Vape Review of Zoom Yogg 8 Pack

April 20, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of Zoom Yogg 8 Pack

Vape Review of Zoom Yogg 8 Pack

This e-liquid pack contains 8 bottles of Yogg, 4 flavours, 2 bottles of each within the liquid range, so you can have the whole range for yourself to vape in your e-cigarette while being able to share the flavours with a friend so they can also try vaping the same juices too.

Vape Review of Zoom Yogg 8 Pack

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Zoom Yogg 8 Pack

welcome back guys to another royal flush
video you may notice I'm wearing the
Santee shares previous video because I'm
filling the same ditch I'm doing two at
the same time ball up okay so today
we're going to do is gonna look at you
ejuice liquid that had ready for a
review for a couple of months actually
since the bear / expert and it's called
yogi liquid and I don't feel super ball
very well yeah the ball itself it's
really quite cool it's like a really
bright white ball with a color top which
whatever flavor you and again is
different color things like pink there's
all sorts and then a really nice blue
sticker on it okay the juice itself it
says a 60-40 p g VG whichever bee gees
the highest one and this is called moss
so yeah we're gonna go ahead and give a
sniff what your website i mean the
website is pretty cool as well they've
got a really cool intro video we're
going to take a look at that in a moment
VG seven tpg 30 so the website seen is
different than what was actually printed
on here so i don't know if that's
there's a reason for that maybe they've
changed it all says maaz maaz is a
little different is unlike the others
and that isn't just a fruit and yogurt
which I'm kind of glad for me not i
think i really like the fruit yogurt
flavors no we've got banana clip in
yogurt capon yoga it might be hard to
imagine but we can try a banana cape
which is rich in sweetness with a slight
cinnamon hint combined with a smooth
pure and deliciously creamy yogurt those
mods cronin flavors yogurt banana foster
kick I don't know what foster care kids
like we've had so many new kicks and
spitting we've had like pound kit and
God now we've got fucking foster kick at
it and clue what you need these things
up ok
so to appear to purse strings pretty
cool i like the donut promo video yagi
liquid hashtag your life well known if
you've watched hashtag that same a true
Sawadee no got mango and vanilla that
sounds pretty damn good well you guys
like throughout I don't tushar like the
fruit flavors yogurts and stuff mods
that's what we've got to try yogurt
banana foster kick foster care whatever
still I'm still impressed leave it here
this is cool pulse yogurt pomegranate
piscis I had best skills again the no
one knows and raspberry iwanaga zest
pomegranate flavors don't get full fruit
sounds like all the west rubes in a pack
sir your wife calm but it so yeah I mean
for an intro I like how to show the
juices that's pretty damn cool isn't it
really so we do we've got mods the
banana yogurt flavor so it wouldn't try
that sir let's go through the try I know
the previous videos I said how much I
hate banana flavored VIPs now because
they're all tests and tacky I've only
had like one VIP on this really and
that's to start this video and now I'm
gonna have to cover good old like to
away on this because I'm not two hundred
percent sold on again another banana
ejuice whatever I can't really stop
getting these in we're gonna go ahead
and try it smell it with should
hopefully to god they'll be some kind of
cinnamon flavors I've been love cinnamon
flavored burps oh you can definitely
smell it's manda me of like the one-hit
wonders where I the smell is just so
strong in your face oh do you know in
like like in our town we've got like gay
a soap factory shop that sells like
custom-made serves when you walk past it
instantly blurred your sin senses it's
like it's very very strong if a banana
and yet again but here's to hoping
there's no smell of cinnamon the yogurt
you smell is there i guess in the sense
of banana does smell creamy it
definitely smells like fun behind still
well we're gonna go ahead and try it
we're gonna rock this in the you well
cram tank again if you guys don't know
you well are also making another tank
after that the hideous hideous were file
tank in the review i said i liked it do
you know what it was the worst tank of a
ruined is horrific I've known bought a
single coil for it I've it's on it it
tasted a little shit and then I'm just
on the side but I digress yeah we've
already got a top top into here halfway
let it sit for 10 15 minutes to really
soak in on a new crown coil and we're
going to give it a little girl
oh hmm ok guys this is a bit different
really the smell it smells very very
thick and very firm an honoree very
sweet I'm not tasting cinnamon I
all-southern why they've included simin
by then i don't know why i call this
city 13 enlighten your malleable but as
far as I've been out of there because
that is super sweet like the inhale the
inhale is super sweet and very banana
replace not nasty pan out understand
this time it's a nice banana this is
like a McDonald's milkshake bar which is
exactly what I've been trying to fucking
fine for so long and I get it hello and
I like that the exhale the complete
twists around it's really creamy it's
really milky very soul banana flavor so
you're getting the really strong banana
on the inhale smooth creamy milk shake
you on the way out and then your mouth
afterwards is like not further down but
it's definitely after you took a really
big sip of a banana milkshake and yeah
that's all like half the test it's still
here now this is with me for life comes
in 60 ml I think it is yeah these come
in 60 milk balls I don't see anywhere
else that you can buy for anything less
than 60 ml i paired 1799 at the expert I
don't know if that's cheaper or more
expense this can definitely be more
expensive it'd probably be a little bit
cheaper than expert price 60 ml guys for
1799 if that's how much they're going to
cost that is pretty good value for money
test really good the exhales really good
if I finish it will i buy another one
probably not i'm going to stay clear of
banana bit but i'm definitely going to
try some the other flavors because if
this is the banana one and their company
mainly does fruitful ever it just makes
me think that that fruit flow is going
to be even better but also the Houthis
like intro video that i want to show you
guys gonna watch it together so yeah
let's take a look we're so i don't love
take a look at me now I need you more
tonight and I need you more don't I'm
gonna try the other ones I'm not gonna
talk about it but I'm not set by it it
really does score a solid three out of
five especially for a banana I mean I'm
ready to read most banana flavors one
from now on and that's gonna tank as
well I did try dripping this though
maybe after a dare it tends your wick
solid black so we're going to solve
maybe give you an update on how the coil
looks after this whole tank and you know
the way it made the coil look is
ridiculous which to me says as Tom's of
sweeteners in there but is it nice yes
so if you fancy a banana milkshake
flavor yoga life could be one for you
guys go check it out so until next time
guys thank you so much for watching up
in the loop from my flesh pip and I'm
going to trip to videos up top make sure
you check out the top five things I wish
I knew about their pen subscribe to my
channel down below we do giveaways we do
ejuice reviews we do mods and all sorts
of cool stuff we're going to also be
looking at trying to give away start
back and on top of that we're still got
currently a competition running to win
15 mil of the suicide Pony complete
random flavor three milligrams gonna
figure it out and choose it but since we
go on holiday in a week's time and I'm
in really good spirit we're going to
give where to so 250 ml bottles one to
one person one to another person and to
win that you can even check out the
other video which I've got this side or
you can share like and comment on this
video and alan since that as well we're
going to be running this until saturday
i canna i told the down the other one
I'll link it down below in the
description so if you want to win a 50
ml bottle of suicide Pony be a
subscriber like the video and comment
and if you want an extrovert you can
share the video to a social network
nearest to you okay so until next time
guys welcome to the push family
cut cut okay guys thank you so much for
watching again we're trying to keep
videos as constant we can update on the
youth on the YouTube in and stuff like
that over in Thailand I mentioned the
other video I've gone and got himself a
new map book so we're gonna be able to
try and edit the videos whilst were
there got the good pro sorted out and
all that good stuff if it is banned in
Thailand sir I'm gonna have to be super
stealth Boeing maybe that we're
recording the day stuff just keep you
guys it's down vlog but you'll see what
i'm doing and you see all the
surroundings the web alright i will be
there in the hotel rooms because two
weeks are out there Ben is gonna kill me
until next time guys as always mindful
smoke in the back I had a quick vapo on

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