Vape Review of Yogg - Poz 100ml Shortfilled E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Yogg - Poz 100ml Shortfilled E-Liquid

Vape Review of Yogg - Poz 100ml Shortfilled E-Liquid

Rich bursts of pomegranate and raspberry are complimented with undertones of hibiscus to make an e-liquid like you’ve never tasted before.Prominent Flavors: Yogurt, Pomegranate, Hibiscus, and Raspberry

Vape Review of Yogg - Poz 100ml Shortfilled E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Yogg - Poz 100ml Shortfilled E-Liquid

good evening fellow vapers this is Cass
back at you with another juice review
now today we are going to be rounding
off the line from yog I have already
done in if you check out my previous
videos this is a body pause and mossy
oak go check out those reviews for 3 out
of 4 of the flavors so the fourth and
final flavor from yog that I'm going to
be reviewing today and I'd quickly like
to thank you k-6 door for sending these
my way so I can make these videos for
you the fourth video today is gonna be
on pause yoga just take a little look at
that bottle there this one's the red one
I'm sorry for those who are color
orientated I have mixed up all the color
tops that come with them just because
they were the first ones I grabbed so
let's have a look and see what y'all say
about pause fruit is delicious but fruit
combined with creamy yogurt is even
better what's better than this is
blending complementary fruits and the
finest and truest tasting yogurt it is
pomegranate raspberry and hibiscus mixed
with a rich smooth yogurt this is pause
prominent flavors yogurt pomegranate
hibiscus and raspberry it's a very
interesting flavor profile that hibiscus
is a strange flavor raspberry and
pomegranate I love yogurt I love so
let's see let's see how it tastes today
for the spirit of consistency I am using
as in my previous video this is my old a
vape my limitless box mod and petri v2
RDA I love it for flavor it's not
necessarily the biggest cloud machine
but the flavor is spot-on so let's have
a vape and I'll let you know my thoughts
right from the get-go I can quite
happily say this is my favorite Yogi's
white right at the back of my throat I
get that tart tart raspberry with a hint
of the pomegranate in there and on the
exhale it's all cream and hibiscus and
that sort of floral II smooth fruity
there's no banana in it whew it would
have been a bit too much to have three
or four flavors that all had some kind
of banana and possibly I might have
counted that wrong honestly though this
is definitely my favorite this is pose
yoga now I know before I said I'd
previously reviewed pose I hadn't that
was esthe zest pause the body this is
quite happily my favorite of the line
that raspberry is so juicy mouth is
actually watering now and that's the
aftertaste that's left is that raspberry
kind of pomegranate that hibiscus is
very subtle the cream is actually quite
I call it cream because it seems to be
creamier than yogurt e'er but that's
just my idea of what I believe to be
yogurt let's have one more vape and I'll
continue my thoughts on this wonderful
juice man pomegranate should be used way
more in juices like I've done a few
videos that have featured juices with
pomegranate in but they were wonderful
you don't see it that often pomegranate
hibiscus even less raspberry is
everywhere but most places don't get it
right you get that tangy aftertaste that
you get kind of a sweetened harrybo you
know the little gummy sweets this is
lovely it's almost an all day vape I
really want to say that it is but again
with yogurts with creams I'm not the
sort of person that could necessarily
all-day them I find them a bit sweet and
a bit sickly after a little while this
one so far isn't sweet and sickly but it
might be after say 10 or 15 or 20 ml of
it you know which can take a couple of
hours to get through I'm really enjoying
this again the mix of cream and the mix
of fruit is spot-on
the raspberries lovely the hibiscus is
subtle not too much and the pomegranate
just backs that raspberry up and it's
all based and covered in cream this is a
lovely vape is this pause yolk I'd
honestly consider going out and getting
some I think as I mentioned in my
previous videos that you can pick this
up online in kind of your major juice
stores i know in the UK you probably can
on in the states or
in the world quite easily I'm looking
you're looking at paying sort of
anywhere between 20 and 25 pounds it's a
60 ml bottle so some people price it
honestly go out and get a bottle of this
because it's lush yeah I think there's
not a lot more to say about this juice
it's just really fresh it's really
creamy and it's definitely worth a try
so thank you for watching I've been cast
if you liked this video and you want to
check out some more please hit that
subscribe button don't forget to give
this video a like it really helps out
and share it around if you really did
enjoy it you can find me on Twitter you
find me on Instagram I'm not quite
active on all of those thank you again
for watching I hope you enjoyed it and I
will see you guys in the next video bye

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