Vape Review of Yogg - Moz 6 x 10ml Pot

April 19, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Yogg - Moz 6 x 10ml Pot

Vape Review of Yogg - Moz 6 x 10ml Pot

Feeling Yogg-urty? Yogg have just released their Yogg Pot! Within this pot comes 6 x 10ml bottles of Moz. Available in in 0mg, 3mg or 6mg depending on your preference.

Vape Review of Yogg - Moz 6 x 10ml Pot

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Yogg - Moz 6 x 10ml Pot

pleasant they finally balls I'm just got
review and thank you for clicking on
this video and today I've got a fucking
eel I could review finally it feels like
I've not actually done a proper video in
a whale and I apologize to that so today
we are gonna be having a little fucking
album ever suck up ever taste of your
Ma's or maas by York York Moors whatever
you wanna call it and it is a 70/30
blend 30 milligram nicotine and York
Moors is a yogurt banana foster cake
that sounds fucking delicious westar
okay so I won't drink this shirt now let
me kind of a try next time do my best to
explain them what kind of flavour I'm
getting off this at what kind of smell
um yeah nothing I mean it is 110 percent
fucking McDonald's banana milkshake if
you've ever had a banana milkshake from
McDonald's and you know that fucking
smell that's what this smells like
and it's fucking good so we're gonna
have it gonna be having a little bit of
a vape over on the north on the comp
place to post-battle deck I have a Jew 3
core fuse Clapton bailed it's all now at
0.15 and I'm gonna be vaping it at 80
watts it smells good
trust me let's get it dress now the only
thing I kind of dislike about this and
coming from like a dripper kind of
perspective is the bottle the bottle tap
it's kind of like a fucking you give it
a little twist and then it opens it's
like a bottle of mustard then the
problem of that is the actual nozzle was
fucking huge and try to drop this onto
little coils you can see the difference
there the size difference its own can be
better pain that's gonna drip to anyway
okay nothing else left to do it fucking
holy shit holy fucking balls
let me do my best to try and convey this
because watching someone V and then them
explaining the flavor it's not always
the best but you kind of get a good idea
of what like who's gonna be like so
on the inhale you get this really kind
of freshly baked doy sweet banana bread
flavor right which on itself is fucking
lovely and then on the exhale you get
this really and I mean really fucking
smooth creamy banana yogurt slash
milkshake this is probably one of these
phoebs I think I've ever had this is to
the milligram and I can't even I can't
feel any throw hair at all yeah that
smooth as bars so you're getting fucking
amazing banana milkshake creamy yogurt
flavor it's Clodius fucking here you're
also getting the hint of kind of the
foster cake which is like butter sweet
banana bread and oh and yeah this look
was fucking nice best part about this
liquid this is a sext email bottle I got
it from UK e-cig and I'll leave a link
in the description hopefully they still
got some left in stock for $7.99 yeah
let that sink in for a moment
seven pounds ninety nine pins for sex
emails of I really really fucking nice
liquid now I know a lot of people like a
fraught hair and I'm not really getting
any throat hit on the free milligram so
I would probably recommend maybe trying
this and a sex maybe even a name and I'm
not sure if they even do a name to be
honest with you but definitely try it in
a sex I feel the type of guy that likes
her for all her either way if you like
creamy beeps if you like yoga beeps if
you like banana if you like cake you're
gonna fucking love this most by York
easily easily an a note in I love a
smoothie I love a creamy creamy yogurt
banana cake bread fucking nice so I know
that I've been absent lately but then
I've got I've got quite a few videos
coming up over the next weeks I think
you'll you'll be joy you you will be a
joy you
be a joy you'll enjoy them and I've
definitely got a lot of new like wit
videos coming up I'm gonna have a review
of jelly by twonk
mr. fritter bike awkward Fez by Kramer
no it's Kramer by Fez or creamer creamer
creamer by Fez okay and I also have a
hardware review of the Royal Hunt and
mini RDA so I'll get these done over the
next week week and a half and then saw
at least you're gonna have some content
to enjoy and I hope that fucking that I
you forgive me for being absent but
anyway yes yoke Moors check it out I'll
leave a like the UK said in the in the
description and the only good thing
that's come out at the TPD is the
fucking seals okey so this is basically
while stocks last as soon as this is
gone this is gone that's not gonna be
back on say on you Kasich and so I
highly recommend trying to early also
have a range of other great flavors but
I feel a lot about stock but yes the
banana is fucking delicious anyway guys
I hope you liked the video if you like
to give it a like if you like if you if
that's just drag in let's die again
anyway guys I hope you liked the video
if you like to give it a like if you
dislike the give it a dislike and I will
see you again in the next video it's
fucking smooth as bores

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