What Do Pokémon Go and Vaping Have In Common?

October 13, 2016 4 min read

What Do Pokémon Go and Vaping Have In Common?

What Do Pokémon Go and Vaping Have In Common? 

Pokémon Go hit the world by storm. What was thought to be just another game turned the very world on its axis and spun it in a totally new direction. More and more people were descending on the streets brandishing their phones hoping to catch a Pokémon. It was hailed as the best game ever as it forced people to actually exercise and not LARP from their sofa for hours on end. A community was formed around like mind beings and soon you could tell them apart. But wait…Did vaping not have the very same effect? A world movement, improved health and a community bonded by one common goal? The answer is yes, vaping and Pokémon Go can definitely be interchangeable words in terms of their impact on the world over. But what exactly do Pokemon Go and Vaping have in common? Well, judging by the fact that Vapemon E-Juice was released in response to this craze, a lot!


Pokemon Go and Vaping: Two sides of the same coin

Get off your behind and go explore find a Pikachu. Run around and huddle next to some building waiting to level up and catch your monster, maybe even strike up some friendly conversation with fellow Pokémon Go-ers. This is an almost comparable scenario to vapers. Vaping is fun when you are alone and sometimes even way better when you are surrounded by like-minded individuals who just get it. You may not even chat but like many vapers know or anyone who belongs to a certain community sometimes all you need is just a nod. A nod that says I get you and I understand, welcome. Vaping is a vice best enjoyed outside and with other people around. It’s a great opportunity to have some friendly rivalry as you check each others mods or flaunt your newly discovered mod.

Pokémon and Vaping: Read all about it!

Switch on the TV or pick up a daily and there bang again another story about how someone was found attempting to run across a busy road to catch a particularly tricky Pokémon. Or it’s a story about how Pokémon Go has once again allowed children and adults alike to play games outside and actually force some human interaction amongst them. Vaping has equally drawn as much conversation around it. It’s been hailed as the vice to stop THE VICE- smoking. Although its been there for quite some years, only now with a shift in world attitudes towards nicotine and cigarettes has it picked up traction. Groups of people converge socially to vape amongst equally woke individuals. There has been a huge media frenzy around vaping both yay and nay sayers and recently the FDA just finalised their deeming regulations so things are about to go crazier. Don’t be surprised to go to a park and see a group of vapers and Pokémon Go-ers huddled around a water feature sharing war stories.

Pokemon Go and Vaping: Do it for the Gram!

In recent years snapping and posting pics has been the legit way to tell the world that you are part of the cool kids and that you have arrived! Pokémon Go players are no different numerous pics are shared everyday on Facebook or Instagram about their days accomplishment and how they have quite nearly obliterated their rivals scores and accomplishments. Vapers love taking a snap with their latest acquisition or creation. With ever evolving mods there will always be an opportunity to post a pic of a possible never been seen mod. Or snap a pic of some newly created vape juice that you cannot wait to try. With the advent of social media many people have now been brought closer by a few tweets, pics or status updates. There are growing online communities sharing tips and challenges, opportunities to engage and make new friends. So post cool pics of your vaping with handchecks (basically showing off your mod) or with you blowing clouds.

The Secret Society of Pokémon Go and Vaping

The secrecy of the society is in that those who partake in either activity understand them and their rules way better. They have formed a bond within their chosen community and meeting a stranger who is also part of that same community inspires a spirit of chumminess and acceptance. Ever seen how smokers engage in public they will bum a light or cigarette from a fellow smoker and manage a short polite conversation. And sometimes they hit it off you wonder if they did not actually know each before that 1st smoke that’s become 2. In the same way Pokémon Go players and Vapers find themselves flung into a forced but not wholly unwelcome comradeship. A Pokémon Go-er will give his fellow men tip about the best course of action to catch a particular Pokémon, how to improve their training and how to advance- all while they are waiting in a pick for a Pokémon to appear. Vapers will pull a classic “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” when they meet as they compare vapers or coils or vape juice flavours. Neither community are generally stingy with information when it comes to their own. Besides it’s easier to share with someone already in the know and who can also give you tips.

In conclusion It’s clear to see that as far as popularity goes Pokemon Go and Vaping are pretty much at par. They have both caused a stir in almost similar proportions and for almost similar reasons. They are not a fad but a lifestyle and will be there for the long haul. No one expected Pokemon Go would be such a hit but it shot expectations way out of the park. Vaping has been a slow but steady rise and has now reached greater heights and now forms many debates and conversations. And chances are on one vaping excursion you may just bump into a Rattata and effectively combine the best of both!

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