Vape Review of 120 Cream Pop E-Liquid

April 21, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of 120 Cream Pop E-Liquid

Vape Review of 120 Cream Pop E-Liquid

By Ksenia Sobchak

The 120 Cream Pop is like a popsicle in a bottle, perfect for summer vaping. Full flavours of vanilla bean ice cream and orange sherbet will make your taste buds run wild with flavour and keep you coming back again and again. And quite possibly again. Prominent Flavours: Vanilla, Orange, Sherbet

Vape Review of 120 Cream Pop E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of 120 Cream Pop E-Liquid

what's going to vapers wrong to my
review of 120 cream pop by Mad Hatter
juice 120 cream pop is a 70/30 VG PG
blend nicotine options are zero three
and six milligrams as described as 120
cream pop is your favorite summer
popsicle all in one bottle this
delightful blend of creamy vanilla bean
ice cream and orange sherbet tastes like
it's straight from the ice cream truck
let your taste buds run wild with this
delicious new all day vape hmm
okay the inhale is pretty light you're
getting a very smooth ice-cream come
through as an undertone with that you're
getting a bit of vanilla as well with a
bit of sweetness tied in with vanilla
and the ice cream itself both of which
complement each other really really well
now the ice cream is nothing I've ever
in another e-liquid before it still just
tastes like ice cream bit it doesn't at
the same time the vanilla does help the
ice cream come through better I think
without that it just I don't know what
it tastes like if I'm honest
so that is a good stop now the orange is
great it's clean it's refreshing it's
got a bit of vibrancy it's got a lot of
nose as well a lot of fragrance through
it as well
throughout the entire flavor it
complements the ice cream really well
doesn't really do much with a vanilla
bit as a whole it's not too bad the sure
but I can't necessarily taste
I don't want fine ice at all the trouble
is with it it is a very light flavor
it's not smack you in the face it's not
gonna knock your socks off it's not
gonna fly oh it is so light
now after the inhale the ice-cream takes
a more creamier turn which in turn gives
it a bit of texture which is great
the orange calms down a bit which is a
shame because as light as that flavor is
it's now gone to the point where you
can't really taste it to talk the
sherbet is not there still but the
vanilla is combining with ice cream
still it's not as strong it's not coming
through as strongly as it is with the
ice cream it's still pretty much on the
same level as it was on the inhale but
you all get in that vanilla through
still there's nice bit of sweetness
there hmm
now the exhale the orange is back it's
more juicer than it was before as well
it's brought that fragrance back it's
brought a crisp bit back what I do like
about the oranges on how fragrance it is
it's oranges are nice babe anyway so
it's doing really well in this it's just
not punching off the ice cream is still
there it's still an undertone but it's
not sticking together you're getting ice
cream on one side and you get an orange
on the other with a bit of vanilla
somewhere don't know whether I like it
it's not thrilling me but it's not bad I
just want more from the flavors if I'm
honest I want it to really hit hard if
it did down if there was more punchiness
if it was a full on flavor I thoroughly
enjoy this but it's just lacking in
areas and where it's lacking and where
it is in the mouth on the in the post on
the exhale it's disappearing and it's a
bit I want to like it but it's just
lacking it's just ah you know mmm so
overall it's good but it's not amazing
it's I say it's lacking that punch it's
lacking that full-on flavor that I'd
want from this it's got potential and
though it ain't gonna get any better
this is the final product but but for a
Mad Hatter juice and considering I all
bar one I've absolutely panned in
reviews this is the better one and
I don't know it's left me a bit empty
it's left me wanting more and
considering I've got 120 min of this
stuff I don't think I'm gonna want to
vape it all in one go I'm good I'd get
bored with it it's not an all day vape
because you get off row down the tank
and you'd be I think you'd be bored with
it to be fair if you're if it was in a
tank I don't think it tastes as much so
I'm getting for an RDA this is why I
paid for an RDA for the perhaps--and
reviews because I feel that I get a much
better flavor so for this no its mmm
okay I'm going on now I'll in the review
there and that is review done then for a
120 creme pot I hope you find it
informative make sure you like this
video and subscribe to my channel thanks
very much for watching guys and see you
Cheers I'll skip straight to the post in
how the that is so much better you
getting more sweetness you get more of a
creamy hit and get more vanilla hip
thankfully it all binds role together
there's a nice level of sweetness and
the vanilla

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