Vape Review of Yummy Gum by Naked 100 E-liquid (60mL)

April 21, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Yummy Gum by Naked 100 E-liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of Yummy Gum by Naked 100 E-liquid (60mL)

By Ekaterina Mironova

Yummy Gum by Naked 100 vape juice is a luscious blend of strawberries and fruity bubble gum for a vape unlike any other. This flavor is one of the most popular in the Naked 100 lineup and for good reason. The inhale consists of a fruity bubblegum reminiscent of the kind you used to blow huge bubbles with, while the exhale provides a strawberry flavor that grabs your taste palate. With a surprisingly smooth throat hit, this all day vape candidate cannot be missed. Make sure to buy your 60mL bottle of Yummy Gum by Naked 100 today!

Vape Review of Yummy Gum by Naked 100 E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Yummy Gum by Naked 100 E-liquid (60mL)

Oh keep it coiled tight keep your wick
sweat if you're looking for table we do
split the juice box
hello youtube and welcome to overdose
babes in a video we are making a little
video a little bit yep a little bit
about some make it 100 candy candy line
yeah this is a last one in the line
Sholay and this is yummy gum yummy gum
you got someone gum gum that's a
strawberry bubble gum yep for those of
you at home that's it yep that's it
strawberry bubble gum this is a 70/30
this hashtag speaks to mil standard of
course because everything makes it puts
out 260 most Center yeah and it's a semi
xxx of that right you're free milligram
maybe milli so let's check out the model
so the bottom-line labels lowly stuff
they these guys have been way ahead of
the curve
yeah in every aspect as far as the
bottle size yeah making 100 of one of
the first to really go 60 mil standard
the nice vinyl labels like Josh was
saying these guys are really in just a
quality product yeah but above and
beyond most of their products so yeah
alright it's gonna shock Andy's a SH is
strawberry bubbles sort of like bubble
butts yeah that's identical strawberry
bubble gum okay
it's going to start at volume but it's
also got this is such a weird flavor for
me it almost tastes like a marshmallow I
don't know I thought that person was
just a fluke but it's definitely part of
the flavor I know what you're talking
and it's almost like you get it in Hubba
or like bubblicious you give it it's
like almost like that's like a tiny
dryness or something that you actually
get in those gums
yeah Samuel it's kind of throwing me a
little bit to be totally honest and this
is a little over it's a little sweeter
than other ones too yeah oh yeah some
usual to gum your lean up yeah yeah it
does taste like strawberry strawberry
bubble gum and the strawberries not
quite as strong as I'd like it to be
it's a lot more like a bubblegum flavor
as opposed to yeah a strawberry
I don't yeah I like you man um I think
it's a you know got me like like bogum
it's like monologues maybe the one you
might have tried that like you know like
you tend to juice ever trying fucking
vape juice they would those were a big
one that they try to come out with gas
station usually were not very good and a
staple of the gas station across America
is the strong as a bubblegum flavored
each ooh yeah this one's much younger
than those
if the yummy got man she's great it's
probably as good as using just a
bubblegum flavor to taste
yeah to be honest okay right I don't
know what else you could do I don't know
what else you can do either but I'm
still not a big fan I'm just going to
keep it totally real I am NOT a huge fan
it is primarily because of the sweetness
it is sweet and this weird like
marshmallow flavor but also because I'm
just not a huge fan of gum flavors yeah
I'm not a professional I'm going to be
told I'm a totally real
I'm not a big fan silver-sweet it is I
want to say if a strawberry gum sounds
good to you you're gonna fucking adore
this like if that's your flavor profile
all day every day like candies and guns
and you know real sweet flavors all in
your face you're gonna fucking love this
because it's a strawberry bubble gum and
I you know I just want to say that if
your flavor profile is strawberry gum
can you pick me up a rock star when you
go to the second to the gas station
that's all I want to say that's fine
where you buy your juice mo I'm just
doing is that chocolate break though
this is really well done really they'll
do an example of strawberry bubble gum
I'm not a heat you're a fuckin sweet I'm
going to give it a very sweet over 3 3 3
3 yeah I'm gonna give it a 3 2 because
then you know you're almost a too but
it's not bad and that would be unfair to
give it a sale because this really it's
better than that and it is as good as
you can get for a strawberry oh yeah I
don't it's gotta be the best gum out
there I've never had a gum that even
comes close to that so the fact that
were even given a three that's really a
big Testament you know because I feel
like it but you'd have to drink a lot of
water with it very sweet really sweet
yeah but it's a fucking yummy strawberry
bubble gum that's gotta beat we can't
weigh in every fucking time that's for
sure yeah and for the most part this
line since this is the last one in line
do a quick recap the other flavors were
yeah Candy's been candies I mean for
candies they all been fucking amazing so
yeah definitely check out the line in
the night jar said if you're interested
at all in a strawberry bubble gum this
is as good as your
we're gonna get get your candy rave on
boom forgive it threes right now right
we scored it we caught it guys the
bottle what else can we do so we can
think naked 100 percent of the vowels
true we can do that out there great
people seeing people who do the Schwartz
and several other lines these guys have
their fingers and a lot of pies and
they're and they're extremely well
there's really good at what they do well
crafted well crafted yep definitely kick
them out and uh please keep the coils
and then keep those whips wet you two
orders got to do it yep
please down

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