Shopify Vape Shop SEO An Easy Blog Optimization Guide for 2019

 This is how the meta title and meta description looks like on Google:

Shopify Vape Shop SEO: An Easy Blog Optimization Guide for 2019

Add image alt tags

Image alt tags tell Google what your image is about. Google cannot see an image. It uses the alt tag as the basis for deciding what your image is about. Image searches should not be overestimated as they do also drive website traffic.

Shopify Vape Shop SEO: An Easy Blog Optimization Guide for 2019

Here is a Practical Example of How to Optimise Your Shopify Vape Blog Post

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