A Beginners Guide To Vaping For The First Time

May 28, 2017 4 min read

A Beginners Guide To Vaping For The First Time

A Beginners Guide To Vaping For The First Time

By Tatyana Dyachenko

We are pleased to bring you our Beginners Guide To Vaping For The First Time. You’re new to vaping. You have done some research and you have purchased your e-cig following all recommendations and guidance from your local vape shop. You’re ready to begin but you are hesitant. This vape feels nothing like a traditional cigarette, it’s a bit heavier and you are worried about looking cheesy puffing on you vape in public. How do you get started?

As a matter of fact, vaping is quite different from smoking cigarettes. It does give you the association with smoking that you crave and you are still getting hits of nicotine but you are still unsure how to use it. It can be a learning curve for certain. Have no fear; this guide is here to assist you in delving confidently into the new adventure of vaping.

When you are a beginner, a vape can seem daunting. All you need to smoke cigarettes is a lighter, a cig and your hands. A vape may seem much more complicated. It may seem very basic but the first thing to figure out about your vape is how to turn it on and off. You e-cig will not create any vapour if it is turned off. Just take a glance at the instructions that come with your vape and you should be good to go.

Next you’ll want to figure out what you have to do to create the vapour. There are some vapes that create vapour just by taking a haul on them, but the better ones include a button you have to press to produce the vapour. This may feel awkward at first especially if you are a traditional cigarette smoker, but you will get used to it.

Then, you’ll want to adjust the settings to the lowest volts or watts. Start at a lower wattage and increase as you go along in order to begin to understand your vape better. By starting low you will be able to adjust the settings to your preferences as you go along. You don’t want to take your first smoke and be overwhelmed with flavour from your e-juice; this will evidently create a negative first experience. There may be instructions on this included in the packaging that came with your vape.

Although this may seem like common sense it may be something you forget to do as a beginner: make sure there is enough e-juice in your tank. There is nothing worse than taking a dry hit from your vape. It is truly disgusting and you run the risk of damaging your cartomizer, coil or wick. Make sure you figure out how to fill up your tank and make sure that everything is properly coated in liquid.

Now that you’ve done the prep work, it is time to take your first puff. You’ll first want to make sure that vaping is allowed where you are. Just like smoking a cigarette you’ll want to be considerate of others and be aware of any legislation that prohibits vaping.

Press the button on your vape, if your machine has one, and inhale. You will not have to inhale as strongly as you would with a cigarette so bear this in mind. There is some debate in the vaping community about lung hits vs. mouth hits. Mouth hits will allow you to enjoy the flavour of the vape more but lung hits are likely to give you more of a nicotine buzz; just go with whatever you prefer. After inhaling wait for a beat and then exhale through the nose or through the mouth or both!

Continue this process until you are satisfied.

After your first vape or two you will definitely recognize some differences between smoking and vaping. It is more difficult to know if you are done vaping than it is to know you have finished smoking. Obviously smoking ends when the cigarette is finished. Vaping is a bit different. A way to navigate this is to time your vaping sessions for 5-10 minutes and finish when the time is up; you can also just listen to your body and stop whenever you are feeling satisfied. Remember, you’re still smoking nicotine so try not to overdo it.

Keep in mind that people will be interested in what you’re doing. There will be naysayers of course, but if you were a smoker you are probably used to this. There will also be those who are interested in vaping and it will give you something interesting to talk about. You may even convert some smokers!

Remember, just like a cellphone, your battery will die. It is a good idea to keep a second battery with you so you can keep vaping when the first one runs out.

Most of all enjoy your vaping adventure. Vaping has changed people’s lives and it is an enjoyable pastime. Spend sometime getting to know more about vaping and understanding your machine. Trust us your passion for vaping will grow.

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