Choosing Your First Vape Kit

May 14, 2017 3 min read

Choosing Your First Vape Kit

Choosing Your First Vape Kit

By Elena Ognivtseva

Here, we bring you an overview of the things you should consider when choosing your first vape kit. Vaping as a hobby can be a much cheaper alternative to smoking with potentially far fewer harmful results on the body. This has made it a popular choice amongst those trying to quit smoking. No doubt your friend has introduced you or you were intrigued by the internet and now you find yourself wondering “how should I choose my first vape kit?”. Worry no more this article will give you the most important things to consider when buying your first vape kit. Do enjoy and take notes on what you think might be best for you. This is an intense choice. Your first vape kit will be going in and out of your mouth for hours on end on the long days you need just one more puff. They always say the first is special and this is no less true with vape kits. It’s likely you’re starting to vape from analog smoking or e-cigarettes as with many purchases it’s best to consider the essentials when picking what you want out of your first vape.
What are you putting in it?

Depending on what you want to use there are many different kinds of vapes. For e-liquid you will typically end up using pens and box mods but pens and box mods also exist for dried flavourings. There are also many more options of what you want to mix up should you use a desktop model. While there are varieties of flavours between the three what you most want is up to you to find out and whether you just want one flavour or versatility can determine which device you want but for versatility there are many pens that take both dried flavourings and e-liquid and many mods and pens that just take one or the other. Make sure your choice has the intake options you want before purchasing.

Choosing Your First Vape Kit: On the go or on the stove?

Firstly please don’t use your vape on your stove. Secondly this is about where you’ll be using your vape at home or on the go. If you’re vaping outside you’ll obviously want a more portable unit like a pen or box mod but if you’re vaping all at home you might want to consider a desktop unit. Many people enjoy vaping outside as a way to cool off and you can’t really use a desktop vape in your workplace unfortunately (darn public use laws). This makes vaping just like taking a smoke in regards to mobility however most legal smoke intake methods lack desktop methods. This really makes the choice of how often you’ll be vaping based on your schedule. If you buy an at home model you may find yourself annoyed at work when you want a smoke or a puff but didn’t buy a portable and you may find yourself annoyed at having to fill the tank every couple of puffs as well as having to wait for your vape to charge if you’re mostly vaping at home.

How much you got to spend on your first vape kit?

Like smoking vaping can become a very expensive hobby. Many desktop vapes can go for hundreds of dollars which can be very intimidating but luckily most mobile vapes are a lot cheaper. In the long run vaping from cheaper mods can save you a lot after paying up front. That being said it’s never a bad idea to spend a little more to get from trusted providers than to get garbage at dirt cheap prices. When you want a product from a manufacturer or supplier its best to buy straight from their website rather than going to a middle-man who will give you a busted version of the product you want. With most products price going with quality is very much a trend. Most desktop vapes have very good long lasting functionality while portable vapes can require constant care and replacement of components for a good long run. Think about what you want and how much you have and consider which would be better for you.

Choosing your first vape can the turning point as to whether you decide to do it often or not. This is why it’s important to choose the right vape for you rather than rush the choice. Once you’ve found the right one it’s time to settle down and help yourself to some well deserved flavour and fun. Maybe blow a vapour ring or just chill out on a couch and enjoy your personal vaping tool.

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