How to Find SEO Keywords for Online Vape Shop

May 29, 2018 4 min read

How to Find SEO Keywords for Online Vape Shop

How to Find SEO Keywords for Online Vape Shop

By Ksenia Sobchak 

One thing that is entirely true is the fact that there is a whole lot of resources that can help online users find your online vape shop. However, making this happen can be challenging. While there are many ways to get your online shop indexed by Google and other search engines, knowing the best keywords to use is the best strategy.

But how do you find the best keywords for your online vape shop? In this article, I share with you the tricks that we use at The Eliquid Boutique to get the best keywords to help online vape shop’s websites rank faster.

Short and long-tail keywords for Vape SEO

The first thing you need to understand is the two types of keywords that can be used for vape SEO. Any word phrase that contains three or fewer words is referred to as short keywords. These keywords are more general as they are usually the first words that come to mind when an online user is searching for something. Things such as vaping shops, e-cigarettes, e-liquids are all short keywords. In most cases, these keywords are very competitive.

Long-tail keywords are more specific and narrow down to a particular term. They are more detailed and will help a user find you by the details you provide. For example, “best vape shops in the USA” can be said to be a long-tail keyword.

For better results in your vape SEO, we recommend a combination of both short and long-tail keywords.

How to Find SEO Keywords for Online Vape Shop

Use best keywords research tools to find vape-related keywords

There are quite some tools that one can use when it comes to vape keywords research. Now that you understand the kind of keywords you want to use for your SEO campaigns, you need to use a tool that will give you a comprehensive statistics about the word. Among the things you need to find out are the monthly search volume, the CPC, and the competition. There are research tools such as Google’s keyword planner that will provide all these for free. WordStream’s free keyword tool will also offer you best stats of a given keyword based on location and commonly used terms in the vape industry.

At the same time, there are premium tools such as Ahrefs that will give a more comprehensive report on each keyword you want to use.

At The Eliquid Boutique, we have an advanced keyword research tool that is mainly designed for vape related keywords research. With this tool, you don’t have to strain a lot to get keywords for your online shop. The only thing you need to do is input root keyword like “online vape shop,” and then all relevant keywords will show up. It will then be upon you to plan your keyword strategy from the list provided by our tool.

How to use vape related keywords

You might have the best keywords to use, but not knowing how to use them appropriately might make them useless. The keywords that you get from our tool will produce best results if used in the meta description as well as the meta title.

The reason for this is that the meta description and title are what users read through when deciding what is relevant to them. It is, therefore, necessary to include these keywords so that Google bots can show them as relevant when users search for your keywords.

The keywords should also be included in the title of the article you are writing and all the h-tags. This will help the crawlers know that your article is relevant, and thus rank it high in google.

How to Find SEO Keywords for Online Vape Shop

Between long and short tail keywords, which are better for vape SEO?

Both long and short tail keywords are good for vape SEO. This is because while the short tail keywords will help identify your site with a particular industry, the long-tail ones will help online searchers find exactly what they are looking for.

However, The Eliquid Boutique experts believe that long-tail keywords are crucial if you want to rank easily. This is because they help the bots know more particulars about what you are talking about. Think of this, “online vape shop,” “online vape shop in Washington DC.” These two keywords both talk about online vape shop, but the long tail one shows more particular details regarding the shop in context.

It is thus correct to say that long tail keywords are better in ranking than short tail keywords.

Test your keywords

Now that you have the keywords, it is time you tested them. But before then, you need to monitor the activities of your competitors, and then take appropriate action.

One thing that most people do wrong, especially new entrants in the SEO field, is to think that this strategy works overnight like PPC campaigns. SEO needs patience, and being alert. It might take up to a month for you to notice any significant change in your online traffic as well as online sales. Another sign will be an increase in online activities such as inquiries regarding your vape products.

Why you need our keyword tool to find vape-related keywords

Our keyword tool is built particularly for the vape industry. This is why inputting a root term will provide a list of keywords that are relevant to your site. These keywords, we believe, will bring a considerable amount of traffic to your site.

We shall provide about 20 most searched keywords. And if you use these terms appropriately, then there is no doubt that your online campaigns will yield good results.

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