Vape Review of My Man (180ml) E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

April 20, 2018 8 min read

Vape Review of My Man (180ml) E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

Vape Review of My Man (180ml) E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

Pulling from the tradition of a Neapolitan ice cream, My Man by One Hit Wonder expertly blends vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. With an instantly noticeable chocolate front note, vanilla supports this vape juice with a delectable body. My Man finishes with a stunning strawberry back note making this vape liquid a must have!

Vape Review of My Man (180ml) E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of My Man (180ml) E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder

it's juice review time again and today
we find out what my man juice tastes
like wait huh welcome to the vapor trail
Channel I'm Tony and you asked for it so
we're doing it more juice reviews of
course time can be kind of limited
depending on my schedule so we'll get to
them as we can and I'm going to do the
ones that I know that you've been asking
for first and this one I definitely know
is one of those because I've gotten tons
of requests on Instagram Facebook
Twitter here on the channel it's one hit
wonders new eliquid
it's called my man and I don't know how
else to say it you know it's kind of
when you read the description you'll see
what I do up close here why it's kind of
like a my man but you're probably
familiar with one-hit wonder even if you
haven't tried it yet because they're
real big on social media if you're on
Instagram they're like everywhere and
for good reason I mean not only is the
marketing fantastic but the juice is
also very good they've got four flavors
now this is the fourth one and they're
always very true to the flavor me being
a big flavor whore it's very important I
like a lot of flavor I like to call it
sugar lips
because when you I know it sounds crazy
but when you take a good vape off of a
very flavorful vape and it's not that
the juice is in your mouth but you
actually got like sugar that sugar taste
you literally taste it on your lips and
on your tongue
that's man that is just that's heaven
for me one of the great things about
a liquid is that they sell it in these
180 ml bottles it's six ounces of liquid
it's like a big shampoo bottle and you
might think well what am I ever going to
vape that much but if you start dripping
or you know using tanks like with the
like the billow or the aroma miser those
things they really go through the juice
so having this thing around is nice and
then you know the price on it you can
get this stuff for like fifty to sixty
dollars for a bottle that's 180 mils in
comparison typical companies are going
to pay 65 to 75 dollars for 120 mil
which is 60 mils less than this so it is
a great deal so if you're kind of
trepidatious and thinking I don't know
if I want to commit to that much juice
you can go on their website and if you
buy a t-shirt then they'll send you
three of the 15 mils sample bottles so
that you can taste the juice pretty
we'll deal so far other than my man I
have reviewed Rocket Man which you're
going to find right up here on this link
so just click that it'll take you right
to it I have tried the milkman and
that's also very good and I have not
tried muffin man yet but I'm going to do
that so because the packaging on this is
sort of unique I want to go ahead and
dig in and show you that so a great
example of their marketing they even
include little stickers that are perfect
size for your mod in here so we got a
couple stickers here this one's for my
man and when you see this logo you know
pretty much instantly what that is it's
Neapolitan ice cream then they also have
the little rack card here that includes
all their different flavors muffin man
milk man Rocket Man and my man so this
is the packaging for one-hit-wonder my
man and just like all the other ones it
has this nice big container that it
comes in it has the 180 ml bottle inside
there it actually comes with this lid on
top of it and then you take that lid off
and you put the squirter lid on top of
there you get a couple of 15 mil unicorn
bottles to make it portable so that is
also very nice and it wants to be
carrying around a giant bottle of juice
yeah you just stick it in one of these
things and you can carry it around with
you or both of them whatever it says
here in 1892 on the cobbled streets of
Naples Italy young Nikolay gelato
crafted the perfect swirl of ice cream
vanilla strawberry and chocolate today
the rich flavors we all love have been
expertly blended into a smooth but
complex vape that dances on your tongue
with different complimenting notes with
each puff the surge of nostalgia will
leave you looking up and simply saying
my man one-hit wonder a liquid logo
there and over here tells you a little
bit about the juice here 100%
handcrafted in Los Angeles with USA
grown extracted nicotine and six ounce
plastic squeeze bottle along with the
two empty 15 mil plastic unicorn bottles
six milligrams is what I prefer and they
use true Nick it's a USA liquid nicotine
you pop this open and right away you
smell it oh gosh it smells so good pull
this out and you've got a bottle I do
like that they put warnings on here keep
away from children or is there in
California so they have to stick to that
California Proposition 65 statement and
man that is a big bottle of liquid right
there isn't it says to shake well what
you do you shake it up and then you can
just flip it over and fill it into one
of these bottles as you see you can just
pull the top right off of it and you
fill it right into there just like that
but if the marketing is great and the
juice is horrible well it's off
not right well luckily that is not the
case with my man what I'm using today is
the Tesla 200 watt and this is what I've
been using for testing juices a lot and
a velocity RDA clone for me Szigeti pop
this off of here you'll see that I have
a dual Clapton coil build in here and
it's pretty well used this is what it
looked like before I started using it
this is from my Instagram account if
you're not following me on instagram yet
get on over there and check it out I'm
gonna be doing some Instagram only
giveaways I got a ton of stuff to give
away so make sure you get on there
and I just received this yesterday it's
kendo vape cotton it's the healthier
choice of vape cotton says it's 100%
organic unbleached unprocessed heat
resistant odorless low taste retention
two times absorption two times
longer-lasting ready-to-use no boiling
needed and this is some really nice
cotton I mean this stuff is this is
fluffy fluffy cotton it's really very
nice and one of the big selling points
for this stuff is that the absorption is
really good and allows vapors to do long
poles at high wattages without the
cotton going dry but they did warn on
here and I'm glad I read this before you
got to prime and soak the cotton
thoroughly because it takes some time
for the cotton to absorb the e-juice
because it's really it's it's fluffy and
thick but it does need some time to
absorb that so if you can find some
kendo vape cotton I'd recommend it they
sent this directly to me for review and
I really liked it so I got the juice
yesterday afternoon and I've been vaping
this almost exclusively ever since and
man I tell you what I really really like
this I'm going to tell you before we
even review it first thing I want to do
is give this a smell test and let's see
now sometimes you know you ever get an e
liquid and you smell it and you're like
it either doesn't smell like what it's
supposed to taste like or it doesn't
smell at all man this just smells creamy
and rich and good I could smell it as
soon as I open up the container
yesterday so I've got it in the velocity
clone RDA and it's all juiced up and
ready to go this is reading at 0.34 ohms
and I've got it at 50 watts go ahead and
get a vape
now because this juice is a maximum
because this juice is a max VG juice it
is really thick you're going to get nice
big thick clouds might have problems on
some of your tanks if you're going to
put in a tank that has smaller juice
flow on the coils but for most of the
sub ohm tank so it'll work just fine I
just prefer to taste them in these RTA's
I'm gonna get one more here man
okay the sugar lips thing definitely
getting that I can feel it in my mouth
and it isn't juiced it's in my mouth
it's just there's so much flavor and it
just coats your mouth with a nice sugary
sweet thing but it's not sickening sweet
you know I've had juices where I'm like
oh boy that's really really sugary this
has got a perfect balance I don't taste
the vanilla as much on the inhale I'm
definitely getting the strawberry and on
the exhale I'm getting the chocolate or
it might be vice versa because it seems
to change on me every time now the
vanilla is not super pronounced but then
again it is sandwiched between chocolate
and strawberry on the logos so that's
how the ice cream really is Neapolitan
ice cream if you've had that it's
delicious this is a creamy creamy vape
with just enough sweetness and I'm going
to say chocolate juices have not been
very good to me I have tried a lot of
chocolate juices they usually are kind
of chalky and pasty tasting it's kind of
like if you were to get a mouthful of
like the Hershey stuff that used to put
milk when you were a kid you know I mean
the powder it's like an amount full of
that this is definitely not like that
it's just a nice it's a creamy chocolate
let's get one more oh man I don't know
if you could hear that my stomach was
just gurgling and growling there because
now it's like I'm hungry I want some
real ice cream but that man I got to say
they have knocked it out of the park at
least for me on this remember you know
tasting juice is very subjective I could
taste one juice and somebody goes tastes
like puke and feet so I don't know that
was literally a comment I got I'm one of
the I'm one of the reviews I did but
yeah you know I'm a like a juice and you
may hate it but it will tell you that
I'm loving this one to me they have
knocked it out of the park
now they sent me this bottle free for
review but I can already tell you that
have to buy another bottle let me get
one more vape now I'm also using this
kendo vape cotton today and I'm
impressed I've up until now I've really
only used the Japanese cotton squares
never the cotton balls I have this
really weird thing with cotton I don't
like touching it very much it's a
texture thing but I've had to get over
that because I like using the cotton in
the vape so much so this kendo is a
really nice vape and it does take a
little bit longer to absorb the juice
but once it's in there kind of locks it
in there thank you again for watching
the channel liking sharing and
commenting and really appreciate it
don't forget to go to casa org get
yourself registered it's it's the best
way for you to start helping to fight
for our rights to vape and it's free
going to do it for this episode we'll
catch you next time on the vapor trail

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