Guide to Temperature Control Vaping

May 11, 2017 3 min read

Guide to Temperature Control Vaping

Guide to Temperature Control Vaping

By Nataly Komova

Dry or burnt hits can be very annoying to vapes with no temperature control which is why for anyone looking for a safe way to decrease your e-juice consumption and reduce damage to your parts? Tired of dealing in complicated wattage measurements rather than simply choosing how much heat you want? Temperature control or TC may be the right way for you. TC is great for every kind of vaper especially those looking for ways to reduce some of vaping’s negative effects on the body. This is why a lot of people are using TC components and box mods with TC options preinstalled.

The first and most important thing to do is buy your TC component. You must be aware that TC components can still be an expensive purpose with vaping and TC vaping being a new idea as a whole. TC components are usually only available or even built in to box mods so it is important to be aware of whether or not TC is applicable to the mod you are using. Not all mods are compatible with TC devices, so it is important to ensure that your mod is capable of installing and/or using TC. It is also important to make sure there’s room in your box to install the TC component. The next step is finding the right coil popular choices are titanium or nickel with nickel typically being lower quality but cheaper. Once you have your TC component you need to install it. To install it you may need a large amount of experience with electronics or working with vape mods as a whole. It would be best to research how to install a specific mod or ask a more experienced friend since you don’t want to break your vape or your mod. You can easily skip over most of the technical stuff here if you buy a box mod with temperature control preinstalled which can remove most risk from acquiring and trying to install one.

Once you have bought your TC mod it is time to get vaping. You have to install your coil into your tank normally ensuring that the coil is screwed down as tightly as it can be.  Hopefully you’ve already figured out how to use your TC component by reading instructions or by fiddling with the dials or buttons it likely has. It’s best to start at lower temperatures and move up to find what makes you the most comfortable.

Adjustability is not the only benefit given with a TC. Another valuable thing TC’s can do is maintain a continuous temperature allowing for the user to just breathe in until they can't breathe in anymore, allowing for the creation of giant clouds. TC vaping is also very efficient potentially doubling the number of hits from a decreased amount of juice taken per run. TC can also help you better prevent taking dry and burnt hits, instead allowing you more control over how much vapour is released. Not only does it manage battery life and vapour control but it also lessens damage and stressed caused by uncontrolled high temperatures you would have without a TC device.

While TC can assist in harm reduction it can have some negative effects for cloudchasers and other hobbyists looking to maximize vapour and potentially flavour. Be careful when installing mods yourself or purchasing them as poor design can potentially lead to glitching and some people have noticed leakage increases with certain installations as well as eating up battery life when used poorly. Like most things while vaping it’s best to learn from experience and figure out what you like and dislike about it.

Temperature control is one of the many abilities to customize vaping can provide. Many vapers enjoy what vaping can do for us it allows us to be part of a community that can celebrate our uniqueness and enjoy our hobby. Temperature control is one of the various ways that allow us to enjoy our vapes and there are certainly more out there to enjoy. Stay safe and happy modding! We hope you have found Guide to Temperature Control Vaping useful and welcome you to share your thoughts below.

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