Is It Safe to Purchase Vape Products from E-Cigarette Manufacturers in China?

May 23, 2017 4 min read

Is It Safe to Purchase Vape Products from E-Cigarette Manufacturers in China?

Is It Safe to Purchase Vape Products from E-Cigarette Manufacturers in China? 

By Nataly Komova

It is a quandary we often find ourselves in in the West as to whether the products we purchase in China can be compared to those produced in the US. It is true that Chinese products maintain a cheaper price point and that they are fantastic at wholesaling but when it comes to vape gear, because it is something we use with our bodies we can be wary about the quality of products that we buy. Many vape vendors do sell products from China but they also manage to provide access to American made products as well. The price difference is perhaps the most difficult because Chinese products, due to their lower manufacturing costs, almost always have a lower price point; sometimes the price is significantly lower which makes the vendor stop and think about their overhead. It is also important to consider the ethical implications of purchasing from China and supporting an industry that pays low wages to hard workers. If the pricing is close, many vendors do choose to provide US product but it is when a vendor can save 30 to 40% that they may consider buying from China. This article is intended to address the pros and cons related to purchasing items from China so vendors can make an informed decision about how to move forward.

Is It Safe to Purchase Vape Products from E-Cigarette Manufacturers in China? So what are the downsides to buying product from China? When you order from China you may face longer wait times. Actually long wait times is practically inevitable. It may sound obvious but there will clearly be a difference in shipping times between ordering from China and ordering something from the US. However, proximity is not the only reason you may wait longer for items from China, they also have to pass through customs which, when it comes to vape product, can create longer delays. The estimated wait time when ordering from China is 10-14 business days whereas if you order from the US it may take more like 3 -7 days.

Another issue that can occur when you are ordering from Chine is poor customer service. Unfortunately, unlike many US based companies, manufacturers in China do not always provide a contact number should a person need support with a product. You most likely will not be able to speak with someone over the phone regarding an issue and at that the time difference is 10 hours so it would be difficult to make a phone call or even send an email and actually reach someone at the time you need him or her. It is also sometimes difficult to navigate the language barrier.

It is unfortunate but there are instances in which people receive cheaply made product that is claiming to be authentic vaping gear. Most companies are reputable when it comes to selling their products but it good to be wary. In addition if you do have an issue with a product whether it is good quality or not, there may be complications in returning it. You will likely be responsible for return shipping costs and just like the shipping process it will probably move slowly.

Fortunately there are some Chinese suppliers that have a good reputation. It is a good idea to remain aware of the issues noted above regardless of how reputable they are but there are some that have a good track record.

When it comes to deciding between US and Chinese orders for vaping supplies you will want to consider the pros and cons. Yes, it is great to get a good price on something, but do you really want to go through the rigmarole to get there? Especially if you are in a time crunch you will not want to wait the extra time it will likely take to make an Asian order. If you are looking for something that could have the potential to break then you may want to also consider a US company because you will have access to reliable support and you will be able to send it back quickly should there be an issue. If you are looking for bulk product, Chinese manufacturers may be the way to go. If you are looking for bulk supplies like coils or DIY supplies it is likely that you will be ordering in advance anyway and these items are less likely to have any issues or break. If you are investing in a mod for your vape it is best to stick with a US based company because if you are already putting that much time into it you do not want to risk losing your money or having to deal with the headache of sending it back to China.

Although Chinese products are likely safe, there are many implications that go along with ordering from China as noted above. To save yourself a pain, look for US-based companies first and do your research. You may find something that is just as cheap if you look around and if it is not as cheap it will save you the bother of having to navigate International shipping and all that goes along with it. You are also supporting the US economy by purchasing in the US and you are supporting better manufacturing practices. Best of luck with your purchases and we hope that this guide has given you some guidance around purchasing from China.

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