Vape Review of EVO Fuzzy Summer E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of EVO Fuzzy Summer E-Liquid

Vape Review of EVO Fuzzy Summer E-Liquid

Fuzzy Summer by EVO is an E-Liquid which mimics the taste of sliced peaches and cream. This is a sweet E-Liquid with a fruity hint.

Vape Review of EVO Fuzzy Summer E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of EVO Fuzzy Summer E-Liquid

very very tasty hey everyone and welcome
to part three of tasty Thursday I hope
you all have an awesome day today we are
going to be trying to eat fuzzy summer
flavor from the ebo line halo ejuice
powered by Tanika pure I will show you
guys some up close of the box
I absolutely love their boxes the design
is really cool all the cats have child
safety protective seals on them all of
their illiquid is thoroughly tested
never contains an ADA Ashville I asked
at whole and there's one other chemical
I always forget even how to pronounce it
that would be Pratt Pro Brian L free
made in bottle in the u.s. halo e
liquids are amazing they have tobacco
flavors menthol flavors desert flavors
and these kind of sweet fruit flavors
and like I said this one is fuzzy summer
and only at the description capture the
essence of summer all year round in this
smooth and delicious fruit flavored
blend indulge in the sweet and juicy
nectar of freshly sliced peaches top to
the splash of luscious cream this
exquisite taste a fuzzy summer is
guaranteed to make your taste buds same
mmm it is a very tasty peach without
being overwhelming in your face it has a
nice creamy finish very tasty that was
only at 18 watts
I will crank it up to 21
as you can see clouds for days another
amazing thing about halo is that they
were at the forefront of suing the FDA
for all the crazy regulations that they
are trying to bypass I have been a
supporter of halo since 2013 and I will
probably always be a supporter of halo I
have always used their halo Tribecca
ejuice people always ask me what Aegis
do you use
people always ask me what type of Ages
do you use and I always say halo Tribeca
and I use it at one point five
milligrams and this is also one point
five milligrams I also use their high PG
e-liquid and this is a high PG e-liquid
they have both PG and VG for your
convenience I am using this on the halo
reactor mod I've had this for um
probably eight months eight or nine
months now and I absolutely love it they
have new tanks that are top fill this
one is not but they do have top fill
tanks now and they also have a 75 watt
mod and an 80 watt mod so a variety of
options to suit anyone who is coming
into the vape game
mmm very very tasty thick nice clouds
another thing that I like about Halo
ejuice it's not a lingering scent when
you're vaping in an enclosed area um a
lot of the times I will be a baby my
Tribeca and people will smell and
they'll be like ooh what is that it
smells so good and I tell them what it
is but but if they usually smell the
cloud of it it's not really a lingering
settling smell and again like I said
with cobalt crush and insomnia this is a
flavor that I definitely would continue
to vape it's not an overwhelming sweet
it's just a nice peachy creamy nicotine
e-juice if you like peaches I would
definitely check out fuzzy summer thank
you so much halo they're sending me
these ejuice I love you guys I've been
rocking a lot of our products since I
began vaping in 2013 so I will be always
a dedicated Halo customer if you guys
enjoyed this video
smash that thumbs up button and
subscribe you like see more I make new
videos Monday through Friday follow me
on snapchat positive dot smash and
Instagram positive smash and Twitter
positive smash I'll see you guys in the
next one bye

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