How To Start A Vape Shop In the UK: Your Full Guide

September 05, 2018 5 min read

How To Start A Vape Shop In the UK

How To Start A Vape Shop In UK

By Elena Ognivtseva

The UK vape market is one of the largest in the world. In fact, you don’t even need statistics to know that the market is booming here. If you just start walking anywhere, you will not fail to notice some vapers.

Even as the vaping community expands here, business is also booming, and more vape shops are constantly coming up. According to statistics, the number of high street e-cigs shops have more than quadrupled in less than a decade. Local company data reveals a more than 500% increment. This might have been fueled by the lift on marijuana and related products.

This is a tempting opportunity for any entrepreneur actually. It is one that no one who understands business can easily resist.

But, how do you actually make it work? How exactly do you start a vape shop in the UK and make it benefit you accordingly? This is perhaps the biggest challenge for a serious mind. There is always a problem choosing premises. It is overwhelming actually.

There is the choice of product, demands from regulations, what is insurance to pick and the best marketing strategy. Looking at these things, a faint-hearted person cannot manage to stay in business. You need a plan that sets a clear map for you.

The first step to take and perhaps the most important one is considering advice from experienced vape retailers. There are very many on the UK market, and it does not get long to find one that is willing to help. If you can create a friendship with the genuinely experienced retailer, you can learn all there is to learn on vape products at once.

On top of that, this article has highlighted all the importance staff for starters. In this guide, you will find valuable information that might help you improve your chances of success.

Customer service is everything for a vape shop

When you talk with an experience vape retailer, the very first thing they will mention is the customer. This means that understand how vital the customer is to their business. For the losing, a customer is just like losing a tooth.

For this reason, you need to start by establishing a great customer care base. This means you must place your focus on helping vapers use their time wisely.

Don’t just put your focus on selling the products only; most vapers rely on information on safe vaping. Whatever you give them should, therefore, be according to their needs and ability.

The prices issues also come in under customer care. There are so many vape businesses on the market, and each one of them has set their standards for pricing. You do not have to look at how others are pricing, but you can give flexible benefits to your customers.

The aim of having customer service is now only to ensure customers are getting what they want but to make them comfortable. It is vital that you listen to what they are telling you at all times.

Set a physical shop for your customers instead of only focusing online alone. Customers understand that products will be slightly expensive in a shop. They appreciate your running costs and sharing your experience with them. They also get a chance to taste out the products before making the decision physically.

In simple terms, you need to maintain that highest level of customer service. Whether the customer is buying staff worth £3 or whether they are spending £100, you should give them the same respect.

The location of your business is your secret weapon

Experts advise that you might need not less than £10,000 to set up a vape shop in the UK successfully. This is depending on the location you choose for your business.

It does not matter very much how big the premises you choose is, the important thing is the position. A small vape shop on a busy street is better than a big one on the street with too little traffic.

Choose a location where there is little competition. Those who have already established probable have loyal customers already. You will struggle a lot getting noticed in such areas.

Then consider the rent costs. It all comes down to what you want to spend against probable benefits.

Competitive positioning and branding

Competitive positioning is all about what makes you, you and why everyone else should care. In the vape industry, the element of passion is the driving force behind achieving your greatest goals.

People often don’t fully understand what branding is all about. A logo or a name is not actually a brand. It is all about creating an emotional connection between the shop you are running and the customer that goes in.

Choose wisely what you want to stock

The choice product is another very important consideration. For starters, you will need a good amount of stock.

There are just so many brands of e-liquid products to choose from. Identify one that sells the most in your market area. Brand loyalty should be your key to the best choice.

Your marketing strategy tell whether or not you are bound for success

At the end of it, you will need to market your business. For a vape shop, a website is the number one marketing tool – start by creating one and include a blog. You can then go ahead and do all the SEO staff for better performance.

Social media should be an essential part of your marketing journey. Let it be for you a tool for success. Get as many followers on Facebook and Instagram as possible. Do remember to leverage on email marketing for it is the best media for vape businesses.

How you display your goods can prompt the customer to make a decision faster.

Know the laws and regulations that guide vape businesses in the UK and stay on top

Though you don’t need a license to run a vape business, there are top governing rules for retailers that you must know. For example, operating a challenge 25 to avoid being caught out in the no sell to the under-18 rule is what many do.

Final thoughts on Setting up your vape shop in the UK

While setting up your shop, do not forget to get an insurance cover.

Even as the marketing continues to grow in the UK, you have a great chance of success with the ideas presented above. As you grow, you will learn better ideas along the way.

This guide was written in collaboration with vape wholesale supply

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