Vape Review of Yogg - Zabadi 100ml Shortfilled E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Yogg - Zabadi 100ml Shortfilled E-Liquid

Vape Review of Yogg - Zabadi 100ml Shortfilled E-Liquid

Zabadi is a mixture of creamy yogurt, fruity mango and sweet vanilla blended into 120ml of punchy and fresh e-liquid.Prominent Flavors: Yogurt, Mango, and Vanilla

Vape Review of Yogg - Zabadi 100ml Shortfilled E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Yogg - Zabadi 100ml Shortfilled E-Liquid

good evening fellow vapers this is Cass
welcome back to another video ologies
for the time since my last video pretty
crazy couple of weeks so I'm trying to
get back into I'm trying to do two or
three videos a week from now on really
if I can bring you some new juices some
new devices and whatever I can get my
hands on really so today we're gonna go
through this quite quickly it's good fun
so juice have been excited about for a
little while and I haven't really had a
chance to pick it up until now today's
juice is by a company called yog life
and this if you see that that this one's
called is a bad a yog sweet alright so
you're basically make yogurt flavored
vapes they got loads of different
combinations what is the body yoke all
about now this is one of the worthier
descriptions that I've seen this one is
when two complementary people come
together you get fireworks alarm bells
ring the body sets off fireworks an
alarm bells for exactly that reason
we've taken two complementary flavors
vanilla and mango and melded them
expertly into a bowl of delicious creamy
yogurt real hints of mango and vanilla
real yogurt this is zebari prominent
flavors yogurt mango and vanilla now all
I needed was that last bit I didn't need
a massive paragraph but the point being
is it's mango and yogurt so today I'm
gonna be using my rx 200 and I've got
the good old doc mod on the top let's
have a drip and see how she vapes that's
a really clean creamy yogurt vape that
is the yogurt there is on point the
vanilla there is on point the mango is
very subtle now when you've kind of got
your base of yogurt and vanilla and then
you accent it with a fruit you want that
fruit to be just punching you in the
face this is a really subtle mango and I
think I was expecting something a little
more synthetic which sounds really bad
because sometimes you want that kind of
synthetic in-your-face flavor but
actually this is like biting into a real
mango it's just soft and fruity like
you'd expect a mango yogurt to be I
remember eating mango yogurt with these
kind of fruity mango squares in and it
tastes a little bit like that and I
quick vape on it and I'll give you some
more thoughts wonderful wonderful vape a
time another quick look at that bottle
they're nice bottles I picked this up at
my local vape shop should be paying
between 20 and 25 pounds give or take
this is a 60 ml bottle so you're getting
quite a lot of juice for your money it's
a good juice I like the fact is in a
large bottle because I think this is
gonna quickly become an all day vape for
me at least for a while it's exactly
what I want from a yogurt vape I think
when you base your entire brand on a
yogurt it's got to be on point hasn't it
let's be honest if you're called yog and
you make bad yogurts you're not going to
get very far so this is a wonderful
little vape from yog this is jabari yog
they make three other flavors a-maz yog
pause yog and zest yog so you've got
think there's a raspberry one banana one
and a tropical one so really heavy and
all the fruits across there I'll try and
get my hands on them if I can to do and
look another couple of reviews on these
but to be honest with you they're fruit
and yogurt and they're really good fruit
and yogurt I'm glad there's a lot of it
in this bottle here because this is
going to become my all day vape for at
least the next four or five days really
enjoying this that is a nice short sweet
little over look at the body yog or Yogs
our body depending on which way around
you want to say it thank you for
watching I've been cast if you like this
video please hit the subscribe button
below there'll be plenty more coming
your way very very soon click that like
button and leave a comment if you've
tried this juice before or if there's
any juices that you'd like me to try out
and see me review just drop me a comment
below thank you for watching and I'll
see you guys next time

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