Key Strategies To Promote Your Vape Shop Online

August 12, 2018 4 min read

Key Strategies To Promote Your Vape Shop Online

Vape Shop SEO - Key Strategies To Promote Your Vape Shop Online

By Tatyana Dyachenko

The traffic and sales you witness on your vape shop online will be determined by the marketing efforts you put in. There are several strategies you can use to achieve great promotion for your vape shop using the internet. This guide offers the best strategies – continue reading

SEO for Vape shops

Having a vape shop and getting a website for it is merely enough. You must ensure that you have fully optimized. Your customers want to find something helpful on a page that is attractive. Identify both the on-site and off-site SEO strategies that best work for you.

Remember that Google rewards websites that give users what they want. This means you must strive to stay ahead of the competition and SEO is your ticket. Using tools like the vape backlinks package offered by The Eliquid Boutique can make your work much easier.

Write Targeted and Specific Vape Articles for your Vape Blog

While sharing links and all that SEO stuff, your customers will expect useful information on the landing pages. What you write dictates the kind of response you will get from customers at the end of the day.

You have to be as specific as possible. Your vape shop probably does not have the domain authority you expect it to have. You need to write articles that target narrower niches and avoid using general keywords. You can use the best keyword research tools to come up with keywords that help you rank better.

Use original content on your online vape shop

There is not much online content containing original research today; it is not easy to find such. For this reason, you can use it to your advantage. You can use extensive and exclusive research to come up with content that cannot be found anywhere else. Such content places you at a more advantageous position than your completion.

There are many situations you can search for something on the internet, and the first several results have the same things. Many websites get information from other websites and re-write it in their own words. That is why the results appear to be all the same.

But you can do better and bring something more unique to the table, that will put your vape shop at the top of the competition.

Content marketing

For a vape shop owner questions come in on a daily basis and answering them becomes a normal thing. For this reason, you already know the questions your customers ask a lot. You can use this information to write content that answers the questions in the most excellent way.

When you provide content for free with the hope of selling later- you are content marketing. Information content encourages people to visit your website than sales content.

Use the mailing list to capture leads for your online vape shop

There are high chances that a person who will read an informative article on your vape website will not buy immediately. They can buy later, but that depends on how you retail them you need to capture their information – which means you build a mailing list. This is good for following up.

Use the mailing list to capture leads for your online vape shop

Local SEO for Vape shops

Writing content for your vape shop is mandatory. While on it, however, don’t forget to write articles with a local focus. For example, use keywords like, “vape shop in (city name).” Such keywords put a focus on you for people in your locality.

You can use these keywords in general information too and a call-to-action.

Use business directories for Vape shops

Key Strategies To Promote Your Vape Shop Online

Business directories are important today even more than ever. They may be seen as an old school technique but one that can help boost you vape shop online. People still search business directories to find local businesses. They allow customers to leave reviews and they provide local citations.

Submit your vape business to directories like, Yelp, Google-My-Business and Bing places for business.

Using social media for Vape shops

Using social media for Vape shops

Social media works miracles when it comes to advertising for business. If you consider the social media marketing packages offered by The Eliquid Boutique, you will realize how important it is for your vape shop to have the best social signals.

You already have a vape website, but that is not nearly enough. You will still need product leads to your business. Social media provide the perfect gateway to achieve this.

Using local citations for Vape shops

A link from an authoritative website increases the ranking for your vape website, and that is obvious. Now, online mention alone can increase your ranking too, even without a link. A citation is an online mention that contains all your details.

Give structured data to search engines

You need to make the work of indexing your website easy by providing information that defines the data contained in your website. Such data is called a scheme or structure data. You can use it to tell Google your vape shop name, address, and phone number, and include information that it is a business.

Onsite optimization of your online vape shop

Onsite optimization of your online vape shop

The structure of your website matters a lot when it comes to traffic generation. Ensure you have optimized it with a structure that is easy and attractive.

Optimized web design for your vape store

Your vape website should have a professional design that prioritizes users. Most users depend on mobile phone use today, make the designs mobile friendly.

Vape Affiliate marketing

As long as your vape shop sales products online, affiliate programs can be a great boost. The program will give you access to salespeople across the world and make your work much easier. You will be selling across the world without even being there in person.

Don’t try to cheat

There are high chances that many first e-cig websites cheated to get at the top. While such temptation is immense, do not let it overtake you. Use white hat SEO.

There are several ways you can promote your vape shop the right as seen above. But still, you can partner with trusted sources to help you make it at the top faster. At The Eliquid Boutique, you can be offered with product leads and leads for your local vape business to make you work easier.

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