Vape Review of Yogg - Zest 6 x 10ml Pot

April 23, 2018

Vape Review of Yogg - Zest 6 x 10ml Pot

Vape Review of Yogg - Zest 6 x 10ml Pot

Feeling Yogg-urty? Yogg have just released their Yogg Pot! Within this pot comes 6 x 10ml bottles of Zest. Available in in 0mg, 3mg or 6mg depending on your preference.

Vape Review of Yogg - Zest 6 x 10ml Pot

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Yogg - Zest 6 x 10ml Pot

oh nice jacket hello everyone I'm Greg
Bates it's time for me to review a juice
our purchase from UK e6 tour com and
this is a yogi the zest 60 mill eater at
the moment is costing 7-pound 99 is the
second of april 2017 so about and
watches he may have changed about it so
let's get Spartan close so you can have
elope yogi liquids st ugh proper warning
ingredients don't give it to a teens
either ages fine just not 18
specifically your life 60 million pot
size yogurt tropical fruit three
milligram fifteen seventy percent PG 22
MPG yep a little thing so from the
description on their site is to zest a
tropical mix of pineapples passion fruit
and banana flavors blended with creamy
yogurt prominent flavors and yogurt and
tropical fruit ok ok so first let's
attempt to try and see what this smells
like you smartly ok just nice it made us
move on to what babe meeting with which
is my ret a box to clouds and sighs
coming up point 19 hours I've got it 120
watts so we're looking for yogurt and
tropical through as well as are we going
to get any pineapple passion for banana
taste from this signed a joke
straight up a deliciously creamy yogurt
that is a immediate taste out of this as
for the tropical fruit days it's not in
the same sort of sensors typical sort of
triple flipped a switch is overwhelming
any to greet me this one I'd say small
passion fruit and banana mixed together
very nice yeah very thick creamy and
sweet giving you a very thick yogurt as
well so not really much I can complain
about on this one definitely delicious
in my own opinion and pineapple I'm
logging which of that all the passion
fruit on banana definitely there but not
too strong to point out and definite
it's more of a mix between the two that
plus the very very thick creamy sweet w
gateway as well so that's my review for
za gazette yog zest 60 million also
available 120 the moment as well which i
think is about 1499 so still arguing so
if you're watching this like when I put
it on getting what you can so other than
that thank you very much again the
website is uke singh store calm to be a
link on my facebook post directly to it
as well so hope you have a wonderful day
time for me to give a cloud and say
goodbye so here we go
okay thank you very much for watching my
review I hope you enjoyed it give us a
shout say hello leaves a comment if he's
any questions you need to ask just go
and ask if you're new tube and you not
family facebook page go on it is slash grain babes there
you'll find a categorized list or a to z
of all the juice I've ever reviewed so
it's a lot easier to find rather than
going through YouTube's list other than
that I hope you have a wonderful day
thank you again for watching here's a
cloud just for you and goodbye hope to
see you again soon here we go bye bye

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