Here is how a TPD Compliant Tank Looks Like

April 12, 2017 4 min read

Here is how a TPD Compliant Tank Looks Like

TPD Compliant Tank

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Now that TPD Compliant Tank regulations have taken effect, here's what you need to consider if you are seeking a TPD Compliant Tank. While the new law isn't tried and tested just yet, and is still a little wet behind the ears so to speak, it's here and due to the freshly instituted standards throughout Europe, the new TPD regulations declare that tanks need to hold 2ml or less of e-liquid. Also, the way in which they are filled must be child resistant, and further needs to be leak proof.

Unfortunately, while there are many TPD Compliant tank selections heading to the market daily, they all suffer from one dilemma, and that is that every one of them is designed and built in China. Yes, they may be TPD Compliant, but they are riddled with problems such as badly made coils, lack of airflow, and this can result in your coil burning out at an extremely fast rate. Of course e-cigarette sellers can buy some drastically faulty TPD Compliant Tank options that also hail from China, but these will wind up giving out on your customers. Attempting to honor a warranty for these items can be excessively hard because it is not easy to get replacements. It is for this reason that it is advised that you buy 2ml TPD Compliant Tanks right from the manufacturer.

TPD Compliant Tank -- 2ml E-Liquid Choices

Considering the recent changes brought about by TPD, and the struggle to locate new products which are compliant with the law either in your retail store or for distribution, be absolutely certain that you do the necessary research. Sure it can be a pain, but you'll regret it if you don't. This is because presently, there just aren't many TPD Compliant Tanks on the market to pick from, and it's essential that your customers and clients if you are a wholesaler receive the finest quality choices that are available out there.

You want to be certain that you are dealing with a company that has a reputation for putting premium items on the market. They need to know precisely what will get customers excited and keep them coming back for more. They should be able to anticipate what their customers want before they even ask for it. That's how good they have to be in today's market.

Beyang CVS Subtank

Although not one of China's renowned manufacturers, Beyang created their CVS subtank and thus provided a peak into how the vaping industry could design tanks that would be TPD Compliant.

The subtank fills from the top, so the user can only open a refill hole by pressing down on the drip tip and then turning it clockwise. This method is akin to the

manner in which child safety caps on medicines across the globe are removed. Furthermore, filling the tank from the top with a simple to close refill hole, satisfies the requirement that the tank be leakproof. Syringe-like bottles have tips which slide perfectly into the opening, creating the illusion of putting gas into your car at a self-service station. The top of the 3ml tank can still be unwound so that it can be topped off using a dropper, but the syringe-like bottles make sure the tank performs safely within the boundaries of the rules.

In fact, the only thing really wrong with the tank is that its 3ml holding capacity is higher than the prescribed level of 2.0ml, but there are ways to get around that problem.

Even before the new law took effect, replacement tubes made of pyrex/glass were obtainable in all stores for tanks of every size and make. Which means that by now most manufacturers have probably managed to phase in tanks with 2.0ml capacity. They've also undoubtedly provided spare pyrex for whatever purposes it is needed.

In what is being widely viewed as a loophole, there are presently no regulations on pyrex tubing with threaded ends.

Aspire has also released their Triton tank able to hold 3.5ml and which also fills from the top and violates the 2.0ml. However, they do supply pyrex tubing to satisfy your needs.   

TPD Compliant Tank and Loopholes

Curiously enough, Article 20 which attempts to explain and clarify the new e-cigarette rules in TPD makes these points:

  1. All Member States must take the appropriate steps to guarantee that:

(a) All liquid which has nicotine is only sold in dedicated refill containers which hold no greater an amount than 10ml, in e-cigarettes which are disposable and not reusable, or in cartridges which can be used only 1 time, and that the tanks or cartridges do not hold more than 2ml of liquid.

It is important to note that a tank with a capacity greater than 2ml is not sold on the market with liquid which has nicotine in it. Thus, a properly packaged, brand new but empty tank sold minus any e-liquid is considered to be in compliance with the law.

(b) All e-cigarettes as well as refill containers are not only child and tamper proof, but are further protected from breaking and leaking, and have a special mechanism designed for refilling minus any leakage.

Since most e-liquid bottles being sold today were already child and tamper proof, plus most are protected from breaking and leaking, this should not be a problem. While it is a fact that many tanks do break due to being handled incorrectly, the addition of pyrex and metal sheaths serves to provide excellent protection for tanks against breaking. And last, but not least, since tanks like the Triton and the Beyang do have a 'mechanism' for leak proof refilling, it should not be a problem that they also carry a refilling mechanism that can cause leakage.

The rules just say that there needs to be a mechanism for leak proof refilling -- those particular tanks do follow that regulation.

All one has to do is closely follow the latest news pertaining to e-cigarette tanks and make the appropriate changes as required, and you will remain in full compliance with the new TPD law. It really isn't that complicated or threatening, so don't be intimidated. The new law will not drive you out of business, or get you into trouble if you just keep your focus and pay attention.

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