Safety Tips For Vape Batteries

May 30, 2017 3 min read

Safety Tips For Vape Batteries

By Nataly Komova

Stay safe with our safety tips for vape batteries. Vape technology, like many other techs have been advancing at a rapid rate. Although it is only a small electronic gadget, it is important to consider that you are working with a piece of technology that is electrical and that has a battery as well as liquid, so the potential for short circuit is there. Considering the fact that there are many people vaping worldwide there have been relatively few problems. However, there have been some incidents due to people misusing mods or purchasing poor quality products. The problems that can arise when someone mishandles vaping equipment can range from house fires to exploding mods. Regardless of the vape kit you use, they all have the potential to malfunction because they contain a battery. They should always be handled properly and with care. In order to understand the risks of vaping and to make sure you are being diligent, here is all you need to know.

Regulated mods are used mainly by beginning and intermediate vapers. The benefit of these mods for beginners is that they permit easy wattage adjustment regardless of the resistance level. They also have a variety of build in safety measures. Although this does not mean they are completely safe, as noted anything that is electronic has the potential to malfunction and cause issues.

Make sure you handle your vape mod with the utmost care. There is little more than a foil casing that protects the LiPo batteries so if you knock it or drop your mod it can lead to problems. If you do drop your mod, make sure to put it into a metal container as soon as possible and take it to be recycled.

Do not take short cuts. Make certain that you are buying authentic items from reputable retailers. As well, always buy brand new and not second hand. You may be tempted by the price to purchase something cheaper but if it has not been tested properly you could be making a costly mistake. In addition make sure you are using the correct coils for the machine you have. Check the manual and go by the directions. Store your mod safely. Do not leave it resting on a pillow or on the bed. In addition it is recommended to remove the tank from the mod during the night. Take note that if you leave the mod in direct sunlight it could heat it to a dangerous level so be cautious about this. As well, make sure you have the correct charging cable. If you have a cable that does not work with your device it could overheat it. Try not to overcharge your vape; there are some that come with a built-in mechanism that shuts of charging but there are times when this has been known to malfunction. As with other devices, make sure you dispose of batteries properly.

Having a sense of your vape as an electronic machine can go a long way in preventing an accident. In order to avoid detrimental situations make sure to be diligent with your device and follow the above considerations. Try your best to buy only from reputable dealers who can guarantee their product. If you are a beginner make sure you are aware of the dynamics of your mod in order to be certain that you are making use of it properly.

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