April 24, 2018


Yami Vapor Butter Brew 100ML E-Juice is a magical butterscotch flavored E-Liquid brewed to be served hot or cold and enjoyed by those who posses mystical abilities. Bottle Size: 100ml Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of YAMI VAPOR BUTTER BREW EJUICE

what's up people is a subzero infinity
I'm back again to give you another juice
review yes I'm actually going to give
you another juice review this one comes
from Yammy vapor it is the second one
from yummy vapor this is a hundred mil
bottle and it's called butter brew yeah
butter brew I like the little thing on
there Yammy vapor all the links to
different stores will be in the
description below and this is supposed
to be a butterscotch drink not sure what
they mean by drink because I've never
actually had a butterscotch flavored
drink before so that's a little bit
interesting and yes before I get spit on
you know before I keep going I do have a
fan going it is currently about 78
degrees so it's a little bit cooler than
it has been but it's still warm so if
you hear the fan in the background I'm
sorry anyway we're going to drip this on
my evic Premo with the sub-zero RDA so
let's get ready and we're going to drip
it and we're running a point to four
coil dual coil Clapton's at eighty eight
point eight watts yeah 88 in interesting
anyway let's drip this and I will give
you my thoughts on it now I do like
these bottles the only thing I don't
like is the fact that you really have to
tank down there we go
to get the top off these hundred no
bottles come on people you got to do a
little bit of something make the bottles
a little easier to open yeah I know
you're supposed to have them childproof
and all but does it have to be where you
need it
in a vise almost and crank down a little
bit much anyway let's drip it we'll get
the wick nice and moist
moist Oh get it moist ah anyway there we
and I do like the flavor I get off on
this Sub Zero RDA I've got the dang coil
sitting just perfect and it really does
great let's get the top back on here and
let's have a vape hmm
again I'm not quite sure why they call
it a drink but the flavor I get off of
here for butterscotch it is perhaps one
of the best butterscotch flavors I've
actually tried and I've tried very you
know quite a bit of them uh I've tried
many butterscotch flavor to a liquids
and this one actually has a really good
butterscotch flavor it's not
overpowering it's not overly sweet it's
very smooth it does have a little bit of
something else in there I'm not quite
sure what let me um yeah let me drip it
on my finger and actually get it it does
have a really good butterscotch smell to
let me get just like a raw taste of the
yeah now that doesn't help because I get
just plain butterscotch that way I don't
know it has a really good taste it
almost reminds me of those little
butterscotch disks that used to get and
that you can still get in stores and
stuff that's the flavor I'm getting only
not like sugary sweet but it's a good
butterscotch man that is really good
real good clouded um now this is
supposed to be a 70/30 I think here's
the bottle that it comes in right here
butter brew by yummy vapor there it's
kind of hard to pick it up because of
the light but there may be yeah holding
it that way I can see it better
that's actually quite interesting
let me see yeah it does have it on here
too 70/30 very good but I will put the
links in the description where you can
go and check them out I'll put several
different links on there um definitely
recommended if you like butterscotch
definitely and there's not much more I
can say about it I mean it is a very
good clean tasting butterscotch eliquid
really good clouds even with the fan
blowing right on me um definitely go
check it out um you guys as always if
you want to leave it in the comments
down below any suggestions you want to
see on future vids if you want to have a
shout out let me know and I'll give you
a shout out if you don't that's cool um
please like this video if you like what
you saw also please subscribe because
I'm going to be bringing you a lot more
eg so I've got a whole bunch more coming
you never know what's going to show up
on the channel you guys stay safe and
vape safe and I'm going to send you out
in the cloud this stuff is really good I
really enjoy this stuff you guys vape on

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