Vape Review of VaporFi Grand Reserve Cloud Candy (30ML

April 23, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of VaporFi Grand Reserve Cloud Candy (30ML)

Vape Review of VaporFi Grand Reserve Cloud Candy (30ML)

By Ekaterina Mironova

Clouds in the vape world are a necessity, particularly those that taste exceptional. They are a founding principle of which vapers live by. They are a delicious, satisfying essential. Clouds that taste of sweet cotton candy, danced upon by lively, fruity gummy bears are the finest, however, especially when abundant in size.

Vape Review of VaporFi Grand Reserve Cloud Candy (30ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of VaporFi Grand Reserve Cloud Candy (30ML)

and we're back to our regular review
hello my lovely babies welcome back
today's video is all about grand reserve
eliquid okay guys so today I am looking
at four illiquid by the grand reserve
line and we have Marengo tang rainbow
custard cloudy candy and island frost
these are all pretty self-explanatory
flavors and I'm super excited to try
them these are the 30 ml bottles in
these little presentation boxes they
come in three milligrams which is my
personal bathing preference but they are
offered in zero three six twelve and
so these presentation boxes themselves
actually have warnings and ingredients
list on the back which I love when
companies include warnings because
that's really important here is the
bottle art it's similar for all the
bottles so I'll go ahead and show you a
close-up view if my camera will just
focus for once in my life thank you all
these bottles are amber glass dripper
top childproof bottles and these are 30
mils so they're 21 99 and I'm going to
kick start this review off with cloud
candy cuz that sounds the yummiest to me
well you know what these are fogged
glass mm-hmm oh that smells so good Oh
smells like gummy worms today I'm going
to be trying these flavors out on my 510
dripping atomizer on my eleaf istick
mini it's a super simple super cheap
setup you just put a couple drops of the
e-liquid in here and you get a couple
puffs of the flavor so let me go ahead
and do that with this cloud candy it
smells amazing and I hope it tastes just
like it smells oh it does so it tastes
like gummy worms mixed with like a sweet
tart or a Pez candy it's a super like
when you vape it you kind of get like
nostalgic for your childhood favorites
great vapor production nice smooth hit
for me with these not a really harsh
throw hit I wasn't able to find a PG PG
but I believe that these are leaning
towards the max VG just because I'm not
getting like the throat hit that I
usually do from a 50/50 blend or any Max
and PG mmm right off the bat I could say
that this could be an all-day bait for
me because it is so sweet and candy like
and that's definitely right up my alley
we are going to try a rainbow custard
mm-hmm what do you smell like definitely
custard but maybe like a strawberry
don't judge me I'm filming this at like
7 o'clock at night hmm
definitely a thick heavy custard like I
want to say like raspberry definitely
like a red raspberry or cherry a Warren
kind of custard fate too and I'm
pleasantly surprised by this one as well
nice smooth throw hit no worries there
mmm I really like this one too and I'm
not like a super huge custard fan
actually I kind of tend to stay away
from custards
just cuz they're so overdone but this
one is really sweet kind of almost
tastes like custard like a a fruit loop
custard like if that is it makes any
sense to you guys it literally tastes
like I'm eating a custard with that is
flavored with Froot Loops Terry next we
are trying Island Frost and this
definitely smells like a tropical
pineapple coconut like it with a hint of
mint in there so we will see these
aren't even fog these are like brown
there's like black glass actually hang
on I need to take a big vape break
motherfucking dragon up in here gotta
give me some of those clouds all right
here we go continuing on
who you know definitely has a menthol
flavour to it but even with that it
still tastes really good because the
tropical like mango pineapple coconut
mix is way more overpowering than the
mint and it's kind of just like a cool
like kind of just like tones down the
sweetness of the entire vape and even
though it has that menthol taste to it I
could see myself vaping this on a
summer's day because it's really
refreshing I mean not so much for like
fall because I'm like it's already cold
outside but if I was like hot and I want
a nice cool vape this would definitely
be one that I would like and I usually
hate anything menthol or mint so way to
go on this flavor and grand reserve also
offers probably like twice as many
probably eight flavors I think and I
have four here so they do have other
flavors that I won't be able to try here
today and I can already tell by these
flavors that I would probably like the
entire line might have to look into
getting it and this one I was like am
because they don't like meringue but
this is Marengo tang so hopefully it's
good that bad it kind of actually smells
like like orange creamsicle mixed with
fruit loops not half bad definitely not
as I just don't like meringue in real
life but this has that tiny orange e
pineapple flavor and kind of like the
essence of fruit loops cereal and I know
I said that was the other one but that's
what I'm getting really sweet and I
really like that personally me mm-hmm
yeah they must have sent me like their
four best flavors because I like all of
these flavors and could see myself
vaping them in a tank vaping them all
day they're really sweet they're really
freakin sugary and that's just kind of
that's what I like and so if you don't
like that then I'm sorry but these might
not be for you but if you like a super
sweet vape on the inhale and just like a
sweet vape on the exhale these I need to
try the other ones mmm what would be
this one is so good though what would be
my favorite one out of the ones I just
tried I can't even tell you which would
be my favorite probably the cloud candy
just because that one like took me back
to my childhood days of eating like
sweet tarts and Pez and Froot Loops
cereal I have not had Froot Loops cereal
in a hot minute the last time I had
Froot Loops cereal is actually the time
that I reviewed that a liquid that gave
me that shirt that was a Froot Loops
cartoon that was the last time I had
because they included a little box of
Froot Loops and it otherwise had been
years since that fruit loops but I'm
going on a tangent anyways
definitely a thumbs up for these eliquid
I want to try the other ones myself if
you want to try these ones for yourself
I will put a link below if you have
tried them comment below what you think
of them because I'm just one person one
opinion and taste varies from person to
person so I'd love to hear what you guys
think of these but that's it for today's
video I hope you enjoyed if you did give
it a thumbs up and feel free to
subscribe to this channel for more
reviews check the description box below
for important links like where to get my
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you can follow me on almost any social
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enough of me here I do have a second
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see more of me that's not necessarily
vaping related you can check out that
channel and one more thing before you go
if vaping is something you're passionate
about please consider joining casada org
espada the vaping militia not blowing
smoke org a VA there are so many
different sites you can join to fight
for your right to veda so as always i am
t of apes and thank you so much for
watching guys now let me get back to my
Belgium white

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