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October 21, 2016 1 Comment

An Overview of New California Tobacco Laws and What They Will Mean for Vapers

New California Tobacco Laws Class Vaping Products as Tobacco

Vapers and smokers alike in California listen up things are about to change.  With increasing pressure on legislators to regulate smoking and vaping, New California Tobacco Laws were drafted and passed in response to growing pressure to regulate tobacco products. New California Tobacco Laws have gone into effect and in them e-cigarettes have for the first time been listed as a tobacco product according to the definition of tobacco products in the law. This law is set to shake a few things up state wide, so read on and stay on the right side of the law.

New California Tobacco Laws Class Increase the Minimum Legal Age from 18 to 21

For the first time in 144 years the minimum legal age of sale for tobacco products in California has been raised from 18 to 21 years old. California became the second state following Hawaii, to raise the minimum age for tobacco sales to 21. With the introduction of these amendments the California Department of Public Health (CPHD) has produced a series of educational materials to spread awareness to retailers, manufacturers and consumers. These include window clings and age of sale warning signs alerting customers of the new law and tips for clerks to check identification and compliance. The CPHD has a huge task at hand as it has to reach over 34,000 retailers who have vape shops and tobacco licenses to equip them with information and resources to spread the word about this new law. Hopefully this article manages to reach even a few of those shops!

California has startling tobacco related death statistics that possible led to the push to up the age of sale for tobacco products as a huge number of its youth are the worst affected. A grave number of California’s youth (around the region of over 200,000) either smoke cigarettes or e-cigarettes. About 34, 000 Californians are lost to tobacco related deaths. Tobacco related diseases cost Californians billions of dollars every year for healthcare costs directly and indirectly due to early deaths and low productivity due to illness.

New California Tobacco Laws Class Limit the Sales of Vaping Products

Along with the increase in the minimum age the new law defining e-cigs as tobacco products has also banned e-cigs, e-liquids, vaping devices and accessories from being sold from self-service displays. Public transit, worksites, restaurants, schools and playgrounds are now also off limits to vapers. A clear unintended consequence of greater vape awareness has seen a surge in teen smoking – especially e-cigarettes as they have become the cool new fad. These laws are set to protect the upcoming generation in hopes of curbing this rise in teen smoking and vaping. Clearly advertising has worked wonders but has inadvertently created a problem among the youth. Marketing has been aggressive and as it is near impossible to only target a specific group of people many teens have become the main consumers of e-cigs in the state of California. With the clamping down on advertising of e-juice and e-cigarettes, there has never been a better time to get yourself listed on good vape directories. Equally, vape SEO and marketing services will play a greater role within the vaping industry following the passage of new California tobacco laws.

The Silver Lining of New California Tobacco Laws

There has been a great drive to promote vaping as the safe alternative to smoking. Very little is known about its side effects but so far studies have shown it in a positive light. Many advocates for vaping have also been at the forefront of making sure vaping does not contradict any laws and that it’s done in a responsible manner. Although this will be a knock to the industry, it will be a good way to preserve the youth and allow them to only start vaping when they are at an age when they are able to do it safely and with more knowledge.

Nicotine if mixed incorrectly or taken improperly may lead to sickness or in the extreme death. So care definitely has to be taken when vaping to know some of these unintended consequences. Nicotine is a highly addictive stimulant that could have long term side effects on young minds. Studies have shown that the brain continues to develop until the age of 25 and hence the introduction of harmful toxins can severely impact its development. Same studies have shown that exposure to nicotine at a young age may cause permanent brain damage, a situation that is best avoided. Separate investigations have also shown that children in middle and high school have become the main consumers of e-cigarettes more than traditional cigarettes. Teens that use e-cigs have been shown through studies to be three times more likely to eventually abandon them and switch to traditional cigarettes within a year or so of vaping. From this point of view this move to up the sale of vaping and remove it from self service displays is not without merit as it will definitely save lives and preserve its quality thereof.

New California Tobacco Laws Will Make the Vaping Market More Responsible and Regulated

Attractive advertisements of cloud chasing individuals with cool mods and e-liquids has drawn a lot of attention across the board and captured young adults and teens. Traditional smoking and second hand smoking have always been closely regulated but now with the inclusion of e-cigs the net has been widened. These reforms will save more lives and will drastically reduce the health care costs incurred by California. Regulation of vaping is not an issue in itself especially when it is reasonable and justified. Fears are always of over regulation and anti-vaping advocates spreading fear to the uninformed. Will this move drastically affect vaping sales? Yes. But the bigger picture is that adults will be the main consumers of vaping e-cigs and will be in a better position to do it properly and responsibly. In aid of these new reforms retailers and consumers must just stay alert and keep on the right side of the law in California. Do well to educate yourselves and continue spreading the good word about vaping!

We hope you have found our overview of New California Tobacco Laws helpful. Please comment below.

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October 21, 2016

Nothing surprising there. There should be regulation in a seemingly adult / “smoking” field. I am sure that all these regulations are not as draconian as vapers paint them to be! Under age sales, marketing all sound like common sense regulations to me.

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