How to Save Money for Your Vape Shop with

December 28, 2017 4 min read

How to Save Money for Your Vape Shop with

How to Save Money for Your Vape Shop with

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Running a business requires that you make sure that your expenses are not overshadowing your income. For this to happen, you have to ensure that you are really smart in making your purchases and keep the expenses to a minimal. is a marketplace dedicated to everything vape related and getting your vape business going strong requires that you make the most out of this site.

How to Save Money for Your Vape Shop with

Shop Around For Vape Wholesale Suppliers

There are thousands of wholesale vape suppliers listed on the site. This gives you a chance to send multiple inquiries regarding the same product and opening yourself up to a variety of competitive prices. Getting different quotes allows you to figure out the fair market price for the various MODs, e-liquids and other vape related products. Getting in touch with the various suppliers also gives you a chance to find other ways to save money in addition to the cheaper prices.

Warranties, shipping fees and penalties for late payments are some of the fine prints that need to be checked carefully. While some companies offer competitive prices, the payment plans may be very rigid and with hefty penalties, failing to save you any money. Some companies are very accommodating when it comes to creating custom payment plans. While repaying over a longer period of time seems ideal, sometimes paying early will result in discounts. Always discuss the possibility of discounts when you make larger deposits like 70% of the total price instead of 50%. Benefits may even involve free tester packs, saving you cash overall.

Shipping fees vary depending on the vendor and getting free shipping may mean you have to put up with long delivery time. Long delivery times often mean that you have to purchase in large orders to ensure that the reorder time is less frequent. However, this means that you part with a large amount of cash and the products may end up staying on the shelves longer, tying up your cash to make new orders. Shorter delivery times may have you ordering fewer quantities, which means you only need a smaller storage space and you get to have cash when new products are launched. Compare the delivery times to find the company with the fastest delivery time while maintaining the great prices. And also check for the frequency of launch of new flavors, MODs and any other vape products.

While shopping around may seem like a lot of work, the tremendous research will be repaid as you get to save money while buying the same brand and thus quality of products.

Negotiations With E-Liquid Wholesale Companies allows you to view the various wholesale suppliers and their list of products. In addition to this, you get to contact the supplier directly and this opens up a whole lot more possibilities. Once the seller responds to your inquiry, you have the chance to start negotiating for better prices and deals. Your negotiation skills give you the chance to get great customized deals from the supplier that will save you money. This may include free samples, payment plans and other discounts that may be beneficial in the long run.

Acquiring a Single Wholesale Vape Supplier

On, the various wholesalers offer a variety of vape products. While shopping around, you may find a supplier with an extensive catalogue. Purchasing from a single supplier may give you the chance to negotiate deals for various packages, keeping everything easy to track. When purchasing from a single supplier, you get to enjoy a relationship that allows you to renegotiate terms depending on the state of affairs of your business. Getting all your products from one place also allows you to have an easier time keeping track of invoices and products.

Paying Attention to Banner Ads gives sellers the chance to advertise their business. This includes the flash deals and other offers that the seller may currently be offering. By closely monitoring the ads, you get a chance to save by ordering your store’s stock during the offer period. You may even get the seller to add custom offers on top of the one they are already offering.

Banner ads also give you a peek of the new products that are being launched by the companies. To gain market, new products are usually sold at a lower price. You can take advantage of this and save your store a couple of bucks by getting the new products during the marketing and promotion stage.

Making Use of E-Liquid Testers Efficiently

Many stores have their funds tied up in dead stock. While this may not seem like a big deal, the dead stock takes up space that would otherwise have been occupied by more profitable products. Testers are created to ensure that vapers do not buy something they end up not liking and getting stuck with it. This greatly spoils the vaping experience. For your business, you could always obtain testers before introducing a new product. Letting your clients purchase testers and then rating them gives you a chance to determine clearly which products will be successful and which ones will not. This will therefore have you making orders with this information in mind, saving you the money that would have ended up lying on the shelves had you made the purchase without the customer feedback.

Consider Paying Full Amounts supports electronic payments, which may incur fees from the finance institution. Paying partial amounts means that you get to pay the fees multiple times, usually amounting to a large sum especially if there is a change in currency rates. Paying the full amount lets you incur the fee once and this saves you some money overall.

When it comes to saving money on, you have various avenues at your disposal. However, it is up to you to recognize these opportunities and use them to your full advantage. Never slack off when it comes to researching the various options on the site and this will go a long way in keeping your business liquid. Another tip for saving money on your vape product purchases is to use a Marketing Lead List and contact all vape wholesalers for a quote.

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