Best Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers in China

May 08, 2017 3 min read

Best Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers in China

Best Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers in China

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Vaping is new and many places have yet to have a nearby store with the variety and price range of the internet. Both lack of access and a desire for lower prices are reasons to shop for Chinese e-cig manufacturers. While delivery might take a bit longer and knock off brands can throw you off these reliable manufacturers will give you a good product. Here are the Best Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers in China.

Eleaf Electronic Cigarette Manufacturer

Eleaf is one of the best known vaping brands in the world. Established in 2011 and based in Shenzhen city they have everything you could need from starter kits to accessories. With an extremely easy to navigate website design you’ll be finding what you want in no time. They have a wide variety of mods and sticks so you’re sure to find what you need with them. Eleaf’s products are generally high quality so you’ll have to watch your wallet if you’re shopping with them but if you have the cash their high tech designs make for some of the fanciest looking mods so they are definitely worth a look.

Kanger Tech Electronic Cigarette Manufacturer

Kanger Tech is another one of the best known vaping brands. Established in 2007 and based in Shenzhen they are the market leaders in North America, UK and many other countries. They sell at a lower price range than many other brands and have a wide variety of vape mods available to suit any taste. While most of them are safe it doesn’t hurt to be cautious as some people have given reports of explosions given a lack of care though this is rare, Always make sure to read reviews on the models you want before buying them for the price and to take proper care of your tools.. With an easy to navigate website and a large variety of products to choose from Kanger Tech definitely comes out as a competitive choice to look for vaping products.

Discreet Vape Electronic Cigarette Manufacturer

While high-tech designs and fancy inhalers are great in some places the judging eyes of people with no appreciation for fine scents can’t be ignored. Do you want to vape but look like you’re not? Discreet vape based in Hong Kong will likely be able to help you. They design pens and inhalers to look a lot more like, well pens and inhalers! They have a wide variety of more subtle e-cigs that can be of great help to those trying to avoid prying eyes. One of their popular products is an inhaler in the shape of an asthma puffer. This can make even the most frequent vapers subtle in how the take their hits.

Bauway Electronic Cigarette Manufacturer

If you like to keep it simple and high quality then you may want to take a look Bauway. While they don’t have a large variety in products they have many base models with variations for each. They have a lot of high battery powered e-cigs for those with busy lives and many disposables. Their simple sleek designs might catch your eye if you like to keep things simple.

FirstUnion Electronic Cigarette Manufacturer

One of the oldest manufacturers founded in 2004 base in Shenzhen city. While not the first their age still makes them a major player in Chinese manufactured e-cigarettes. They are best known for disposable e-cigs but have many other varieties of atomizers and vape pens. However online shopping can be very inconvenient as they do not put prices on the website. One of the pioneers in this field they have been working at it for a long time.

These are some of the most well known Chinese E-cig manufacturers. Companies are coming and going like the original inventor of the e-cigarette Ruyan, one day here the next bought out. However these have stood up to be some of the best known in China providing quality products to both starters and long time vapers.

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