Become A Guest Vape Blogger At The Eliquid Boutique – Submit A Guest Post

September 05, 2018 5 min read

Become A Guest Vape Blogger At The Eliquid Boutique – Submit A Guest Post

Become A Guest Vape Blogger At The Eliquid Boutique – Submit A Guest Post

By Ksenia Sobchak

Are you looking to increase your writing knowledge and skills? Do you want to increase the fame of your website or just personally and earn more? You have the best opportunity to sharpen your talent with The Eliquid Boutique.

The vaping community has kept expanding over the past few years. This means there are tremendous opportunities for success in the industry. Those who have been there already know what it takes to achieve success.

But there are a few challenges with Running Your Own Vape Shop

It is not easy to run a vape shop. Although it is quite beneficial, what it demands make many people lose their grip. They might start off a vape shop well but fail to complete shortly when they don’t have what it takes to withstand the pressure.

The UK vape market is very large, and the competition can be scary. Anyone wishing to start the business here must be ready to exercise the highest level of patience and hard work. To run a great shop successfully in a good location, you might need about £10,000 for starters. This should be able to cover a lot of things including marketing until the business is stable enough.

Expert vape retailers will tell you it takes time to get everything in order and start earning. Not everyone has that patience to wait for the right time. This is why many ends using wrong channels to grow quickly which in the end just pull down their business.

The internet has made it easy for vape retailers to market their brands. Even with difficulty in marketing after Google and social media banned ads, there are still ways to spread the message online. Starting a vape website which in essence is the best vape marketing tool today should be the number one consideration. What then?

Vape Guest blogging – the alternative

This takes us to another way through which you can earn from vaping. If you are not an enthusiast and patient enough to start and hold a vape business, you can opt to start guest blogging on vape topics. If you enjoy vaping, you could write e-liquid and vape mod reviews, write on topical vape issues and even share your vaping experiences.

In fact, this could be another great opportunity to get into the market without having to sell the product. All you need is the passion and the willingness to write wonderful blogs. From this, you can benefit in way manifold. Your website becomes the ultimate tool to drive traffic to other websites, from which you can get a lot of benefits too.

Guest blogging is not hard. All you have to do is know how to create wonderful content and use that skill. Whether you are vaper yourself or you are just enthusiastic about vaping, this is the best opportunity to contribute to the community.

If you want to get famous on the internet, not only in the vaping community, having a good website can be a great boost for you. With guest blogging, you can get the best publicity. This is what every website searches for – fame.

If you have that passion, therefore, here is the opportunity you might not want to miss.

What do you need to grow as a Vape Blogger?

There are several things you need to grow as a guest blogger in the vape industry. It is not just about writing blogs and posting them on the internet but more about getting the right touch. Consider the following.

 A great Vape Blog

Consider very carefully the website you guest blog for. The aim is to grow your website and have more traffic flowing in, so the site you choose determines your fate.

The Eliquid Boutique is a very successful vape company. With this company, you get the opportunity to access a wide market full of vapers across the globe. It is all about exposure.

In other words, the website you choose to choose to post your guest blogs makes everything possible. If you get a well-established company, then your worries are less.

The best part is, the application procedure is straightforward. And once you have made your application, it only takes a few days for you get the reply.

Such an opportunity to guest blog with a website for a famous company does not come about easily. It takes time and effort to be accepted. But once you have received the opportunity, the benefits are immense.


Guest blogging is all about passion for writing. You cannot start unless you have the zeal to write and write well. Even if you are a good writer, you will not go very far without the necessary motivation.

Passion is the motivation that pushes bloggers to do what they do. Your enthusiasm to contribute to the vape community is necessary for becoming a great guest blogger.

To be passionate means you always have ideas flowing through your mind. This is added to the creativity aspect where you can turn the ideas into the most amazing blogs. It is all about you and what you can bring to the table.

An excellent communication writer

To succeed in blogging, you will have to be an excellent writer. To put ideas into writing needs something more than just the will to do so. You have to understand the best way to play with words until a message comes out most attractively.

A blogger must be good in written communication, which is just the rule. Your ideas must be conveyed them to fully and creatively.  Readers need a connection with the blogger, and that is what many sites will be looking for as you search for guest blogging opportunities. 

Understanding of the subject matter: Vape Topics, E-Juices, Vape Hardware

Once you have started blogging, you must show that you understand different vape subjects. It might not be possible to write just about one subject alone, which means you must be well aware of what you are talking about

The main subjects a vape guest blogger need to know include:

  • Vape news
  • E-liquid reviews
  • Political issues in the vape industry
  • Vape and medical research
  • Other types of review; MOD and E-cigs, and vape coils.

You can simply perfect any or all of the subjects above, among others.

Final thoughts on Becoming A Guest Vape Blogger At The Eliquid Boutique

To be a guest blogger means you have to come up with unique abilities. The Eliquid Boutique guest blogging, the following are the considerations;

  • High-quality content with complete uniqueness
  • No links from other vendors
  • A professional tone
  • Leverage on social media
  • Frequent posting
  • Structured blogs

The company is simply what you need to achieve an international reach. Just ensure your blogs are the best to reap maximum benefits.

Apply to Become a Vape Guest Blogger with The Eliquid Boutique

Simply contact us on Facebook with your profile bio, picture, name and details and we can start publishing your posts on The Eliquid Boutique.

Become A Guest Vape Blogger At The Eliquid Boutique – Submit A Guest Post

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