Big Tobacco and Pharma Gain Most From Vaping Regulations

March 11, 2017 4 min read

Big Tobacco and Pharma Gain Most From Vaping Regulations

Big Tobacco and Pharma Gain Most From Regulations

2016 has been a great year on the SuperHero movie front with one of the biggest movies out being the much anticipated Batman vs SuperMan movie which brought two heroes from two separate worlds together to create one of the most powerful alliances in the comic book world! But these are superheroes, the good guys so we can sleep easy about them teaming up. Now imagine an alliance between Lex Luthor and Brainac two dangerously intelligent supervillains, would you still go to bed with both eyes closed now?! The right answer would be no. You may be wondering why an analogy of superheroes and supervillains had to precede this article well the simple answer is that it'll help you understand the magnitude of the issue we are about to discuss. Alliances are only good to the people they serve to protect and those they harm do not stand a chance. In our article our two supervillains are Big Tobacco and Pharma the unlikeliest of allies that have seemingly come together to quash the Vape Industry. It may sound like a bit of a stretch calling them supervillains but as the article progresses we will lay out why this analogy was the only fitting one we could have used.

On the face of it Big Tobacco and Pharma make for strange bedfellows after all they are fighting two separate fights or are they? Big Pharma is a logical enemy of Big Tobacco because if they are genuine in their desire to provide ace pharmaceuticals that will cure and heal people then cancer causing Big Tobacco, for example is a definite enemy. But Big Pharma on the flipside is not only concerned with healing but also making money, they are a business after all. Logically if Big Pharma did release and find a way to stop people from smoking for example, Big Tobacco would definitely go out of business but that would also mean a reduction in their nicotine reducing therapies and ultimately a huge reduction in revenue from that area. If they did then they would also be shooting themselves in the foot which means they need Big Tobacco to thrive so they do not in turn close off one of their most lucrative revenue streams.

Vaping Regulations: Why does these matter to you?

Washington Post released an article by one Jonathon Adler which brought to light the reality of supposed criticisms and emerging loyalties amongst the anti-vaping advocates who are all very keen to support the FDA deeming regulations. The article points out this dangerous collaboration that's main job is to diminish the good vaping has done by miring it in over regulation and bad press. There is a paper set to come out in the Yale Journal late summer 2016 entitled “Baptists,Bootleggers & E Cigarettes” that is definitely recommended reading for every  vaper. Do not treat it as merely an academic peace meant to confuse you and take you from your mushroom clouds but its informative piece about the future (or lack thereof) of our beloved vaping. It is a well researched piece that connects the dots between Big Tobacco and Big Pharma and their singular campaign against vaping. Big companies such as Reynolds and GlaxonSmithKline were fingered as supporters of the stringent vaping regulations although both companies have stakes in the industry.

Its important to note that with such role players leading the anti vape advocacy they're putting the vaping industry at great risk. You get the esteemed Professor Berman speaking against the now widely known benefits of vaping thereby allowing Big Tobacco to still hold sway in the markets. This vacuum being created by our two villians is creating a vacuum were the vape industry will not survive.

Another important thing to be aware of is the fact that these two are misleading the masses and thereby jeopardizing the health of many smokers by denying them this life-saving alternative. With the backing of science vaping has been proven to be a way better health wise than cigarettes. Ex-smokers who have turned to vaping will attest that nothing works quite as well as vaping as a smoking cessation method. It provides a smooth transition from smoking to vaping without the necessity to attempt to go cold turkey which has been found to cause heart problems in some.

Vaping Regulations: Why Big Tobacco and Pharma are sharing a bed

The love of money makes for strange bedfellows there can be no other greater unifying factor quite like greed and making a few extra millions. If people stopped smoking Big Tobacco would lose millions as the tax levies in all the states would yield less income which would mean less strict anti-vaping legislation and possibly wipe out their advocates in Congress as well. Big Pharma would lose out as well as their own smoking cessation therapies will become less popular and relied on as vape promises a better and lasting solution. With such high stakes is it any wonder that the vaping community is at risk of extinction in the hands of our villains Luthor and Brainac who are concerned with dominating the smoking market with no concern for the little guy whose business will have to shut or the years of life they are stealing from someone who could have kicked smoking and possible cancer.

Stay vigilant and appraised about these happenings as a vaper, it your responsibility to make sure you are informed and are up to date with regulations and studies on vaping. The best sword to fight this scourge is knowledge and more advocacy to fight off the community's detractors. The mantle of Superman is not reserved for only one person and every vaper should pick it up and protect the community. Our villains are only as powerful as our disunity.

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