E-Liquid Bottle Labels UK - TPD Compliant Vape Labels

May 13, 2017 2 min read

E-Liquid Bottle Labels UK - TPD Compliant Vape Labels

E-Liquid Bottle Labels UK - TPD Compliant Vape Labels

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Here are our top picks for E-Liquid Bottle Labels UK - TPD Compliant Vape Labels. At the end of this month (May, 20, 2017) the new TPD regulations will be in full effect meaning that suppliers and producers must be in full compliance. One of the major questions that may come to mind for a supplier is: what should they change about their labelling and advertising process? One of the major considerations is that the labels on bottles of e-liquid must contain a health warning regarding the harmful nature of nicotine. These types of warnings are similar to those that you see on cigarette or tobacco products so this is a logical extension. It is likely that all reputable suppliers and producers already use packaging that provides a good amount of information as well as a warning on the label. With the new regulations though there are some specific requirements to assure TPD compliance.

There are some requirements that are compulsory under the new guidelines. E-liquid boxes must include a warning label as already mentioned, on the front and back of the packaging as well as on the bottle of e-liquid itself. The wording for this warning is pretty specific and it must say, "This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance" in Helvetica font. If the e-liquid does not contain nicotine, this warning is not necessary. In addition to the warning, the age restriction must be indicated with the age restriction icon. Additionally, as with food products, a batch number and expiry date must be indicated. Specific placement of ingredients in the products is also necessary.

Packaging for e-liquids should also include the brand, liquid name, size, nicotine content per dose, address and contact details, 5mm piece of artwork and an area for the barcode.

The design of the packaging is also contentious as it must not refer to taste, smell or other additives and the design of the logo cannot resemble food or cosmetics. The brand cannot imply that the e-liquid has any health benefits of any kind or that it has any healing or revitalizing properties. There is to be no reference to being an organic or natural product. The packaging must also refrain from suggestions that a particular brand is more health conscious than another brand of e-cigarette or e-liquid.

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