Vape Review of Yellow Wacky Taffy E-Liquid by VGOD

April 19, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Yellow Wacky Taffy E-Liquid by VGOD

Vape Review of Yellow Wacky Taffy E-Liquid by VGOD

By Elena Ognivtseva

Yellow Wacky Taffy E-Liquid by VGOD is a fruit style e-liquid that features the flavours of Honey Dew Melon and Taffy. Available in 3 x 10ml bottles with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

Vape Review of Yellow Wacky Taffy E-Liquid by VGOD

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Yellow Wacky Taffy E-Liquid by VGOD

what is up Internet
we are here with our very first segment
of what we're going to call a pleasure
town party where we try a entire
licensed higher line of cheese or our
few players that we or other people
think are the best players from this
particular line so today we have a few
different flavors should be god yeah 5
min total first one I'm going to bring
up is the sour sour licious it's very
good flavor has a few times
definitely basis or all occasions it's
supposed to be a sour watermelon candy
on the inhale and on the exhale it's a
mix balanced flavor and like sugar
involved and stuff like that it's very
sweet so I just were to go ahead and try
that one out and put that one out of the
way first
it's our wishes
you don't really get the sour you expect
from it
or some people would expect I really
have a sour face yet maybe a few
thousand feel free there's a little bit
of sour just a little bit it's not like
overpowering it's not in your face our
thing it just is very subtle kind of
notice in the background but it's
definitely not something I would cost
our licious because that's kind of just
leaning towards you guys saying sour you
can't go there it's really not a whole
lot of fabric don't like sour stuff that
much but you can enjoy digging into that
it might be for you very very solid shoe
so definitely taste the watermelon candy
it's a strain of watermelon candy
smelter it was a love it it's our again
like I said very very good which we're
going to X which which one you want be
able to start coconut coconut is a blend
of fresh coconut shading of rich milk
and chocolate crisp oven so basically
and I'll enjoy really excited to this
present was really good I try to
there's no awesome will we all enjoy
souls act like an homage Oh chase
exactly like at all enjoy cloud and the
chocolate in there is actually really
good that would also indicate that it
was it is definitely a milk chocolate
asleep very subtle chocolate flavor
amazing at that I would say this is Mel
David I really do enjoy this it is
anyone who enjoyed came flavors such as
chocolate candy would definitely enjoy
this wanted I definitely knew a favorite
flavor late all day like you said Lee
it's a not majority of calories it's
very true that it all day
bakatari not overriding but I wanted
yeah so what the meals are next to of
the press feed tapers off your really
yeah one blow three get rid of it oh my
hopefully the next one is that good
which I've tried the next one I do like
it a lot it is the oven to lust ice from
beyond and what this one is
they are the water not candy with
menthol or exhale it's a very very good
flavor as well if you're a mental person
I'm not huge ohm in Seoul but I do enjoy
this once the time to time you just want
a shot real quick yeah I love good I'm
not really a menthol Sam so I don't
really up I hope so
Wow was the menthol very mentally it's
uh more mental than I remember actually
be honest all right so the first thing
is very overwhelming with the menthol
but let you take a second one it's not
as powerful to see humans during this
hard but it still it's more of like a
chili flavor after you taken a hit or
tube he's right on that it it doesn't
get it's overpowering
it's subtly getting a little bit less in
your face there's more hope it turns
more to a watermelon candy because it is
the Met Ball version of the watermelon
tank but you get that good understand
there's part of overtime watermelon came
to doing the mental quadrant rich bitch
in court almost get a little bit more
than water girl eat it a little bit more
watermelon oh that I'd known that I'd
fail and I'm not getting on full
automatic people look for come out of
there but all in all stages will group
mission their customers to currently
they're looking for a menthol flavour
this is one that I have one of our
customers by Larry Oh Richard
menthol I want this alternative stretch
of lush ice being packed equator like I
said I just be a little bit more than
chain just out of that water no it's a
little bit more to that experience not a
very clean stretch you get more of the
mixed melon after deferred hit after you
go trip it already throughout your third
or fourth day you'll get the mixed melon
more less or more than the watermelon
but it's very common
so you need like they're your choice get
you left
ah cubed is really
it was amazing I'm not really into
tobacco so I'm going to go with the
this is a fresh watermelon
inhale and mixed melon aw I feel if
they're sugar as well there's a lot of
sugar in that sugar on exhale for the
mythology says like sugar and II their
whole line seems to have a very uh candy
ash flavor to me except to keep on
ostagar Oliver very candy wearing thin
and very sweet flavors you keep on it
when we get to that one I'll talk about
in a second but uh that that will this
skew it not excited very excited that's
really is that is candy watermelon to
the team that's what I'm I reported on
mush I I got exactly what I was looking
for Eric of watermelon but you
definitely get the mixed knowledge more
in this and the other flavors yeah this
is a I would really like to see them
yeah bloater add more of that into the
lush ice I can mix those two to get it a
little bit of projects fantastic this
one spot on the description so
definitely have a watermelon mix melon
sweet not really an all-day for me but
this can be an all-day for anybody that
like melon flavors or candy they're very
good later but overall pretty solid this
x-ray do cubano this is actually my
favorite out of the whole line Harel
does not like it i absolutely
despise tobacco employers I hate tobacco
flavors I think they're disgusting in
every way every time somebody's any
Chartist America not only won't try it
everyone else talked me into trying the
Cubano actually whatever customers did I
was going what here's it just want to
try it a employee and finally one of our
customers got me to try this I thought
well with it it's actually one that I
could say is all they face Harold's not
excited about this we watch celebra
bagra flavor just like myself so this
should be really funny to watch his
reaction to see but the Cubano is
actually a Cuban cigar with rebellion
and the vanilla is not very prominent
you take just a little bit of it but
this is not a flavor is spot-on with the
real cigar and I kind of like cigars in
a way but this one if it tastes like a
cigar but it's not as a real cigar to me
so I really enjoy the flavor lot
although I like you go put that on yours
I'll wait for yield don't get me wrong I
do enjoy
cigars or very rarely special occasion
device sorry
probably last year videos so coming up
in a few days on here now smell like
cigar slave pumping a good cigar
that thing's like a really really really
gets the car that you can inhale you
really get that vanilla but it's not a
bad cigar a really good vanilla really
good cigar I would recommend this for a
occasional vapor exactly realized oh you
changed your mind on the tobacco flavor
there uh it did for me
I opened me up to a whole new ball game
I'm a conform later I will confess
conceding develop the back end that's so
yeah that vanilla Devon it was really
good to ask you affirmative not not like
boom Amer buddy it's definitely a
narrative that's pretty good
but overall I would say really good line
my favorite coming that I hang out of
that mine still has to be the Cubano and
second to that I'm going with probably
plush ice to be honest Oh what ice was
actually pretty good
I'm not the latest I really hate and I
go with those ice cream a very I agree
that were which is pretty popular this
was at the masses I would agree with
Fredo mm so yeah this is my number one
though but I'd say my number two's Ikey
bought out Cyril issues and third and
pulling up cardboard is lest I should be
Benito you but still pretty good it is I
think that concludes is a flourish on
Friday and if you guys have any kind of
suggestions or any flavors you'd like us
to try or think we heard that are great
and you really want a true review on it
like subscribe do all the good stuff
comment down below tell us what you like
tell us what we might like and we'll do
a review on thunders bus if you wanted
so we got another guy if you watch on
our channel we have another guy
the universe Jews of the week so tune in
for duty bus use the weeks and in the
nasties players you can find people
Bateman see disgusting and I what you
paid to do taking this one layer

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