Vape Review of Cuttwood - Livid Lime

April 18, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Cuttwood - Livid Lime

Vape Review of Cuttwood - Livid Lime

By Ekaterina Mironova

Livid Lime is an eliquid by Cuttwood. It contains flavours of lime and citrus fruits.

Vape Review of Cuttwood - Livid Lime

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Cuttwood - Livid Lime

what's going on everyone tripping that gin and juice back and guess what we got a yield hood review cut wood livid line the reimagine series this is one of their new release lines that they have come out with I picked this up the other day it's a 16 point 5 ml they do make them in 30 ml 60 and 120 s zero milligram Nick and this is a funny one which is kind of cool because everyone's different one point five milligrams nicotine three milligrams six 12 and 18 a vapor three I was gonna purchase the 30ml but you know when I'm going to try something out for the first time it's like it wasn't that much more but I figured you know what let me just get the sixteen point five for ten dollars let me try it out see what it's all about and because you know I it's a hit or miss you know it could be a good it could be boo boo so I'm actually enjoying this this is pretty damn good it's uh best way I can describe it it's like a sweet lime with a little bit of skills so I got some setups here I got the vegan hybrid alright parallel stainless steel coils 0.18 build with a you will on top also the V got rd8 rdta trick tank for people who like to use our D TAS that's one thing about me I can do myself a little bit different some people like RDA some people like Rd TAS RTA's clearomizers so we'll be trying it on a few different units and let's get some vapor production so I close off the airflow a little bit here let's see it's like a mild sweet lime with a little bit of skittles a slim paste on a nail and on the exhale a mild lime exhale like a sweet excuse me a sweet mild lime exhale with a little bit more added to the skittles let me open the airflow up a little bit very tasty very tasty now I'm going to take this bad boy off let's put the rdta on here and I'm at three minutes so let's keep this under five more sweet lime on the inhale on the rdta a little bit less skittle taste the skittle is more mild kaan tasting more the sweet climb on the inhale in exhale minority TA and I love this thing kangertech you did a kick-ass job with this I think I'm gonna buy another one in another color just to have another one not that I need one but I like this thing I love it and still has the factory coral in it it's a 0.5 sub ohm coil and airflow is fully opened it's fully charged at 1,300 has fully charged at 1300 mAh how can you beat those clouds for a 2025 dollar unit like this complete kit on top of that with a spare Pyrex and it lights up the lime the sweet lime is very mild the skittle is very mild on the inhale and exhale on this tank I should switch out the coil to the square kangertech coil that they sell for these that are also point 0.5 Sybil maybe I'll get a little bit better more taste off the flavors but I'm not it's very mild I mean I do taste the lime and the skittle but it's very mild but I'll be posting some info below and like I said this is their new reimagined series eliquid line with the white label and it's livid line from cut wood I'll be posting the info below and I paid ten dollars flat cash retail for this and [Music] that's pretty much it dripping edging in juices out I will see you all next time and thumbs up thumbs down it doesn't bother me one bit but I love comments from my subscribers art everyone have a good day

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