Instagram Management Software for Growing Your Instagram Vape Account

September 05, 2018 4 min read

Instagram Management Software for Growing Your Instagram Vape Account

Get more followers on Instagram with Pinky’s celebrity club management software

By Ksenia Sobchak


Vape and vape related products marketing are not as easy today as it was a few years back. The main reason is; major marketing channels have banned any form of ads related to vape. This is perhaps as a way to stop advocating for vaping.

Major social media platforms have joined Google and other search engines to ban the promotion of the products. This makes it even harder for these shops to get their products on the market as they would wish to.

A business is only as good as the marketing channels it takes. Without proper marketing, very little can done as only the customers who are near the shop will know of its existence. And even with those, goods must be displayed to show there is a vape shop.

Social media has been and continues to be an integral part in vape shop marketing. But with all the issues involved, not much can be achieved. There is every reason therefore to find the best way to deal with issues related to social media marketing. With the right strategy, a lot can be achieved without having to go through a lot of trouble.



Download this free version to take Pinky out for a test drive! Please note that the activity will be restricted to post liking only. If you like the software, please purchase a full version.


What then?

Just because there have been problems with social media, it does not mean that you stop using it for marketing. Social media is the best marketing medium for vape shops today. You just have to know the best way to apply its use.

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world today. It continues to grow more so after it was taken over by Facebook a few years ago in a multi-billion deal.

With Instagram, you have access to a whole world of vapers. Most vapers are young, and we all know how important social media is to the young people. They cannot stay away from their phones for a long. Research has shown that internet users spend more hours per day on social media than they do on any other platform and activity in a day.

This is to say Instagram is part of a big market for vape shops. It needs those who know how to leverage on the opportunities presented to them.

Instagram, just like any other social platform is for socialization, and that is how you need to use it. Getting followers on the platform gives you a better opportunity to spread the message. You can’t use promotional posts, but you can have followers to offer other useful information.

For this reason, you need to get as many followers as possible.

The problem is however how to go about. It is not very to get the desired number of followers for better market capitalization.

There are many software on the market that can give you the best services you need. You get a lot of followers without having to go through long processes. Time is of the essence here, and if you have an opportunity to invest in getting followers on Instagram, it would be the best choice to consider it.

Even so, not all the software you get on the market are genuine. To be on the safe side, consider seriously the functionality of the software you have.

Instagram management software is the best tool to get the most out of your vape social marketing campaign. It is a straight ticket to getting more traffic to your website and consequently more sales. It will only be so however if the software is from a trusted source.

For the best software, consider the following characteristics.

Unshakable security

Security is the number one consideration when it comes to online services. You need software that offers you security beyond doubt.

Many of the software on the market require you to share login information. This is dangerous because your Instagram account is put at the mercy of hackers and prying eyes. And with tough rules on social media, you need to ensure you are well protected from any unauthorized access to your account details.

For this reason, the best desktop application is the one that does not require you to give login information. With an app that runs on your local IP address, you will need to go through account verification or deal with blocks.

There are not very many applications with this ability on the market. It is essential that you consider seriously, therefore, the type of service you are getting.

You don’t want to open your account one day and find you can’t access it. Or you log in and discover your account is empty without followers and yet you paid for the service.

Being on the look-out for fraudsters is one way to keep a clear account.

Easy to use

There are many Instagram management software tools on the market that are just too complex. Such applications are not good for those seeking easy to use tools.

A tool that is easy to log in and configure settings is the most functional tool. Running on your computer without too many requirements should be easy.


The reason for using Instagram management software is to increase your popularity of the network. There is no better way to increase your sales than to be very popular on the social platform and that is what you must aim for.

The best software is the remedy you need to supercharge your Instagram. It gives you the opportunity to interact with your followers in the niche. The aim is to get your users to check your page, like posts and follow you.

With this tool, the power of Instagram social marketing is in your hands. You have the uttermost advantage over your competition.


Pinky’s celebrity club Instagram management software has the features and characteristics mentioned above. And the best part is, you receive a free update for the software so that the latest opportunities on the market do not pass you. It is a one-time investment that gives you the highest ROI.

Your Instagram marketing will never be the same again!

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