Arizer Air 2 VAPORIZER Review

May 15, 2018 3 min read

Arizer Air 2 VAPORIZER Review

Arizer Air 2 VAPORIZER Review

By Nataly Komova

Arizer, the Canadian company behind the popular portable vaporizers, the Arizer Air and the Arizer Solo, has pumped up the performance and features of the original with the release of the Arizer Air II. It looks similar, produces the same vapour quality, uses the same glass stems and is almost the same size but the Air 2 has a number of improvements over the original Air.

What’s Changed

Well to begin with the Arizer Air 2 is a little slimmer and has more curves than its predecessor. That’s just the beginning though, more important are the performance and function changes that have been made.

For that we’ll start with the battery. There are two swappable batteries now so you can swap them out and get back to business without waiting for a charge. The batteries on the Arizer Air 2 have about a 50% higher battery life than the original Arizer Air. Instead of a wall charger you get a micro-USB cable for on the go charging almost anywhere. Finally, you get pass-through technology with this vape so even if both of your batteries are dead, you can continue your session while you’re plugged in and charging. Charge up, pack extra batteries and stay on the go longer with the USB charging. With more powerful batteries, the Air 2 also heats up faster.

With the Arizer Air 2 you are also getting much more control. First, you have precision temperature control that you can set through the new LED screen. Full temperature control is not the only purpose of the menu either. You can change your audio alerts, the screen brightness, see the temperature it’s operating at, see the heat indicator, set the auto-off timer and set the power on delay (which prevents it from accidentally being turned on in a pocket, bag or purse). No app needed to customize your vape experience to your needs.

Arizer Air 2 VAPORIZER Review

It’s all about the Glass

With the Arizer Air 2, you get a lot of kit and included in that are a 7 cm glass aroma tube (glass stem), a 7 cm tipped glass aroma tube, a glass aroma dish, stem caps and a carrying case. The glass helps ensure that you get great vapour from the machine but you’ll want to use the case because as great as this vape is, glass parts can break. This is not a vape for the pocket. This isn’t a deal breaker and is common to the Air 2, the Air and the Solo vapes.

Back to the vapour though. The Air 2 produces the same vapour as the Air and the glass contributes to the great flavour of that vapour. What also helps make the vapour great is the open airflow of the Air 2.

The Air 2 is super easy to use with just three buttons, a screen and easy filling with the glass tubes. It is also easy to clean. A little alcohol and a pipe cleaner will have you all set.

This is a great portable dry herb vaporizer for beginners because the open airflow means that there are no special techniques to be learned. It’s also a great portable vape for more experienced users who want portability, discretion, the best battery life in its class and a customized vaping session. You can find the Arizer Air 2 and other Arizer products at the Herbalize Store.

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