October 14, 2016

New Study Shows Vaping Reduces Risks of Cancer

Most of our vices usually have a high price to pay and especially on our health. That’s why there have been great campaigns to prevent addiction and to wean addicts in hopes of cleaning up our society and saving it from itself. For example continuous and frequent alcohol intake will affect your liver, hard drugs such as cocaine will rapidly destroy brain cells and smoking will leave you at risk of chiefly lung cancer. There is a price to pay with all vices usually but vaping seems to be one of the few vices sidestepping this price. Vaping has been hailed as one of the greatest nicotine replacement therapies out there and one of the healthiest and most effective to date. It comes as no surprise that in recent times studies have shown that it could lead to a reduced cancer risk in former smokers and vapers.

Vaping Reduces risks of cancer: The day that shook Big Tobacco’s World.

Vapers world over had been waiting for the day that it could be supported that vaping was a healthier alternative to smoking and that in some way could save lives from the harmful effects of smoking tobacco. WebMD in recent times reported on a study that illustrated that e-cigs had significantly lower carcinogens and cancer causing chemicals. The study showed that those smokers who had made the switch to e-cigs had also managed to reduce their exposure to cancer causing chemicals. This study was known as the Roswell Park findings used a group of 20 adults who had smoked for an average of 12 years of their lives and it took place over the course of 2 weeks. They switched to vaping completely for the whole duration of the study. Samples were collected often and their urine was tested for nicotine, bio markers of carcinogens and cancer causing chemicals. After the 2 weeks were complete there was a marked decline in 12 of the 17 carcinogen markers despite the fact that the nicotine levels remained unchanged.

Such a finding has struck fear at the very heart of big tobacco, although most legislation is still in its in its favour and has support in government structure this will likely cause a shift in the consumption of their products. More and more people will opt for vaping as an alternative to harmful tobacco and in aid of trying to protect themselves from the likelihood of cancer.

The study on whether vaping reduces risks of cancer was mainly focused on smokers. It is yet to be conducted on dual smokers (those who smoke and vape) or those who just vape. Conclusive research still needs to be conducted to determine the risk factor for these two groups of people but many are optimistic it will have almost similar or better results.

Vaping reduces risk of cancer: The dawn of a new era

Anti-vape advocates have long since pushed the idea that vaping is not as good an alternative as the vaping community has been pushing. With very little and not substantive evidence vapers have had a hard time quashing these remarks. This study has however, opened a gate way to allow positive light to shine on vaping and to hopefully sway smokers over to vaping. A note to non- vapers is to be weary of Big Tobacco advocates and their misinformation. There is more to be afraid of from cigarettes than vaping. Vaping as many have since proclaimed is the safe alternative to smoking and could just be the difference in how long you live and how you pass on.
It’s important to catch the main points of this article and to remember what we have learnt. Here’s a short run through of what this article touched on:

  • The most important take home message in this article is vaping could save your life as a smoker. It will cut out harmful cancer causing chemicals and reduce carcinogens
  • The Roswell Park findings are confirmation that vaping can dramatically reduce the risk of cancer for smokers. And smokers are only likely to benefit more from continued research and making the switch.
  • Ex smokers who start vaping can expect to still get their nicotine but with less fear of harmful cancer causing chemicals and carcinogens
  • The urine samples from the findings showed that positive results could be noted almost immediately soon after switching from smoking to vaping.
  • Do not listen to the naysayers who have no hard proof to back them except the desire to line their pockets with your eventual demise.
  • Vaping is a safer alternative and one worth trying.

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