Safety Tips for Vape Batteries

May 11, 2017 3 min read

Safety Tips for Vape Batteries

Safety Tips for Vape Batteries

By Ekaterina Mironova

Water and batteries tend not to work well when put in the same space which is why especially with devices like vapes users should keep their batteries well maintained. Vapes are electronic devices and batteries are used to power them. This usually works just fine however not all designs are perfect and some have flaws that can make the battery malfunction in many ways varying in danger. These Safety Tips for Vape Batteries will mainly apply to vapes with replaceable batteries and vapes that will be used for a long time (not disposable e-cigarettes).

Vapes commonly use lithium ion batteries. These vape batteries are the same type of batteries used in a certain phone that blew up in the media a while back for. While strong and long lasting they do not well when put under heat and/or pressure.  When mishandled they do run the risk of exploding, failing and destroying your vape and wasting e-liquid. This makes cleaning your battery and all parts close to it very important.  Here you'll find some good tips to protect your battery and your vape.

#1 Check it often! - Safety Tips for Vape Batteries

Like all things that come into contact with water and heat for long periods of time vape mods and their parts. On pen-like and vapes with built in vape batteries this is especially important. If your power supply is wet the safe things to do are usually clean or replace it. For common box mods it's best that you examine your 510 for any leakage as that is where your vapes power supply and other components are connected. If you find that it's dry and there are no visible problems then keep on puffing but don't forget to check back every once in a while especially if your vape starts acting up, like with all your belongings one of the best things you can do with is keep track of it.

#2 Clean it up! - Safety Tips for Vape Batteries

Your vape starts acting up. You stop and check the power source. It's wet/dirty! In this case there are two things you might want to do. If there is visible damage to the battery then you may be best off getting a new one. If the area is moist then remove the battery grab a small piece of paper towel or cotton swab and gently wipe it dry.  If the area is dirty then you have a much bigger problem. You'll want to take your vape apart separating the battery and its holding compartment and then cleaning it piece by piece. This can be done by soaking each part in warm soapy water, rinsing and making sure each part is thoroughly dried before putting it back together for use. Do not wash the battery or its holding area. Clean those separately with a cotton swab and/or paper towel.

#3 Always have a backup! - Safety Tips for Vape Batteries

Electronics are not always reliable so it's always a good idea to have a contingency plan. In the case that your battery stops working and you've been taking proper care of it your problem may just be down to a faulty battery. Should this happen to you the best idea is to have a spare. Vape Batteries fail from time to time, they're electronics and maintaining them can be harder than it seems. This is probably the lowest risk solution to a lot of potential problems but vape batteries are very expensive which leads to another tip.

#4 Do not buy from shady suppliers! - Safety Tips for Vape Batteries

Batteries are a very important and dangerous part of a vape. Always make sure you get your batteries from a reliable source. The contents of batteries are very harmful to the human body and poor designs are more prone to damage as well as being far less reliable. When it comes to components batteries are probably one of the components you should be most concerned about for your vape.  Getting low quality batteries very cheaply may seem like a good idea but in the long run you could find yourself paying for it more ways than monetarily.

While these tips are helpful for most vapes a lot of vapes are designed in different ways and it might benefit you to ask an experienced friend you can trust for more information on more specialized vapes and on how to clean and manage your vape and its components, especially components as important as the battery. Always remember to watch your vape and stay safe.

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