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April 26, 2017 2 min read

Mountain Man’s high-grade e-Liquids are manufactured in a medical grade lab; they are carefully monitored to the FDA’s highest standard. They have a set of e-Liquids they manufacture, and you can tell by the taste you’re going to fall in love with these e-Liquid flavors.

  • Apple Maple Granola Bar
  • Peanut Butter Granola Crunch

The new Apple Maple Granola Bar is a sweet maple syrup swirl that comes together with a full-bodied apple taste. The granola adds a distinctive but subtle kick to this e-Liquid making it truly delicious and pairs perfectly with breakfast and coffee! The PG/VG ratio is 80/20, and it comes in 30mL to 60mL bottles and has low nicotine content only being 0mg-6mg.

The popular new Peanut Butter Granola Crunch e-Liquid will satisfy any peanut butter craving you have. It draws you in with a traditional peanut butter taste on the inhale and finishes itself off with a pleasant note of sweet granola on the exhale. It also comes in 30mL and 60mL bottles with the low nicotine content of 0mg-6mg making it a perfect beginners vape, not too strong as some e-Liquids are.

These two new flavors are rising rapidly in popularity as they take vaping to a whole new level of the superb quality that you have come to know with Mountain Man.

Pros of buying Mountain Man E-Liquid

  • Their quality is unparalleled as the entire process of making their e-Liquid is monitored carefully and meets and surpasses FDA standards and regulations.
  • Mountain Man products are rising in popularity due to the incredible, innovative flavors they blend in their FDA grade lab.
  • They are in a glass bottle that comes with a dropper so less mess, ideal for any vaper, the beginner or the seasoned veteran.
  • The flavors are blended so well that no taste is more overpowering than they should be.

Cons of buying Mountain Man E-Liquid

  • Glass bottles are less durable than plastic ones.
  • They have very low nicotine content. Perfect for beginners or people who don’t like a strong nicotine hit but most seasoned vapers usually shy away from the low nicotine strengths.
  • They only have two flavors of e-Liquid out on the market right now so there’s not much of a choice with which flavor you’d like. Hopefully, they will release more in the future.

After vaping Mountain Man e-juice, you will be able to understand why I say they are some of the highest quality e-Liquids out there right now. Their products are being praised as innovative as they are starting to take the vape community by storm with their high-quality e-Liquids. I would suggest these e-Liquids to anyone who wants a good, solid vaping experience or someone who likes to try a new take on e-Liquid. Mountain Man products deliver you an experience like you’ve never experienced before and grab your taste buds by storm. I wouldn’t consider the flavors an ADV for myself but nevertheless, cannot deny that they are a real treat with a cup of coffee or right after breakfast. I am looking forward to watching this company do great things in the future. Do your taste buds a favor and get you a bottle, you won’t be disappointed.

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