Marijuana Concentrate Vaporizer Pens Vs. Dry Herb Pens

May 15, 2018 4 min read

Marijuana Concentrate Vaporizer Pens Vs. Dry Herb Pens

Marijuana Concentrate Vaporizer Pens VS Dry Herb Pens

By Elena Ognivtseva

If you’re an avid marijuana user, or even just a recreational smoker, comparing the benefits of using a cannabis vaporizer pen that’s designed specifically for concentrates and one that’s made just for herbs is important. These days, THC and smoking device sales are huge industries with tons of options available. Because of the influx in popularity of both, lots of people are exploring the different ways to enjoy their buzz.

While conventional smoking using a bowl and a lighter is still one of the most beloved ways to get high, using a vaporizer is quickly gaining a following. Now, many folks are considering their vaporization choices: load a bowl with dried herbs or try out some concentrates? To make the best decision, you first have to know the main differences, not to mention to pros and cons therein.

For the last few years, people have enjoyed marijuana vaporizers using buds. But, as times change, and new developments are introduced to the market, wax concentrates have begun getting used even more. Interestingly, avid weed smokers have started using wax to maximize their both recreational enjoyment and the medicinal benefits of THC. So, which one is better and why?

Marijuana Concentrate Vaporizer Pens

The Word on Wax

A lot of people call cannabis wax “ear wax,” but that’s only because of its appearance which, for the most part, resembles the waxy substance that collects inside the ear. However, it is nowhere near the same thing. Although both are derived from a natural source, cannabis wax concentrate is the one that will get you a righteous buzz. That’s mainly because it happens to be one of the most potent versions of THC on the modern market.

Wax is gaining popularity because of its power and versatility, especially when compared to simple dried herbs. Known colloquially as “dabbing,” THC wax concentrates can be dabbed or packed into various vaporizers. Dabbing is just another word used to describe cannabis wax that’s consumed as an edible. Vaporizing is a term used to describe the consumption of THC wax concentrates via a device used to heat up the substance to create a vapor. Both are effective at getting you high, but they’re not the same whatsoever.

While some people choose to make their own wax, doing so is typically not recommended because of the inconstancy and potential danger of doing so. Because butane is often used as a solvent to extract the cannabinoids, homemade waxes can damage your body or produce a less than favorable high. Therefore, cannabis wax concentrate made by a source more familiar with chemistry and extraction is your best bet, not to mention it will prevent you from getting the wrong idea about cannabis concentrates (especially if you plan to use it in a vape device which produces a more potent drag than a traditional combustion method).

Why Wax is Winning

Wax use is gaining a following for numerous reasons, and it’s not just the marijuana newbies who appreciate it. People with a well-defined love of weed are fans of wax concentrates as well, and even those who like to dab find themselves putting wax in their vapes from time to time. The main reason is likely due to the extreme potency of wax which, according to experts, contains up to 70 or 80% unadulterated THC.

Usually, that potency makes for a quick buzz and a better vaping experience than using dry buds for the same purpose. High Times Magazine recently reported that weed wax has more cannabinoids per gram than dried herbs do. So, why doesn’t everyone just switch to wax instead of fussing with old school buds?

The Drill on Dry Herbs

There are plenty of reasons why trusty herbs are still being used today, even in vape devices that can handle a good waxing. Below are the most commonly causes for a newbie or avid smoker to choose flowers over the competition:

  1. The price of dried herbs is far less than the price of cannabis wax concentrates, with high-end herbs costing about $20 per gram while waxes will run you nearly $100 per gram. So, even if the vape you use claims to conserve your stash, you’ll still be spending a small fortune to get high if you use wax.
  2. The side effects of vaping wax are far more intense, mostly because of the wax’s increased potency. Some people can’t handle it, and even pros find themselves too high for their own good. In fact, research has shown that wax vaping can cause hallucinations and psychotic episodes.
  3. Making your own wax to save some money might seem appealing after the first point, but it’s very dangerous. The process uses large quantities of butane which is a highly volatile and flammable liquid. Any sudden change in the temperature of the extraction environment can cause the butane to catch fire or explode.
  4. Some of the butane used to extract the cannabinoids from the source during wax making remains in the wax after it’s created. Unfiltered butane is poisonous and can cause throat or lung irritation, especially if it’s used in large quantities. Continual irritations can produce several harmful side effects after a while.
  5. Dried herbs give you the same high without all the negative consequences, although lighting your bowl with a lighter may still give you hits of butane. Vaping dried herbs offers the best of both worlds: great taste, intense high, and healthier consumption without the increased costs to your wallet and body.

The Final Verdict

Enjoying dried herbs in your vaporizer seems to be the best option, especially since the substance’s terpenes (the proponents in cannabis that increase the herb’s healing potential) remain more intact. In fact, vaping your weed can multiply the effect of each gram you pack into the bowl, making wax concentrates virtually obsolete.

The practice of isolating cannabinoids via wax concentrate making may be a widely accepted option these days but be careful before you become a slave to the trend. Even daily use of dried herbs in your vape device is healthier and more beneficial than using wax, despite the fact that extracting concentrates and dabbing is growing in popularity. 

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