April 20, 2018

Vape Review of XL Juice - Fizzy Melon E-Liquid

The Fizzy Melon e-liquid by XL Juice is an e-liquid that has fruit and menthol flavours with prominent flavour of Watermelon together with Menthol, create this fruity e-liquid.

Vape Review of XL Juice - Fizzy Melon E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of XL Juice - Fizzy Melon E-Liquid

hey guys very clear back with a juice
review under the juicer view another one
of these reviews where I made promise a
long time a girl's back on juice reviews
out a regular feature of this channel
anymore but there'll be the old one and
this is the odd one of the moment what
is this
this is juice this is a juice review
this is a juice review for the vapor
lounge co uk they are also the
distributor of this juice tvl distro
code at UK if you want in your shop or
on your website or whatever and the
juice is XL juice XL juice 55 there
that's 55 mil bottles and I'll show you
those as well three flavours from them
fizzy melon grape juice and citrus crush
so this one is the this one is the fizzy
melon one a bright shiny red thing so
the bottles match the the Box got all
the stuff on as well and one thing I
really like Oh XL juice Co is if you
want to see more from the actual company
tomato juice um one thing I like about
the bottles is it says the flavor
profile on it says u VG PG it says all
that good stuff I don't know why more
juice bottles don't say that's the fun
so yes so that's that's what this one
looks like they've all got this American
footballer on and all good stuff so this
one is fizzy melon fizzy melon is a
unique blend of watermelon juice topped
with a fizzy soft drink sensation now
what a melon not one of my favorites at
all a finder it cuts right through you
if you drip it you know but in this tank
with this juice it's got it's got a
slightly different vibe going on
what would say is its waste we are the
most watermelons that I've had way way
sweeter which takes the edge off and
also the fizziness as well whatever
they're doing to make it more like a
soft drink more like a you know a fizzy
pop drink that's taking the edge off as
well so it's actually really refreshing
Pleasant they and I tell you what that
would be really good in subtank
something like a cleat err cleat oh that
would be that would be really nice
really refreshing you know your mouth
wouldn't get tired of that won't get
sick of that it's just a very very sweet
refreshing melon drink yeah I like that
I like that next one next one along is
citrus crush now this is a funny one got
this in the support 25 on the Hugo this
one is called tight is citrus crush in a
lime fruit punch with milky ice cream
topping citrus and ice cream
Isaiah thing like I was like a thing and
it's bright green as well and I was like
what's going on yeah what is going on
here but I put it in here but look how
juiced up we are a tiny bit more see if
we can get the cap off this supports
always a problem with this upon they'd
get a cap off it I can show you what's
browning yeah I've got a nice little
lamb capital building here I hope you
can see that focus there you go nice
little caterpillar built in here let's
put it all back together this is the
thing that's Aparri you know cuz it's in
three three bits it's a bit crazy
but let's let's took the power for this
70 P 70 VG 30 PG 70 VG 30 PG exert 22
pounds for a 55 middle I think this
juice line like the idea is its fruity
vapes but they always put in something
else on to take the edge off the fruit
you know because again citrus on its own
lemon and lime on its own would just be
way too much especially for dripping
because it put this like creamy ice
cream underneath totally works it
totally works
I like that one that's really different
to the sort of thing I would normally
bake but because it's got that desert
undertone I think it suits me I like
that one I would say that that one's
quite subtle but again with a citrus
babe I think that's what I think that's
good with a citrus baby to take you down
a bit that one this one I would say
wouldn't be good at low power because
it's so subtle I would say that this is
this is a good one for Dripping
especially if you like your fruity babes
fruit the fruit a dripper a fruit you
dripper I would recommend that for
citrus crush that one last one this
one's a this one's a funky one as well
this is a unique blend this is grape
goos great goos exhale juice grape goos
unique blend of grape juice mixed with
secret Guzzi taste now I don't know what
the secret Guzzi taste is but I do know
this this one if you're not careful can
knock your socks off absolutely knock
your socks off is got like like a
eucalyptus een mentally sort of punch to
I've got a nice little building here as
well this is on this is in the troll v2
on the bio box I've got a nice little
building here too that focuses can act
nice little staple staple Oh Liam
Clapton Tiger wire
caterpillar got one of those in here
nice little build now this one wakes you
up the grape the grape is really sweet
it's almost like um like a like candy
you know like like a great pee candy
sort of thing like a Jolly Rancher
something like that do they still exist
it's subtle you know like a sweet like a
boiled sweet grapy blackcurrant eat
boiled sweet but then it's got this sort
of so it's got something that gives you
a real punch like almost not menthol
it's not menthol but it's got that
menthol esque punch to it
I won't go crazy with the power of this
reminds me of dripper cloud TNT wouldn't
go crazy with the power with it but the
flavor is just absolutely that's done in
after a couple of age you get used to
that punch and it's really really tasty
and this one would be good in anything I
think maybe again maybe not elope I
don't think any of these juices designed
for low power but subtank a nice fifty
to fifty plus watt subtank a nice
dripper tank you know like the new
Genesis cotton things and dripping as
well I'm loving it
well you socks off glowy socks off um I
like this juice line allows just line I
don't really seek out through quite my
bud rule that was loud
remember to pull with that um I don't
really seek out fruit you for a babe's
root flavors but but this one's really
good really good so I would actually say
it's really good recommended go along to
the vapor lounge don't cut it okay if
you're a shop or a vendor go to tvl
distro don't cut it okay and check these
out actually really surprisingly good
unique flavors I've you know Vic and
I'll see you again soon
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