Buying And Using Your Vape Pens - Learning The Ropes

December 21, 2019 4 min read

Buying And Using Your Vape Pens - Learning The Ropes

Buying And Using Your Vape Pens - Learning The Ropes

By Ekaterina Mironova

Portable pen-style vaporizers have seen a substantial boom in today’s market. It’s one of the fastest selling, fastest growing, vape products in today’s vaporizer industry. Literally almost every month there’s a new vaporizer being unveiled claiming to have revolutionized the way you consume your select materials and aims to be the ultimate, go-to device for all your vaping needs. With all the new products out there, it’s just so hard to decide what portable pen-style vaporizer to get. All of them claim and to perfectly suit your needs and is built with the intention of providing you with a surprisingly tailor-fit experience.

But what does one really need to look for when purchasing and shopping for a pen-style portable vaporizer? In this article, we’ll discuss the points you need to look at and the factors you need to consider when shopping for your vaporizer. So whether you’re in the hunt for your first pen-style unit, or maybe you’re just looking to expand your vape pen collection, this article is intended for you.

Vape Pens

An Intro to Vape Pens

Why is everyone into vape pens? From that popular dude at your school to famous Hollywood personalities like Leo DiCaprio and Samuel Jackson, these folks have all been seen huffing and puffing on a portable pen-style vaporizer. What’s not to like about ‘em? They’re easy to carry, most of them are travel-friendly. They’re convenient and straightforward and lets you experience the same kind of high like their large-bodied brethren. Whether you’re into dried herb materials or a fluid substance like thick oils and wax concentrates, or maybe you’re the casual e-liquid and e-juice consumer, the wide variety of vape pens provide you with that on-the-go experience without the hassle of using a stationary unit.

Pen-style vaporizers are a good starting point for people who want to start vaping, for many and probably personal reasons I guess, with mine being a healthier alternative to the conventional cigarette smoke. Apart from being highly portable, these handheld vaporizers are surprisingly affordable. They cost way cheaper than their desktop counterparts and they’re easily available from online vape shops. Click here to check out this vaporizer shop where I get most of my vaping essentials.

Vape Pen Basics

Portable pen-style vaporizers offer an uncomplicated means of tobacco, cannabis, and e-liquid consumption. This brings us to the first topic I’d like to discuss, materials. It’s important that you determine what type of material you’d be using in order to select the best vaporizer in a pool of countless products. In our present market, several pen-style vaporizer classes are in existence. Here’s the current list.

  • Dry Herb Pen Vaporizers
  • Wax Pen Vaporizers
  • Oil and E-Liquid Vaporizers
  • Dual-Purpose Vaporizers (Can Accommodate Either Wax and Herb or Wax and Oil)
  • Multi-Function Vaporizers (Can Vaporizer All Materials)

Knowing what materials are available in your locale is key to picking out what vape pen is the most practical choice. In my area, wax concentrates are pretty hard to come by, they’re mostly available at considerably far dispensaries which would take several hours’ drive. Since dried botanical matter is easily available in my location, I opted to go for a dry herb pen vaporizer.

Heating Styles

Today’s advancement in technology gave way to two popular heating styles, convection, and conduction heating. The type of heating technology your vape pen uses greatly affects your overall vaping experience. Two heating technologies are commonly used amongst modern-day portable pen-style vaporizers. In a nutshell, conduction heating heats up your materials by direct contact with the heating element, convection heating involves the use of hot air to vaporize whatever material you put in.

As I observed, conduction heating is mainly used for dabbing wax and oil concentrates while convection heating has seen major use in dry herb vaporizers. Since conduction heating calls for direct contact, it provides a perfect environment for liquefied materials which easily vaporizes wax and oils as it permeates the heating element. In my experience, using dry herb material requires occasional stirring as it burns the material from the bottom. As opposed to necessitating absolute contact, convection style vaporizers uses gusts of hot air to convert your materials into vapor. This greatly improves loose-leaf material vaporization since hot air can easily reach every nook and cranny of crumpled nugs. Moreover, it is highly recommended that you grind your materials to a fine and fluffy consistency to achieve better results. Fluffy and fine pieces of herbs allow hot air to travel freely in the herb chamber giving you consistent and steady heating allowing you to reach vaporizing temperatures without reaching the point of combustion.

At length, the way your vaporizer heats up your materials determine the quality of your vaping sessions. Choose a heating style that’s best suited for your favorite material, this will allow you to get the most out of every hit.

Battery Life

This section right here should be a no-brainer. Basically, the shorter the battery capacity, the shorter your vaping sessions are. The higher the battery capacity, the longer you can go. When you’re using portable vape-pens, constant and frequent recharging can sometimes be annoying. I some occasions, short battery life can be addressed by carrying an extra power bank. Though lugging excess baggage isn’t exactly the point why you used a pen-style vaporizer in the first place. In the portable pen-style vaporizer business, more powerful batteries also mean more robust and heavy the vapor production is. So, having a vaporizer that sports higher battery capacity means longer vaping sessions with more powerful vapor production.

Paying Attention to Details

Knowing the basic information in vaping lets you experience better vaping sessions making sure you don’t throw your money to waste and charging mistakes to experience that otherwise cost you your savings. This article aims to provide you with the basic information in vaping so that you’ll have a guide to follow the next time you shop for your vaporizer. When it comes to buying vaporizers for sale online knowing more means getting more, there are several reputable online sellers that actually take your preferences into consideration and would take the time to find the best vaporizer for you. But if you’re left to yourself, knowing how things work really helps a lot.

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