Vape Review of Yogg - Zest 100ml Shortfilled E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Yogg - Zest 100ml Shortfilled E-Liquid

Vape Review of Yogg - Zest 100ml Shortfilled E-Liquid

Zest eliquid but bigger. It’s often said that people should have a real Zest for life, regardless of their passions. Well, we have a Zest for Yogurt. To be more precise, yogurt and fruit. Zest is a taste of the exotic. A daring mix of fresh pineapples, passion fruit and banana’s twinned with a creamy, pure yogurt. This is Zest. Prominent Flavors: Yogurt, Tropical Fruit

Vape Review of Yogg - Zest 100ml Shortfilled E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Yogg - Zest 100ml Shortfilled E-Liquid

hi there guys welcome back to another
juice review this is Kat and today I'm
coming back at you with the third flavor
from yog today we are looking at the
zest yog they go kinda hard to see the
writing on the bottle but that's the
bottle it is zest yolk so let's get
straight down to business and have a
look at the description for zest yog
this is the third flavor from these guys
that I will be reviewing there's one
more to go first one you have to look
back a little bit back through my
channel because I did it a long long
time ago I'd like to thank you Kay
e-cigs store for sending me the entire
line to review so I can complete the
collection I've got to keep it you know
got a complete the set as it were let's
have a look at the description for zest
your goal your guests it is often said
that people should have a real zest for
life regardless of their passions well
we have a zest for yogurt to be more
precise yogurt and fruit in a zest is a
taste of the exotic daring mix of fresh
pineapples passionfruit and bananas
twinned with a creamy pure yogurt
this is zest prominent flavors yogurt
and tropical fruit now they've put
banana in this one again banana has a
horrible habit of sometimes taking over
a juice let's see if that's the case
these come in these lovely large 60 ml
bottles here pick them up from anywhere
between 20 and 25 pounds just google
them you'll find them on various
websites I'll try and put some links to
places you can get it below already then
so my trusty set up today as is in the
last video cuz I want to try and keep it
consistent is the limitless box mod with
the Petri v2 RDA this is my favorite
setup so far which is why I've been
using it all day every day for probably
the last two months let's have a go with
the zest yog and I'll let you know my
I was right about the banana there is
quite a lot of banana in this but not
all is lost though I'm getting hint to
that pineapple in there it's quite soft
and subtle though which is unusual for
pineapple I'm getting hints of the
passionfruit in this kind of juicy after
time that you get on the exhale
but again I'm getting quite a lot of
banana this is a much creamier one than
the last one I'm getting quite a lot of
that yogurt on the exhale and quite a
lot on the inhale to be honest but again
its underlying banana that I can't seem
to shake from the juice it's just I wish
with a tropical fruit that it was like
pineapples bananas mango guava all the
fresh juicy fruit of the tropical sort
of variety but this one is getting a
hint of pineapple you're getting a hint
of mango and you're getting about 60%
banana but it's not necessarily a bad
thing this is quite a flavor some juice
it is quite creamy this one I probably
wouldn't all day but that what I would
do is I'd sit down of an evening break
open a bottle and just vape it for the
evening I probably wouldn't take it out
with me as an all day that's not a bad
thing some juicers are better left to
have in moderation sometimes an all day
is something that you can just have all
day but it's not a bad thing so let's
have another quick vape and I'll
continue my thoughts on zest job the
more about this the more I'm enjoying it
actually now everything's heated up a
little bit I'm actually getting a lot
more of that pineapple and a lot more of
that passion fruit the banana seems to
have taken a bit more of a back step off
the the first time I've ate this and
this is the first time that I have faked
this juice I had you know it's the true
first impression it's very creamy and I
think unlike the body which could have
had a bit more in the sort of cream
department this has got it just right
it's just enough cream to make this a
really satisfying well-rounded vape it's
worth noting that I've discovered so far
with these your juices as they seem to
have got the combination of the fruit
and the yogurt just right sometimes
there's too much fruit not enough yolk
sometimes it's too much yogurt and not
enough fruit they seem to have got this
balance quite well sometimes I'm getting
yogurt on the inhale and fruit on the
exhale and the other way around the
aftertaste is lingering right now is
kind of a creamy sort of pineapple a bit
like when you mix pineapple in and you
get that kind of tart aftertaste of
pineapple is the best way to describe it
it's really lovely and I have one more
quick vape on this I might go as far as
to saying it now having victor a third
time from the beginning of this video
this is not my favorite yog juice it's
amazing how things can progress things
grow on you even such a short time that
first vape pretty good second one
getting better more fruit slightly less
cream but really enjoyable and that time
well-rounded warm creams and thick juicy
fruits but again I just wish there was a
little less banana in this juice so I
think that just about rounds up for zest
I know I rambled on quite a bit there
thank you again for watching this is the
third in a four-part er the fourth one
coming is gonna be pause yog and I
believe this one has no been honoring it
at all I think it is a believe it's a
raspberry hibiscus but I may be
corrected in the next video which should
be out in the next week or so so thank
you for watching I've been cast if you
enjoyed this video give it a like share
it around and hit that subscribe button
if you'd like to see more don't forget
to check out my other videos and I'll
drop some links in the description below
as to where you can get this juice thank
you for watching and I will see you guys
in the next video bye bye

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