Vape Review of Mango Mist E-Liquid by VGOD

April 19, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Mango Mist E-Liquid by VGOD

Vape Review of Mango Mist E-Liquid by VGOD

Mango Mist E-Liquid by VGOD is a fruit style e-liquid that features the flavours of mango and ice. Available in 3 x 10ml bottles with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

Vape Review of Mango Mist E-Liquid by VGOD

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Mango Mist E-Liquid by VGOD

hello my name is David Judy Chi I'm
known as the cowboy Jetta I have a bad
review here for ESP vex and this
gentleman is on coast-to-coast vapors he
is a phenomenal individual who not just
makes juice but gives a lot of great
information on different mods and
different products I have this mango
mist right here
and what I like about USP vapes is he'll
make it in a way that I'm going to enjoy
it I myself prefer max PG and I know
that's not everyone's cup of tea out
there but even on max PG I get some
really great flavor out of this and you
have to realize with max PG your flavors
a bit subdued but anyways I want to do a
vapor review and I'm using a haiti's
here it's an account mug
and uh
you mean turn off this thing here
because I need to be able to show people
the results of what his peerage has done
here and I think it's a great cheers
great price point as well so if you're
interested in taking a look at ESP vapes
his facebook link for his page will be
underneath this video and you could be
able to contact him and see what he can
do for you because if you won't only
like if you like 50/50 VG PG he can do
that for you if you like 70/30 he can do
that for you or he can do max PG however
you want because his whole concept is to
make sure that his clients are happy and
that's why I really like this guy well
anyway so like I said a mango mist max
VG I got three neck
if you look max PG right there
see I mean I just went full VG because I
like that that just part of my cup of
tea I like blowing clouds and getting my
ninja team and I'm happy that way some
people are some people aren't but let's
see somebody's out here I think you get
some great flavor tastes like a mango
when I hit it and I really enjoyed
look at that that's some crowds in
Eric from ESP Vic's just nailed it the
flavors great and I really like this
it's right on it's this mango mint is
perfect for me this is a product I will
definitely buy I've liked this stuff
because oh man I get the flavor I want I
get the clouds I want that's a beautiful
look at that oh man
oh look at
hmmm that is so nice I can just bet the
living crap out of this stuff ESP vex
premium eliquid
mango mist my god you guys gotta try
this black mango you've got to hook up
with ESP vex click the link on the
bottom of my video to go to the ESP VIX
Facebook page and I hope you've enjoyed
this review I have to admit that I have
a disclaimer for each never review
because not everyone is going to like
the same thing as far as flavors or
products each and every person is
different as far as what their needs are
so what I may like you might not like
and what you may like I'm I not like so
that's my disclaimer right there so that
doesn't mean that I'm perfect or
anything it just means I'm trying to be
honest just so that you realize that
have a great day click the link
underneath this video do it now

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