Vape Review of Zoom Aqua - Pure

April 24, 2018 2 min read

Vape Review of Zoom Aqua - Pure

Vape Review of Zoom Aqua - Pure

This blend of strawberry, apple and watermelon, concocted by Marina Vape

Vape Review of Zoom Aqua - Pure

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Zoom Aqua - Pure

going on people back when another
jewelry for you guys today we have aqua
P or mr. strawberry apple watermelon
this is pretty good stuff man I'm
enjoying this juice a lot 60 ml bottle
$20 comes in zero three and six mil 12
for you nicotine things a 70/30 blend
you could find this on premium vape
supply use promo code foolish 24 that
20% off don't forget to use that 20% off
when you go to premium vape supply man
Shea helps a lot but let's try it out
blacks sub-zero shorty with the black
goon or murdered-out see what's up cloud
production is there you get that
strawberry you get that Apple you get
that watermelon it's good man mmm you
get that nice flavor in the mouth with
lingas shows nice and sweet
do you guys answer proof flavors this is
gonna be right up your alley man there's
good stuff I'm enjoying it a lot this is
something that I would beep all day I
like it a lot I mean it's good stuff
they have true all the flavors in the
line they also have Oasis which is a
peach panel or papaya I already did a
review on that if you check in my my
videos you can see the review for that
one that's also a good one they also
have one more but I forgot the name but
I think it has pineapple in it so I'm
not mistaken but you could also find
that on premium vape supply if you look
it up you'll see you see where it is but
um it's definitely a good juice you know
I like it and rocking with it it's good
stuff man you know I'm saying
but that concludes my roof today I

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