Vape Review of Zen Dripper E-Liquid by Element Black Friday Exclusive

April 20, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Zen Dripper E-Liquid by Element Black Friday Exclusive

Vape Review of Zen Dripper E-Liquid by Element Black Friday Exclusive

Vibrant, juicy, refreshing, Zen is a wonderful concoction of an e-liquid. Lychee, guava and sweet peaches are topped off with passion flower and will leave you, Zen. This Black Friday Exclusive will also include a Vape Band.

Vape Review of Zen Dripper E-Liquid by Element Black Friday Exclusive

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Zen Dripper E-Liquid by Element Black Friday Exclusive

hi guys Adam from great bitch baby I
hope you're alright it's Monday it's
raining which means only one thing it's
time for a juice review I have another
element I snuck a crafty one up the
other night and that's what she said and
and this one is Zen
let's see if you can get that Zen there
we go now this one's a bit different to
what I normally vape I decided to go for
something a little bit different a
little bit change it up something out of
the blue this one is let me just get the
flavors up right this is for all you
guys out there that want a nice official
relaxing vape to start it off I'm
reviewing this on the a t-cubed with 12
wraps of Kanthal dual coil coming out at
not 0.39 ohms vapors 66 watts and it is
an 80/20 pg/vg blend and it is three
milligram which is my favorite nicotine
as you can see the eight 8% VG's givin
us a nice blue marsh as the French say
and as promote quite delicious that I
know you have to sit here in pub with me
vaping away and it is nice though
basically what the flavor in this is is
peach likey guava passionfruit chamomile
and amino acids so to sit there and just
tilt away on it is well nice that I'm
actually really surprised as you guys
may may gather some of my videos most of
my videos are all deserty flavored vapes
they're all sweet and desert ease but
this one this one caught my eye it was a
toss-up between this and the banana not
I see non-uk vapors forum that someone
had had the banana not and they said it
was delicious so I'm going to try it and
if anyone knows anyone or any developers
that make these flavors Parma violets
let me know that is one that I want to
check out I've seen it flying around
quite a few times about the Palmer
violet flavor and I really want to try
it so if you want to put me in touch in
the comments down there
with anyone that I would happily get
older some of that and test it for you
guys but for now that is the opt-ins
opt-ins it's not optimus re about that
elements vapors and it's the elements I
hate the dripper series is really really
good the flavors on them are very very
good except for the Key Lime cookie
which I need to rectify is key line
cookie nut Key Lime Pie still only got a
lot of the lime from the key line but it
was still very satisfying this for a
completely different vape is very very
I can see there's being a good good good
good drip this a good trip
I hope you guys enjoyed this little
review this little flavor review it
smells like sweet tea like sweet tea
that's what it smells like the peach is
not very everything is very subtle in it
it's very very nice notes I mean there
is a there is a very very relaxing lie
chief flavor and which if none of you
have tried to likely like just normally
tastes like water like sweet water and
it's definitely there in this it's not
necessarily sweet water but it's there
I've really enjoyed this vape I'm gonna
probably drip a bit more as you can
watch as I try not to get it all over
the place
yeah it's delicious
keep up the good work elements everyone
bar in the keyline cookie has been
spot-on with the flavors if you are out
there if you are just being recommended
to juicers if you are going to your
local vape shop pick up some elements
they're delicious
hope you guys enjoyed this if you are
trying to go out there and find a
different vape these then available from
your local vape store ranging between
eight and ten pounds for a 20 ml ball
delicious and we'll leave you this one
have a sniff of this and keep off them
death sticks

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