Clapton Coils may be the Answer to Large Vape Clouds and Great Flavour

January 24, 2016 4 min read

Clapton Coils may be the Answer to Large Vape Clouds and Great Flavour

Are you looking for more Flavour and Vapour in your Vape? Clapton Coils may be the Answer.

By Tatyana Dyachenko

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You may have come across Clapton coils without actually knowing their name. What are Clapton coils? In a nutshell, Clapton coils are made from a smaller gauge wire that is wrapped perpendicularly around a larger gauge wire. The current from your mechanical mod passes through the larger gauge wire first, which, in turn, heats up the smaller wire. With additional wire added to this coil, it takes longer for the coil to heat up. Nevertheless, a heated Clapton coil has a larger surface area to vapourise your e-liquid, which makes this type of coils more efficient. 

Building Clapton coils yourself will require a lot of dedication, patience and commitment simply because Clapton coils are more difficult to build. The outer coil needs to be wrapped tightly around inner wire, which can be a difficult endeavour for most vapers, especially newbies. Clapton coils are now becoming more available to every vaper as coil manufacturers are making them in factories. This means that you can buy Clapton coils instead of spending a long time making your own. If you are an avid vaping enthusiasts, you may still like to make your own Clapton coils. Clapton coils are very popular with flavour chasers, cloud chasers, sub ohmers and those using advanced e-cigarettes. If you decide that Clapton Coils are for you, you can always Buy E Liquid Online UK at our online vape shop. Our premium e-liquid comes in a high-VG content, which makes it ideal for Cloud Chasing and Dripping. 

Advantages of Clapton Coils

One of the biggest benefits of a Clapton coil is a larger surface area. In essence, the more surface a coil has, the more heated wire is making contact with your e-liquid, which helps to produce more vapour and more pronounced flavour than a standard coil. If vaping is your hobby and you are an avid Cloud Chaser, Flavour Chaser or a Dripper, you should definitely give Clapton coils a go.

In order to decide whether a Clapton coil is indeed for you, here are a few quick things you should note. You will find that you will get through more e-liquid with Clapton coils because there is more wire that is vapourising your e-liquid. A good analogy can be found in the motoring industry. It is a no brainer that a 6.0 Bentley Continental will consume more petrol than a 1 litre Volkswagen Polo. Whilst Clapton coils take longer to heat up, once they do, they generate more heat, which means warmer vapour. If you prefer a cooler vape, a Clapton coil may just not be for you. If you are using a temperature controlled mod, you will be able to manage the temperature setting, but if you are using Clapton coils with a non-temperature controlled mod, you will have to live with warmer vapour.

Here is a quick snapshot of the pros and cons of Clapton Coils

  • Larger surface area produces more vapour which is an ideal solution for Cloud Chasers, Sub Ohmers, Drippers and Flavour Chasers
  • Greater flavour intensity
  • Warmer Vapour
  • E-liquid is vapourised quicker


Pre-Built Coils and DIY Wire

Now that you have a basic understanding of Clapton Coils, let’s consider where you can buy them. If you enjoy building your own coils, you will be able to buy twisted Clapton wire at your local vape shop or online. If you simply do not have the time to build your own coils and want to buy pre-made coils, here is a brief overview of what is out there on the market.

Twisted Clapton Wire: Most vape shops have twisted Clapton wire so that you can build your own coils. Twisted Clapton wire is made by several companies with kanthal or Ni200.

Sub-Ohm Tank Clapton Coils

An increasing number of e-cigarette manufacturers are offering pre-built Clapton coils designed specifically for Sub-Ohm tanks. This is becoming a very popular option and here is an example of a few.

Aspire Clapton – CoilAspire – Aspire was the first manufacturer to introduce pre-built Clapton coils which are compatible with Triton series tank and Aspire Odyssey Mini.

Kanger OVC- Kangertech is a Chinese E-Cigarette manufacturer that produces a set of OVC coils that are made with kanthal for its Subtank e-cigarette series. These are available in 0.5 ohm.

Atom Vapes gClapton – Atom Vapes makes organic vertical coils using 24 carat gold for several coil manufacturers as well as temperature controlled coils using Ni-200. These coils are designed for Aspire Atlantis, Atlantis 2, Arctic, Atlantis Mega, Herakles, Aspire Triton and Kanger Sub-tanks.

Smok TFV4 – these are probably the most innovative coils in the pre-built coil category. Whilst most of the other coils are single coil builds, Smok provides two, three, four or even eight coil builds for their TFV4 tanks. Resistances for these coils vary from 0.16 ohms yo 0.4 ohms.

We have only listed a handful of Clapton coils that you can buy,  but Clapton coils are still at their infancy stage. We are sure to see more additions in the near future so keep an eye out! If you use Clapton coils, we would love to hear about your experience. Simply share your experience in the comments section below! If you have decided that Clapton Coils are right for you, you can Buy E Liquid Online UK at our vape shop. We carry some of the best UK and USA high-VG premium e-liquid flavours which are ideal for dripping and subohming!

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