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Taruto by Yami Vapor is one of the most stunning flavors released this year, presenting a warm flaky crust dessert filled with rich, smooth, and sumptuous custard. Taruto is the perfect representation of one of the most popular desserts in all of Europe and Asia, known throughout the world as a Portuguese Egg Tart or Dan Ta in Asia. Yami Vapor Taruto is presented in ultra premium packaging, in a certified and authentic 100 milliliter Chubby Gorilla Unicorn Bottle.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of YAMI VAPOR TARUTO EJUICE

hey loves it sir Shum here to do another
quick eat liquor review this time we're
going to be taking a look at Toro tow
from Yemi vapors I'm going to tell you
if you look at this bottle right here
I'm at the very very end of this
I was Dripping it I decided to put it in
tank because I loved it so much but I'm
also filming this to let you guys know
at 8 vape calm it has an amazing deal
you can get $8.99 for 60 ml or 1099 400
ml and these normally retail anywhere on
vapor DNA or other places for $29.99
apiece so they have an amazing deal
going on the description on this to me
is a creme brulee type eggy custard and
a flaky pastry crust it is so good
I just reloaded my TF v8 because I did
order two more 60s of this I didn't
realize there was hundreds for $10.99
until it was too late but got them
coming so I say I'm gonna go ahead and
finish off this bottle and review it
before it's all gone so let's go ahead
and give it a vape but I'll let you guys
know what I'm tasting currently got this
on top of my the captain mod with my TF
v8 on to top rocking it at 90 watts
great clouds grape flavor it is a desert
lovers a dream if you love custards if
you love pastries this is a perfect
combination of - this reminds me and
takes me back to when I was in Okinawa
and these little Japanese shops they
used to have these little egg tarts that
were in like this filo pastry that was
crusted with a little bit of sugar it is
creamy in his suite it is satisfying and
oh so good
this is definitely in my top 10 if you
guys have been waiting for my top 10 of
the desert II look what's I love the
most stay tuned because that is coming
up in the next couple days but
definitely go get you some of this you
won't be disappointed I hope you like
this quick review if you did please give
it a thumbs up leave any questions or
comments you have down below and as
always I hope you're having an amazing
day or night whenever you're watching
this stay tuned to the next video and
until then beep on

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