Beginners Guide to Vape Hardware

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Beginners Guide to Vape Hardware

Beginners Guide to Vape Hardware

E-cigarettes are a relatively new technology. Many of the components are new and learning the anatomy of a vape can be quite a hassle since the community can be hard to understand due to the jargon so here we’ll show the standard vape hardware you can find in various types of vapes.

Some of the various types of vapes include; disposable e-cigarettes, pens and box mods. They share many common parts but it’s best to go into detail about each one and their differences.

Disposable E-cigarettes

Disposable e-cigarettes are exactly what they sound like as such you shouldn’t really be concerned about the parts. There is usually a battery attached to a tank and vaporizing chamber. There isn’t much extra terminology for these e-cigarettes but it might be handy to know some terms for them.

Cigalike: e-cigarette designed to look like an actual cigarette.

Disposable e-cigarettes are probably one of the cheapest forms of vaping so for anyone starting out e-cigarettes is a great idea since there is no real learning curve in picking them up. They are especially good for smokers who want to switch to vaping due to the low learning curve and the lack of complicated components.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are more versatile than disposables and are generally for more advanced vapers. They store flavour in the form of dried flavourings or e-juice. The parts are more customizable and versatile so it’s in your interest to know what they are. Here I’ll list them from the mouthpiece down.

Mouthpiece: While this may sounds like the most complicated part on the device the nuance in Its name allows you to figure out exactly where this goes. Namely the mouth.

Filter: While on analogs the filter was designed to slightly clean the smoke so you can kill yourself slower to buy more cigs on vapes it’s more so that you don’t breathe in water over 100 degrees Celsius and burn yourself.

Atomizer: The atomizer is what vaporizers your flavourings. This is the vape part really.  All the flavour comes from this part. In an atomizer you have either a steel or ceramic cased coil. These coils come in many types:

Wick: This type of coil is typically used for e-liquid. It is a coil wrapped in asome form of cloth typically cotton or silica (there are many more materials used).

Ceramic: This is a wickless coil with a ceramic post. This type of coil retains heat reallywell even after the power has been turned off.

Pancake: This form of coil is very similar to a stove-top burner.

Donut: This form uses a ceramic disk for heating instead of an electric coil. Good atmaintaining high temperatures for a long time.

Battery: The power source of the pen. On vape pens they can be rechargeable or replaceable.

The final vape type I’ll cover is the box mod. The box mod is probably one of the most advanced vaping tools. They are extremely customizable and as such have a lot of parts that will vary between them. Many different brands have different accessories and built-ins that make the brand and mod you’re using very different with each brand but there are some parts that can be consistent between each mod.

Battery: The battery on a box mod is usually either built in or replaceable and can be very different from the previous types of vape’s batteries.

Threading: 401,510,801,901 These are the most common types of threading for box mods and their accessories 510 being the most common. These are often the connecter for the battery and the tank.

Tank: Where the juice is stored. This is where the flavouring is kept before entering the atomizer.

Atomizer: Same as a vape pen but on box mods it’s more geared towards e-juice than dried flavourings. 

Accessories: There are many accessories aesthetic or functional and they are often attachable.

These are some basic components and hardware for vaping. While we covered the simple stuff here it will probably be in your interest to look into more detailed and complicated parts with friends and on forums. The vaping community has a lot of customization options and new parts are being made every second. This makes most everyone able to find something that can make their vape uniquely them. Hopefully you can too.

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August 06, 2017

Thankful for these kind of blog post because it’s informative about hardware for the vape. It’s good that if you want to be informed about how the these devices are being assemble you should read this kind of post, to gain knowledge about it. Apart from this, I personally like how this whole site is giving me information about vape, from how to use vape from the first time to how to choose the proper e-liquid for the vape and how to maintain them in order to prevent harmful effects in our health. As a first timer vaper i enjoy reading this kind of blog post.

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