Vape Review of WolfPack by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60mL)

April 18, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of WolfPack by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of WolfPack by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60mL)

Wolfpack e juice by ANML will have you howling at the moon once you vape this unique blend. Rich Raspberries, Sweet cream and fresh citrus notes of blood oranges expertly meld together to form a truly indulgent flavor worthy of being included in your daily rotation. The ANML line is know for it's dominant flavor profiles and Wolf Pack delivers as it claws through your taste buds with each and every inhale. Feed your inner wolf and pick up your 60mL bottle of Wolfpack e-liquid by ANML today!

Vape Review of WolfPack by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of WolfPack by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60mL)

welcome back guys I'm Sherlock Holmes in
this video I'm reviewing wolf pack and
newest flavor in the animal unleashed
so this pub was nice enough to send me
this juice to review wolfpack is a sweet
raspberry with creams and citrus not
just citrus it's like a blood orange
kind of flavor you can get this drip
Club calm it comes in the 60 mil bottle
zero three six and twelve milligram
nicotine the packaging's awesome it
comes in the triangle box with the
cutouts this one's got a wolf on it
metallic label really cool packaging and
labeling max VG and the 60 ml bottle is
going to run you 23 95 and of course the
link is going to be in the description
for drip Club where you can pick this
juice up smelling it I'm getting the
raspberry and cream but the creams
definitely the predominant flavor that
I'm smelling I'm not smelling much of
the citrus it is there but it's very
very faint in on the backend but it
smells delightful this bottle actually
comes with the cat look at this cat can
Wolf Pack cats not cool like the other
animal flavours is a max VG and I'm
getting tons ton of vapor production
right off the bat this juice is awesome
on the inhale I'm getting a lot of that
raspberry and it is accentuated by that
blood orange like it's a little thing
citrus note but it's really really
awesome and it's right there with the
strawberry not strawberry raspberry the
cream is just full all the way through
the inhale and all the way through the
exhale it's clean but it's heavy it's
very heavy in the throat light throw hit
but it's there
the longer I vape this the more that
cream comes out and the more the citrus
kind of kicks it up a little bit it's
extremely well-balanced I thought it was
going to be a ton of raspberry because
the raspberries listed first but it's
not it's almost like I'm getting
majority cream on the inhale but the
raspberry and the cream I'm tasting them
like both at the same time they're like
neck-and-neck and then on the exhale the
raspberry kind of tones itself down and
the cream picks itself up this is
definitely a sweet juice but it's really
really nice it's not overbearing it's a
little heavy but I haven't been able to
put this juice down since I got it and
opened it I haven't had it long so I'm
really excited to see how much the cream
picks up as I vape it and it steeps a
little bit but so far it's been an all
day vape for me is it worth that $23 $24
price point I think so for 60 ml bottle
that's a great price as long as the
flavor profile stays where it's at and
the Crean doesn't get overbearing I will
definitely buy this when I run out
so my overall verdict on wolf pack by
vapor so wolf pack I'm really loving
this juice my overall verdict is it's
delicious I highly recommend it this
raspberry awesome and I don't normally
like the fruit and cream except for
strawberry and cream this has been an
awesome day
there's a really nice almost unique
juice my only issue with it is that I
wished that citrus with a little bit
more pronounced in the juice I think it
was outstanding and really unique and
awesome if that citrus was just a little
more prevalent but I'm hoping as the
time goes on and it steeps those citrus
notes are going to pop out a little bit
more so that's my review of wolf pack by
animal vapors again you can get a drip
Club com
I hope you liked this review if you did
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instagram at sherlock underscore homes
which is HOH mms thank you to all my
subscribers and viewers you guys are
absolutely amazing I have build
tutorials coming for you guys I promise
they should be posted next week thank
you so much for watching guys I'm
Sherlock Holmes and I'll see you in the
next video

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